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Without Words

I was speechless when I arrived home from my class last Monday night.  Hubby was watching the live coverage of the hostage drama in Quirino Grandstand.  Almost two days after the tragic ending of the drama, I am still at a loss of words.

My heart is still heavy, thinking about those who lost their lives in a useless death.  I put myself in their shoes because when we travel, we always go with a tour group and we always ride the bus to go around.   I cannot imagine the fright they might have suffered in the grueling eleven hours.  They were just here for pleasure.  Who would have thought they would end up brutally dead in a foreign land?

I don’t want to point fingers.  Something went wrong somewhere.  I just can’t understand why they couldn’t just give him everything he wanted.  Anything.  Whatever.  Just get the innocent tourists safe and out-of-the-way.  It was so unfair, putting the lives of the tourists in danger and losing some of them in the end.  The negotiators when Ducat hostage the school children over a year ago gave him everything he demanded, just to pacify him and recover the children.  After that, they bombarded him with cases and took back all they have given him.  Why couldn’t they have done it like that?

I am so ashamed of what the victims suffered in the hands of a crazy countryman.  I bleed for my country.  I think I now understand how those heroes felt when they keep crying for the motherland.  My Philippines is such a pitiful state right now.  We certainly do not need this.  Some of us are trying so hard to uphold the standards of the country. Aigoo.

I think of my kababayans who are out in the world, making a living to help their families.  How are they going to get through the ridicule or the hostility the cruel world is probably giving them right now?  I would not be surprised is they disown their nationality just to avoid harsh treatments.  I think I would say I’m Indonesian, lol.

I do not also blame the international community for their blunt comments.  I understand why residents of Hong Kong hate us right now.  I understand them firing their Filipino helpers.  I don’t have anything to say.

If this were a kdrama and I am the lead, I would just have bowed my head and knelt to ask for forgiveness.

Yes, there are no words to say about what happened.  I cannot imagine myself going back to Hong Kong.  I do not have the face to meet them.  I am so ashamed.

To the families of the victims, I say my sincerest apologies as a citizen of the Philippines.  To Hong Kong and China, I am kneeling and rubbing my palms for forgiveness.  To the rest of the world, please do not be quick to judge us.  My country is better than what it is perceived to be.

To the Filipinos, this major, major embarrassment will pass by.  It may be hard to keep our heads up and maintain straight faces, but, what the hell, there’s no other way to go but up.  Aja!


Comments on: "Without Words" (2)

  1. i haven’t watched the news then so i don’t know much about it. but i was definitely perplexed over this:


    like you, i don’t want to point fingers and blame anyone for what happened. but those people who had their pictures taken with the bus and with smiling faces definitely should feel shame! this is why the chinese can’t help but hate us. i’m totally grossed out by those people.

    • grabe natong pakaulaw kris no?
      it’s better not to watch the news. walang hanggang kahihiyan jud, major, major!

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