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Where Did October Go?

Happy 68th!

Oh, this blog is slacking with October ending without me posting a single entry.  I have been so busy with work, with catching my dramas and blogging in my other blog, hahaha.

October was my mother’s birthday month.  She turned 69 this year.  However, they say a ‘9’ is bad, so she said this year was her 68th birthday.  We wanted to give her a grand celebration in the hotel where she can invite her friends, but she refused, saying celebrating it that way would appear it was her last.   We didn’t want to go against her wishes, so we let her be.

My brother and my mother went to Manila several days before her birthday for her quarterly check up.  Praise God that everything is fine.  My brother is another story.  It was diagnosed he has a fatty liver.

Hubby was already in Manila attending a seminar and I just followed them there on my mom’s actual birthday October 15.

Immediately upon arriving, I had to rush and accompany my brother for the ultrasound of his liver.  Then, together with hubby, we went straight to Recto to buy hubby’s notarial seal.  Hubby was leaving government service two weeks after and will be resuming private practice of law, thus the need of that notarial seal.  Yes, we had to endure and brave going to Recto.  A notarial seal is not available in our city.  Others had to order in Cagayan de Oro City.  There it costs P 5,000.00, but in Recto?  Only P 600.00.  We were so shocked, hehehe.

The traffic was bad going back to the condo of my sister, where we were to meet everybody before heading for dinner celebrating my mom’s birthday.  It was real dark when we came down the jeepney we were riding — walking towards the condo, we realized there was a brown out in the area and I was dreading climbing fifteen floors up to my sister’s unit.  Thank goodness, the elevators were running.  I was expecting the condo had generator units working, but we found everybody gathered outside the condo door.  The hallways were lighted, but the units were not.

My sister and I already planned to have the birthday dinner at Maru, a Korean restaurant.  If you read my previous entry, you will know I am a fan of Rain, and when he was in the country last September, he ate at Maru four times as reported in QTv.

Maru was divided into a regular dining table setting and a Korean style table setting.  Of course, me and my sister wanted to relive those meals we had in Korea, so we jumped to the Korean style.  My niece was amazed to sit on the floor while the others laughed at the ridiculous set up.

We ordered the food Rain ordered when he was in Maru.  It was my sister and I who chose the menu, and the rest couldn’t care less what to eat.  We also ordered Soju : )  Unfortunately, they served the Soju first and we took sips thereof on empty stomachs, argh.  It was my first time tasting soju and my brother was right that it should be named GreenAlcohol — green being the color of the soju bottle and alcohol because it tasted and smelled like the rubbing alcohol, lol.

The day following my mother’s birthday, the rest of them went to see the ballet-play Crisostomo Ibarra at the CCP while I went on to meet my friend Eds at Makati and pigged out.  This was the day super typhoon Juan was forecast to hit Luzon.  It was a clear and sunny day, but towards mid afternoon, it suddenly turned gloomy and it rained heavily.  Eds and I were still eating our deserts [at 2:30pm!] but once the rain hit, I literally bolted out of my seat and told him I had to go.  I was afraid it was going to be another Ondoy and I had to go back to the Condo where my family will pick me up after the gala show.

The taxi lines were already piling but thank goodness, I only waited for about fifteen minutes to board a taxi.  Heavy rain continued to fall and it was already starting to flood when we were in Buendia.  I was really praying because Ondoy was a hard lesson to all Filipinos.  Weird, but the minute I entered my sister’s condo unit, the weather turned bright suddenly.  That’s when I remembered the food that we didn’t get to finish because of my fright.  I texted Eds about it and laughed to myself.

My family picked me up at 5:30, just enough time to go to Mall of Asia and hear mass at the church in the vicinity [I forgot the name].  There was a wedding before the mass and when we arrived, pictorials were still going on.  Somebody caught my attention.  A popular kompanyero, Raymund Fortun, was the official photographer, hmmm.  He was enjoying the job that I gathered it must be a hobby turned part time job for him.

After mass, we went back to my sister’s condo to pick up my nephew, who was a Freshman at DLSU, and will be sleeping over my sister’s house in Cavite with us.  My mother’s birthday celebration was to be held the next day, so we pretty much kidnapped him to attend.

We arrived in Cavite nearly at ten in the evening, but when my nephew spotted my sister’s piano in the living room, he asked permission to play it.  I was in the bedroom upstairs and I was surprised to hear the piano in the nighttime playing to the upbeat tune of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.  My nephew played a few more modern songs [sorry, don’t know the titles] and my niece even sang along.  I was worried the neighbors will complain because it was nighttime.

The next day was a busy day.  My sister’s other helper got sick that we had to help with the housework and preparation for the birthday party.  The other helper, my sister and my brother were confined to cooking the food, my mother was tidying up the first floor, and I was in charged of cleaning the second floor and taking care of my niece.

I am so amazed with my niece.  In her tender age, she already knows how to follow the instructions I told her – like folding the clothes which were scattered in the three rooms  and keeping them in the place I designated.  She arranged her toys and others.  I even let her sweep some places, hehehe.

With all the chaos in the house, hubby and my nephew were free because they attended mass at 8:00 and came back almost at eleven o’clock [the tricycle driver got lost!].  My sister’s husband sent them off to church and left instructions to just board the tricycle and give the name of the subdivision, which they followed.  How would they know that the driver mistook one subdivision for another?  I bet they went round and round in Bacoor to be late for almost two hours!

My sister’s in-laws were the bulk of the guests, who arrived at around 11:00am—and there started our lock jaws, hehaha.  I mean, I can’t communicate properly in Tagalog so I speak English … and they don’t communicate well in English, so it’s kind of awkward.  What I love when I meet my sister’s in laws is that they always bring that ‘bingka’ from Tanauan and we all love it.  I don’t know how they call it bingka because it tastes like pudding to us.

My cousin and my nieces and my other sister came after lunch.  We enjoyed just talking and talking and eating and eating. Late lunch, snacks and dinner, we ate them all.  I have always wanted my nieces to get closer to my sisters because they all live in the capital.  At least, if anything goes wrong, they can be comfortable enough to run to my sisters.  These nieces are the daughters of my cousin Joen who unexpectedly passed away last year.

All in all, I think my mother’s birthday was still ‘grand’ this year.  She may evade it now, but definitely, next year, she’s having the grandest birthday celebration for her 70th.  I’m praying she’ll continue to stay healthy until her next birthday.  Please God. : )

mother with the four of us

Comments on: "Where Did October Go?" (2)

  1. My goodness, you definitely have been busy! But what an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing this post.

    And a Happy belated birthday to your dear mother, yenskay. Birthdays are so special and I hope she has many, many more.


    Take care and be safe,

    • hi! thanks for dropping by : ) i extended your greetings to me mother. she was surprised and sends her thanks.

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