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Egypt in crisis

credit: bbcworld

I feel so dejected with the current situation in Egypt right now.  It’s so sad that the mass demonstrations are still ongoing when I thought I heard the Egyptian President will be stepping down.  I guess I heard wrong.

I know someone in my kdrama community and she was asking us to pray with her for her family who are living in Alexandria.  She and her immediate family already immigrated elsewhere but her grandmother and other family members  are still there.  According to her, they couldn’t contact them in Alexandria.

Egypt is so far from us and I am not usually affected by news of political unrest like this.  Unfortunately, my family and I are supposed to visit Egypt two months from now [and Israel and Jordan].  In fact, our applications for tourist visas are currently pending before the Embassy of Egypt in Manila.

It’s so disheartening to know that there are no more flights to and from Egpyt.  Our national news says Filipinos in Egypt will already be pulled out from there.   Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo [with matching pounding on the chest like the ahjummas do in the dramas, lol.]

I was praying for this trip during my nine – day novena last Christmas.  Even my nightly intentions include this particular travel because I’m really afraid to visit the middle east and the frequent suicide bombers there.  And now this one.  Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo ~pounds chest with right hand~, lol.

The gospel reading in today’s mass was about the Beatitudes at the sermon on the mount.  We are supposed to go to that mountain in this trip, aigoo, aigoo, aigoo ~pounds on the chest and drinks water afterward~lol.

There is still more than two months to go before our holy land trip.  I will have to pray double time and offer more decades of my rosary for peace in Egypt and the rest of the holy land.

Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo.


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