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Coffee House

Coffee House OST

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Kang Ji Hwan's signature!!!!

Look what I got waiting for me in the office today?  The official soundtrack of Coffee House ^___^.  It came in a 5×7 box — with the CD, the photobook containing photos / behind the scenes of the cast, and 5×7 autographed pictures of Kang Ji Hwan, Park Shi Yeon and Ham Eun Jung.

In my entire life, this is by far, the second prize I’ve won.  The first was when I got a poster of Menudo in a raffle in grade school, hahaha.  I almost won a refrigerator during an accountants’ convention, but since I was in the comfort room when they called my name, my prize got forfeited, huhuhu.

Anyway, I thought the silliest I did as a kdrama fan was go all the way to South Korea on a drama tour.  Now I’ve about climbed the next step.  This drama just promoted me to the highest level – I was plunging myself in shipping wars, OMG [and yes, we EunSoo shippers won, yay!].

The experience I’ve had on Coffee House was chaotic.  While I am just the usual lurker in the forums, this drama, I could not contain my emotions and keep my mouth shut.  I finally made my debut and dived in the steaming forums.  Coffee House had two lovely leading ladies and the fans of each are in battle, episode by episode, insisting their own girl will win the guy [lucky Lee Jin Soo!].  Of course, I have never been mistaken on the ultimate couple in every kdrama I have seen, so I boarded the EunSoo ship and we were victorious!

For nine weeks, every chance I got, I was online in the forums, ‘talking’ with my online friends, dissecting the episodes — every look of characters, every dialogue, even the colors the leads were wearing [including nail polish] was not spared.  After the two episodes were aired in the week, we all anxiously await for the text previews, then the video previews and talk about it the entire week, until the next two episodes came, then argue about the episodes until the previews come out, and so on.  Don’t get me wrong, my friends are working girls too and it was just crazy, all of us are in the office and we’re stealthily posting our opinions in the forums during office hours.  That does not include those late nights we were up just to talk on the recently aired episode.  We are scattered all over the world, so the time difference was really challenging.  My husband thought I was nuts [but love him, he just supports me in my dramas].

Coffee House had me watching the show live on the internet.  All of us were present in the forums and keeping up with the live streaming — somebody gives a real time, on the spot translation while we watch.  Then, when live streaming failed a few times, those awesome girlfriends go to the Chinese forums and read what was happening then go back to us and relay what was happening — all on real time.

And, I cannot believe, I am already involved in sending those Thank You messages to the cast and the crew and the PD and the writers, hahahha.  The Korean fans were contacted by the Chinese fans that they were visiting the set and were sending gifts — they wanted to solicit messages and the Chinese forums contacted us in our forum for messages as well.  I only contributed one line — Maraming Salamat, bwahahaha!

Oh, what craziness it was.  Those girls even got hold of advance stills and unedited videos of the episodes.  Lately [as in we are still talking two weeks after it ended], they got the original scripts!  Unbelievable.   I love those gals!

So, how did I end up winning that prize?  Somebody in her blog said she was giving out the OST of the drama for the person who could guess the ending the closest.  Did I have some supernatural power?  I submitted my entry at the deadline, a few hours before the last two episodes would be aired.  When the ending came, I was shocked.  How did it end like I said it would?

Coffee House has opened a new door for me.  It was one hell of a ride with all those girl friends on line.  Winning this OST marks my entry to the underground secret society of kdramas.

Thanks to Mina of Dramacafe for my OST!

ps.  OMG, I can’t believe I’ve got Kang Ji Hwan’s autograph!


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