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It’s still a local non-working holiday today because the floods have not subsided yet.  I was supposed to watch Taiwanese drama “Down With Love” on marathon today, but then that guy from METROBANK Credit Card called again for the 100th time!

The story is, my statement balance to be paid in January 10, 2011 is less than P 1,500.00.  Because I was probably so busy that day since we were supposed to go to Manila the day after, I totally forgot about paying it, the amount being negligible.  When we arrived back home in January 17, this guy called hubby telling him of the overdue amount of P 1,200.00+++.  It was only when hubby told me about it that I remembered about it.

I originally planned to pay the following day, but I took notice of the policy of these credit card companies to charge late payment fee and interest on the TOTAL OUTSTANDING BALANCE immediately after the due date.  Since I have to pay the same amount of money whether I pay late or the next statement date on February 10, 2010, I resolved to pay on February 10 because it’s not as if they will make any rebate on the charges and interest.

The next time a personnel from Metrobank’s Credit and Collection department called, I was the one who got the call.  That lady reminded me to pay the minimal amount again, but I clarified the policy about the balance already being charged for late payment fee and interest and she confirmed it.  So I told her that in that case, I’m paying the amount on my next statement date to get maximize the time value of my money.  She reiterated that the account was already past due so I have to pay it immediately.  I told her it’s my option when to pay the account and I’m not paying it earlier than February 10.

After that, in another day, this guy called about the account again and I didn’t even wait for him to finish what he was saying and just plainly told him I’ll pay on the next due date on February 10.  I didn’t give him another chance to say anything further because I promptly ended the call.

The day following, it was hubby who got the call again.  He told me the guy was very rude when hubby reiterated my position to pay on February 10 [is Metrobank financially in trouble?  why the hell are they getting worked up over a mere thousand pesos?].  The guy from Metrobank said if we won’t pay, they were going to annoy us [exact word:  iinisin at iinisin ka talaga namin].  Hubby told him to be careful because he’s speaking to a lawyer.

This morning, I got the call from that guy again.  I politely told him we were paying on February 10 because “you already charged us for late payment fee and interest on the amount due” but he wouldn’t stop ranting about how it was my fault he was calling each day.  I told him to watch the news because Butuan City is flooding right now and the banks are closed.  He did not even change the tone of his voice, but sarcastically told me that I should have scheduled to pay earlier when it was not flooding [can I kill this guy?]  I angrily answered him, why does he care so much, “is it your money?  are you my creditor?  you can’t force me, i’m not gonna pay before February 10” then I slammed the phone.

I got so angry that I’ve decided I’m gonna have our Metrobank cards terminated after I make a full payment on February 10.  And, after this rant, I’m so going to make a written complaint to Metrobank about their rude and annoying employees.

Under the law, anything which annoys the senses is a nuisance.  And that Metrobank collector, is indeed a private nuisance, I can have his annoying act abated.

I mean, really, just for a thousand pesos, Metrobank collectors are spending for long distance calls daily!  The repetitive calls are pure harassment.  It’s up for the debtor to pay when he wants to pay — that is why they charge interest, for godsake!  They can’t force me to pay.  If they want, then they should just file a collection case against me.  My deposit in their bank is more than a hundredfold of that amount they’re pestering me to pay, my gawd.  We’ve had this card since 2002 and ever since, we have always paid in full on due date.  What the hell is their problem now, harassing clients?

To all of you out there, don’t even get a Metrobank card.  I have a lot of credit cards and I had my share of forgetting to pay on time, but this bank?  Its employees will not stop harassing you until you go out of your mind and pay the sum.

I’m so gonna terminate my account.  And I’m so gonna withdrawing my money in this bank on the maturity date of my time deposits.

And I’m so gonna tell the management about that rude employee.



Updated:  I guess this post reached metrobank’s ears, I’ve been getting comments from a biosystematic site, defending metrobank’s side.  Lol, your comments aren’t ever going to be published, so stop them.  I’ve only one thing to say.  This post isn’t about me not wanting to pay on time, it’s about how rude and annoying those metrobank’s collectors are.



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  1. oh wow.

    i also have an mb cc! it doesn’t have that many perks.
    maybe i should have it terminated as well once i find a better replacement.

    oh, and aren’t those phone conversations recorded? you should really file a complaint.

    • Well, besides Metrobank, don’t ever get an Eastwest credit card as well. I’ve had the same experience with their rude employees.

