..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Quick rundown of my day: 1


Aigoo, this resolution to make daily entries in this blog is a challenge of my discipline, hehehe.

Today’s first text message came from my cousin, warning me of supposed flash floods to arrive in the city. Of course, I had to pass it to my friends, truth or not, because there’s no harm in passing the word.

Before I went to the office, I had to make quick visits to two banks. The bank tellers were talking about the text message.  Soon, everybody was texting everybody that our local officials were already alarmed because people were starting to panic. I received calls from my friends whom I had forwarded the message, asking me what they should do. I told them to stock some food and other emergency measures — candles, flashlights, etc, like I did. I told you, we’ve all turned like this after Ondoy.

Anyway, it turned out that message was fake because the monitoring team who allegedly made the announcement denied making it. Aish.  Thank God, the water level now has decreased and the rains have stopped.

In the office, we had finally heard word that our Messenger, who has gone AWOL since Monday was not coming back to work anymore because he went to Manila as ordered by his brother. Yeah, I don’t have a problem about him quitting, but he should have said so. Now, we need to get a replacement.  ASAP.

Without our Messenger, our office is a wreck. Pleadings to be filed, bills to be paid. Thankfully, I have my hubby who has not commenced his official comeback to private practice because he has not finished some requirements. Ending — he ended being Messenger for the day. Not really for the whole day, because in the afternoon, my cousin already borrowed one of their workers from her husband’s business to help us.

I have so many things to do before I go to Manila next week. I hope I finish them all — so I gotta to go and make those pleadings than write here.

*sigh*. I miss my dramas.


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