..ang blog ni Yeyen.

This is a re-post from my other blog, but I just want to spread the word that Rain is coming.  The concert was just finalized in August 25, 2010 – only about three weeks of promotion. I didn’t even know this until my friend Kristine told me!  I hope other fans of Rain are aware of this.  The students are already ranting in the forums that it was so soon, they don’t have enough time to save for the tickets.
Me?  By hook or by crook, I’m watching this.  Hubby already gave me his permission [yehey!].  I was hesitating, but visualized not going, and I felt a terrible heaviness in my heart just thinking about it, so, yep, I’m going!
Omo, omo, omo!!!! Korean Singer Rain (Bi) will be having a concert in Manila on Sept. 11, 2010.

It will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, 8PM.

Rain will be bringing along with him as his guests boy band MBLAQ . MBLAQ is under Rain’s entertainment company. Thunder, a member of MBLAQ, is Sandara Park’s brother, by the way.

Ticket prices range from 4500 pesos to 500 pesos and are available at SM Cinema Ticketbooths (02) 470-2222 and Ticketworld Reservations (02) 891-9999.

A number of kpop artists came and went, but I missed them all. I told myself that if it’s Rain, I will go fly to Manila and see him.

So, yeah, I’m flying and watching him! [lol, actually, it’s perfect timing, I’m already booked for Manila that weekend!].

edit: I read in the paper that it was supposed to be MBLAQ but the lead singer has some predicament and UKISS is coming as replacement.

Same paper said that this is Rain’s last performance because he has been drafted for the mandatory military training. All the more reason not to miss this!


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