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Print Screen

I finally made the effort to learn how to get a capture of my screen.  I have been blogging in my dramas blog and sometimes, the available pictures on the web do not include the scenes I want to talk about, so yeah, I studied, hehehe.

I already know that one needs a software to make screen shots, so that has always prevented me from doing it — because my pc is more than five years old and its memory is very limited [I don’t know why I don’t like to use the laptop at home].  Was I pleased to read that one can actually get screen captures without an additional program.  yes!

It’s actually easy:

1.  Go to the screen you want to capture.

2.  Look for the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard.

3.  Press the “Print Screen”.

4.  Open Adobe Photoshop [or any similar program].

5.  In Adobe, go to “File” and select “New”.

6.  When the new blank page opens, press “Edit” and select “Paste”.

7.  The screen capture appears!

8.  Save the screen capture and use it!

For my part, I want to capture scenes from the dramas I watch.  It will take timing to seize the moment because sometimes it gets blurry.  To lessen blurry pictures, I pause the screen before I capture it.

Oh, and since the capture will literally duplicate what’s showing on the screen, if you want to capture video scenes, I maximize the video so that the whole scene is active before I click “print screen”.  I haven’t tried it, but I read somewhere that if you want to capture the active scenes only, you press “alt” + “print screen”.

and yes, that’s a screen shot of my desktop right now: )  too bad i’m this ignorant of the ‘print screen’ button.


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