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If I have an addiction, it is probably watching those Asian dramas.  I’ve been watching asian dramas for around eight years already.  The dramas have overtaken me.  Not only did I end up visiting Korea and Japan, I also end up following what the leads do in the dramas.  Like my mouth just waters when those characters eat mixed rice.  They put together rice, kimchi, other veggies and top it with chili red bean paste.  Looks yummy.  I first tasted mixed rice with chili red bean paste in the plane on our way to Korea and that paste, my sister and I took back home and tried our own version of mixed rice with it.  I have been meaning to buy it but never got around.

So, I was grocery shopping today with hubby and guess what I saw?  Chili Red Bean Paste!  I couldn’t wait to eat dinner, as in, my mouth was already watering just by thinking I’d do my own version of mixed rice.  As soon as we got home, I rummaged the fridge and horded the green veggies.  My eyes may have shed a few tears from the hot chili paste but I savored dinner today, hehehe.

Oh, and earlier this afternoon, my order of Flying Lanterns arrived.  Yes, if you’ve watched dramas, you’ll know what it is.  It’s what they use during the lantern festival.  I ended ordering it because I am currently watching kdrama “Dr. Champ” — and the flying lantern was significant in that drama.  No, I wasn’t even thinking of buying when I saw the protagonists lighting their flying lanterns.  It just so happened that my friend tagged me in a photo in facebook.  It was a photo of a flying lantern, with notice that her cousin was accepting orders for it.   I said to myself, “well, why not?  Instead of fireworks, we’ll light flying lanterns”.

I can’t wait for my beloved niece to light hers own flying lantern on New Year’s Eve.  It’s gonna be daebak!






Comments on: "Overtaken" (1)

  1. Flying lanterns are some of the most gorgeous things in the world. I love the site of them, no matter where they are.

    Thanks for sharing.

    And I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, Yenskay.

    Take care!


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