..ang blog ni Yeyen.


How long has it been since I first saw you?  Seven years?  Eight years?  The first time I saw you, I didn’t like the way you looked.  You were so dark and kind of messy.  After that first meeting, I constantly saw you, now and then, here and there.  Little by little, I found myself thinking of you, wondering about you.  Yes, at first, I was just curious of you but small things kept reminding me of you and you kept appearing the least I expect it.  Sooner than later, like Edward Cullen, I was already hunting for you.  The places that I’d thought you would be, I went there and asked for you.  I even went as far as your home and looked for you some more, but I couldn’t find you and my time was limited.  Even my friends who went astray to your home, I always tell them to find you for me and bring you back.  Like me, they failed too.

So, life went on, and, now and then, you still cross my thoughts.  Though I could not get hold of you, you were never gone.  A word, a scene, a picture, then, I’d want to go after you again.  I have not totally resigned on my quest for you, but I have slowly realized that maybe you and I were not meant to be.

I was out of town for work the past week.  It was not in my wildest dreams that in that little city, there are even places that I could look for you.  Work finished early and I had nothing better to do than look around.  At the corner of this department store, I saw the faint sign that you might be there too.  I slowly walked, and carefully scanned the place.  I looked but I still couldn’t read you.  I shifted to the other rack and the bells rang…alleluia!  There you were – I could verily read you in the English translation of your name.  So many of you!  I did not waste a heartbeat and brought you back home with me.

After years of salivating for you, lusting over you, I have finally tasted you,  Jjajangmyun!



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  1. MSG percentage???

  2. hi!

    there is MSG content in jjajangmyun but the percentage is not specified… ^___^

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