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Puss in boots


my rainboots

The rains are not about to leave us after almost one month of coming and going.  Was the PAG ASA prediction really correct on their report that the rains will continue until May?

Today, it was reported that the island of Mindanao will be under tropical depression and there are commentaries in the weather reports that this might develop into the first cyclone in the country for this year.

Ordinarily, I would have cringed while waking up to a very gloomy and raining Monday morning.  A rainy day would mean a flooded city.  This morning, I didn’t wince — because last Friday, I finally bought myself maroon rainboots.  It’s not close to the cute ones I saw in Japan last year, but I am in no position to be choosy, not when I can’t climb towards our office without wading in the dirty waters of the streets of JC Aquino Avenue.

H drove me to work today because parking is so hard during downpours.  Before I left our house in my rain gear, I told him to take my picture for remembrance, lol.

I cannot believe it took me so long to buy rain boots.  Walking in the rain, even without the flood, makes it so comfortable — totally no worries of ruining the shoes.  Before, I use my crocs when it rains.  In the flooded areas, my crocs drown in the waters along with my pants.

When I waited for H to pick me up along San Francisco Street this noon, I was happily wading in the flooded streets while waiting for him.  Even in the rain, I cannot let the moment pass and managed to snap a shot while bringing my bag and holding the umbrella.  Silly.

This morning, before I went to work, hubby told me to wear socks while using the rain boots.  Of course I acted deaf to his advice because I was running late.  Paddling in the waters later this morning made me realize that he was right because my feet were cold being drenched in the waters, even with the boots on.

I posted a picture of myself in facebook wearing my rain boots today and my friends were quick to comment on my attire, hahaha.  It seems I’m the only who wears these rain boots here.  Well, I really don’t care, hahaha.  I’m all for comfort and practicality.  Besides, I’m no longer wearing my beloved shoes to work just to be emerged in dirty rainwater.

To the rains, bring it on!


Comments on: "Puss in boots" (4)

  1. whaaat? til May? Hano kaubo. mag invest na kita hong jet ski

    • mao oy.
      psst, mitchoy heard about tatan. she was asking for your email add. gave it to her.
      i lost your other blog addy. unsa gani to? miss reading about your life, lol.

  2. hehe wala naman ko nagsulat about my life. it puts people to sleep.


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