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My niece turns 5!

Our one and only beloved niece, only child of my sister, and apple of our eyes turned five last January 15.  For the special occasion, all of us in my immediate family flew to Manila to celebrate with her.  Thank God the weather was entirely clear the whole week we had to travel.

First, my mom and my brother went ahead as early as the eleventh.  My mother had her usual regular check ups while my brother also had to undergo routinary evaluation of his fatty liver.  He also had to follow up the case of his client before the Ombudsman.

On the twelfth, I followed suit.  I also had to follow up a case before the Regional Trial Court – Office of the Clerk of Court in Paranaque City.  It took less than a day to do that that I had time to accompany my brother to his doctor the following day.  I also had to submit some document to our travel agency for our family trip later this year.

Hubby arrived in Manila the day before my niece’s birthday as he also had to follow some paperwork at the Department of Justice.

Ain’t we lucky to have other important things to do in Manila, aside from just attending the birthday celebration?  It’s killing many birds at one time I say.

Anyway, back to my niece who turned five, it’s during this trip that I consciously noticed how she was growing up.  Not so much on the physical aspect but more on how she’s having a mind of her own.

She doesn’t do what we order her to do now.  She’ll do it in her time.  I was in the bedroom, listening to her nanny tell her to brush her teeth after eating breakfast.  She wouldn’t.  My mother prodded her to brush her teeth, telling her how her teeth will have cavities if she won’t clean it, she just turned a deaf ear.  My brother went on and took over, sternly ordering her to brush her teeth but she just whined and cried.  I couldn’t listen some more that I approached her and threatened to spank her if she won’t brush her teeth.  She just cried and covered her mouth.  I got her toothbrush on one hand and my slipper in the other, loudly telling her to BRUSH HER TEETH RIGHT NOW but she just called on to my mother, asking for her help.  I could not bring myself to spank her with the slipper because I don’t think such disobedience would already warrant a spank from me.  I looked at her crying face and my heart is torn to pieces, I cannot continue pretending to be angry at her while she’s stubbornly flowing with tears heavily.  I lost and hugged her instead and asked her to give me a reason why she doesn’t want to brush her teeth.  At least she lamely answered that she didn’t like the taste of the toothpaste [as if it was new!].  Anyway, I didn’t want her to cry some more so I just played with her for a few minutes until she told me she wanted to pee first.  On her way to the bathroom I casually told her to brush her teeth after.  And just like that, she did.  Aigoo.  Stubborn brat.

The day before her birthday, I told her I was taking her to the parlor to have her hair trimmed.  She was ecstatic because it was her first time.  When she arrived from school, she was urging me it was time to go to the parlor on the ground floor of the condo.   On our way to the elevator, she told me she wanted to curl her hair.  I told her we were just going for a haircut.  She insisted she wants a curly hair.  I answered over my dead body, I detest curly hair and told her she can get hers curled when she grows up.  My niece was all smiles when we entered the parlor and she was obviously in heaven when her hair was shampooed.  All throughout the haircut, she was giggling happily.   I marvel at how seeing her so happy just brings a smile on my face too.

The day after her birthday, my sister was calling my niece to watch the photos of her birthday party the day before.  My niece didn’t want to because she was playing with her new toys.  My sister scolded her and told her she should be obedient to her mother but my ever so stubborn niece remained her ground, despite the threats of my sister to have her taken by the security guard for being disobedient to her.  My niece just cried and cried but she refused to give in to her mother.  There was so much crying going that I went downstairs to interfere.  She was playing with the diary I gave her as birthday present and I talked to her why she was not listening to her mom.  She said she would rather play than view the pictures.  While talking to her, she was scribbling something on the diary.  After writing, she showed it to me saying it was our secret.  I read and saw the words “My mom is bad”.  Aigoo, this kid.

After a while, my niece climbed up and I told her it was time for her bath.  Seeing how she has been hard headed lately, I was prepared to hear her “No” but surprisingly, she let out an obedient “yes”.  While giving her bath, she complained to me about her mom.  She says she’s always making her do things she didn’t like doing.  I told her mom knows what’s best for her and she should always be obedient because it’s for her own good.  She replied with “no, she doesn’t know what’s best for me”.  Then she told me to tell my mother to spank her mother, hehehe.  I told her she better tell grandma herself.  She shakes her head, saying “I’m afraid of my mom”.

Aigoo, our baby has grown horns, lol.  Good luck to us all!


Comments on: "My niece turns 5!" (2)

  1. well, no matter how much you love her, and how much she means to all of you, you can’t spoil her. as the bible says, “spare the rod and spoil the child”. >__<

    • correct jud ka kris…si hya ay, perti mo discipline ni kurdapya. ako, magsugod na ko kay 5 naman, naanay buot. child abuse man daw na oy, basig file-lan ko ni nadine, hahaha!

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