..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Peace to Korea

The first thing that went through my mind when I heard of the artillery fires hitting South Korea and the fact that the North and the South might be in the brink of war was — thank goodness, Rain did not enter the military service yet, lol.

When I called my sister and wondered if she heard the news because she is only confined in the hospital for work, I was surprised to know she did and she was quick to add, “thank God, Rain is not serving the army yet!”.

No offense intended, but when I think of what may seem like war brewing in Korea, all I can think of is Rain, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Seok, my dramas, etc.  I didn’t care about Korea before I watched their dramas.  That changed eight years ago.  The Korean wave is impressive indeed.

So, my sister and I were joking, if there be war, we got to find a way to grab Rain out of Korea [but I added…and Seung Gi too!].  Knowing how patriotic Koreans are, I doubt any of our favorite celebrities would dare leave Korea and flee from war.

Kidding aside though, I am really worried about the tension between the two countries.  It’s so sad.  If Germany made it, why not Korea too?  The news speak of war lightly as if it’s a natural thing and I wonder out loud, in this time and age, is war still an option?  I pray not.

Yesterday, I heard reports that SK and the US will be conducting military exercises in the yellow sea on Sunday and NK warned them not to proceed, or else…?

Aigoo.  For peace in Korea, I have devoted one decade of my rosary every night.

Peace, peace, peace to Korea!


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