..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Santa came early

Christmas is in the air!

The goodies from my hubby’s niece who works abroad arrived early this year.  Yup, hubby has a lot of family members who migrated to the US and the first shipment has arrived, hahaha.  They know what both of us want too — skincare products, hahaha.

I am rather touched that they always remember us when they send balikbayan boxes in the country.  Truly, the Filipinos’ love of family is commendable.  Though the economy is not good, the goodies never fail to arrive from time to time.   Even our neighbor across the street who now works in the US also sends us goodies whenever she sends goods to her son.   Mabuhay ang mga OFWs!

On the other hand, I was surprised that Ate Pie already sent me a Christmas gift this early — it was on top of my office table today.  And I have not even started making my list yet…

Christmas is indeed around the corner because it has been raining like crazy these days.  Yep, our Christmases this side of town are always wet and flooded in some areas.   Next thing I’ll know, I’ll be seeing my nephew and niece home for Christmas break.

As always, my sister’s family, special mention my beloved niece, will also arrive on the 23rd.  Old friends also start coming home to spend Christmas with family too.   This is really the best part of the whole Christmas season – family and friends coming home.

I have already started exercising this week because I imposed upon myself to lose at least 5lbs before the December feasts begin.  For sure, there would be lots of delicious food to eat and I’m not gonna refuse any, hehehe.

Indeed, Christmas season is the best in the Philippines!


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