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Along Montilla Boulevard, while I was driving and waiting for the traffic light to turn green

I’m somebody who loves the rain.  I don’t mind being wet or soaked, I love the cold feeling more.  Especially when I don’t have to go out, I celebrate the rain and spend the day lazing in bed, or just listening to music with a good book, or marathon-ing dramas.

That was before.

It all changed when typhoon Ondoy devastated Manila almost two years ago.  Now, when it rains, I panic.  The trauma of Ondoy is still etched in my sub – conscious.  I don’t celebrate the rain anymore — it jolts me to buy enough food to stock at home and other emergency measures.

It rained hard and non-stop since January 2.  The day after, it rained some more.  My sister’s family was supposed to catch a flight back to Manila yesterday but bad weather conditions canceled the flight.  They made a re-booking to fly from Davao City in the 7pm flight and boarded a van to go there at 9am.  Davao City is around 6-7 hours by land.  Unfortunately, about one hour on the road, I received a call from her saying that vehicles could no longer pass the highway of Agusan del Sur because of heavy flood and the current being strong, all vehicles were advised to go back.  So they went all the way back to our city and straight to the airport to re-book once more.  There were no special flights for the canceled flights and the latest they could get was still five days away.  Since they had to go back to work, they decided to fly from Cagayan de Oro City this time, which was 4-5 hours away.  The road to Cagayan de Oro is prone to landslides, so after lunch yesterday, they decided to ride the bus and spend the night there for their afternoon flight today.  My sister was anxious because the plane was delayed and apparently, the weather there was beginning to go bad, so she had to message us all to help pray.  Thank God, they finally boarded the plane thirty minutes later.  I just received a text message from her that they have safely landed in Manila.  Praise God!

For myself, I waded in the [dirty] waters yesterday in going to and from the office.  It was only ankle deep, but deep or not, my crocs were sounding funny with the water while I walked.  I had to wash my feet with hot water, scrub it with soap several times and also put on alcohol to wash away the germs I might have caught.

The major thoroughfares in the city was filled with water yesterday, some even more than knee deep.  One cousin of mine was able to carry the refrigerator with the help of her brother in law, just to put it in a dry place as water was already seeping through their home.  The same goes for my aunt’s place too.  My brother was also worried, because the neighboring barangay of his newly constructed house was already waist deep with water, and he was praying it didn’t go higher that it would already enter his new house which was still under completion process.

I really prayed so hard for the rains to stop, because the wrath of nature manifested by Ondoy is no light matter.  Thank goodness, the rains mellowed and eventually stopped that night.

We had a sunny day today and I was already happy.  Planes were already flying on schedule.  Sadly, it is too early to heave a sigh of relief.  It is still raining in the upper neighboring provinces.  In fact, I heard that a dam in Davao was opened this afternoon.  Our waters here in Agusan del Norte is the final destination of the waters from the upper regions.  In short, even without the rains, it could still flood here because the Agusan River will eventually overflow from so much water coming in.  The water level has stayed stable since this afternoon though.  I hope it stays that way and accordingly decrease.  Aigoo, it’s raining lightly now.

Good job,  illegal miners and illegal loggers of the region!!!


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