      • Aha i have both. Guess what i told that girl from eastwest pestering me just coz her computer is not updated with my list of payments … I told her bluntly: PI Mo! 🙂 that did the trick

    • wow, just read the whole story here.. and i can relate to your story. me too, i also have mb cc, not just one but two. i also experienced what you had experienced, that’s why i terminated the other card.. the worst part is that they will threaten you and im not afraid, they can complain to my lawyer if they want to.. i mean, i dont have any plans not to pay any bills mb cc had charge me, but i hope that they will also understand that they are not the only ones who are having a bad day!

  2. Sos, i thought those calls were recorded that was why i confidently called metrobank credit card to complain —but they just passed me back to the credit and collection department —> the very ones who were calling me, aigoo, aigoo, aigoo.

    and guess what? their late payment penalty is P 600?!!!!! when the other companies only charge P 300!

    i’ll make a written complaint soon. after i terminate the card, lol…or maybe i’ll make that the reason why i’m terminating the card, hahaha.

    • yes, sir they are really annoying. i’m also asking if this is scam. the massive increase of interest i almost can’t pay anymore.

  3. domingo aquino said:

    what happen to me was i already paid last sept 2010 terminated my credit card and yet still billing me every month . its annoying me that everytime i receive billing and complain them i did pay already seems that they didnt know or recorded the conversation regarding my matter … is this a scam? im getting annoyed of their unpleasant reaction and very rude talking to their customers. never get a metrobank credit card they will haunt you forever …

    • really annoying huh?
      yeah, i even got a letter of collection today! i don’t know what will happen next month since i already terminated it too.

      • My married daughter frequently travels to Singapore and Sydney due to hubby’s work, and other than their credits cards, she has 2 cards under MetroBank (Femme Visa and Metro Master) and when she is not here, whenever bills on her card come, and she send me text to make payment, I usually pay double the minimum due, except on special occasions when I pay up to 50% to provide her with cushion for her and her husband and 2 kids’ entertainment expenses. Abiout 3 months ago, the billing I received showed that my daughter’s cards have been temporarily suspended, with minimum amount indicated. I paid the usual double the minimum amount billed. Then I called up Metro-\Bank. and was told they wanted to update her info, because they were wondering why my daughter appears to be abroad, while payments are made her. I insisted they must reinstate my daughter’s card and they said they need e-mail; authorization to re-activate. My daughter sent the e-mail identifying me as authorized person to sign whatever may be needed. Then I followed up, and I was told my daughter has to send copy of her passport, which was done. Another blling came, and I again paid, this time 50% of the full the minimum. I called them up about the re-activation, and I was told that it must be my daughter who must do it, and the authorization only gives me only the right to obtain the card balance! I told the girl on the other line she is being stupid, because the account balance already appears in the billings. I just received the latest billing where it is shown that my last payment was recorded which is 50% of the full amount due; that the minimum amount now due is P755.62 and they are also charging P821.59 finance charge and P600.00 late payment charge! Worst, the notation now is that the account has been cancelled due to non-payment! The lawyer in me calls for aggressive action against MetroBank Card!

      • golondriz3@gmail.com said:

        Dear Yanksey,
        I am losing my bank account with them today because I had written for a wire transfer and it never got to me and when I called them yesterday they laughed and said there was an error in the transfer. I was appalled at the unprofessionalism.
        I am done with them.

  4. Charlie said:

    I’m not sure of metrobank credit card processing on overdue payments, but they sure run this sort of scam with the credit card insurance stuff.

    I received a metrobank credit card last year – did not apply for it. I then received note that the card is already activated – did not ask for it to be activated (did not need it). What I did was to call up their hotline to have it cancelled – apparently, they didn’t.

    Just this week, I received 2 calls from MCC asking me to pay a sum of 600+ php, when I told them that I already had this card cut, they asked me to contact hotline. In which case, I did.

    Problem – they wouldn’t cut my card unless i pay for the 35.00 insurance – WTH! And they can’t supply me documents that I applied for this – worse, they insist that the phone conversation held last year is sufficient and was recorded, and yet they can’t provide me with the appropriate call logs???… sigh..

    what a scam. The hassle to me is not the amount, it’s going to the bank to pay for 35.00 I didn’t even apply for.

  5. marc santos said:

    haha i think the one who called you is from the collection agency.Maybe I’ve experienced that also using my standard chartered bank. I think the cost of their phone calls is higher than your balance.wtf. less one big depositor in your case. its their lose anyway..

  6. leonard tabigue pin i for got

  7. Magfile tayo ng kaso against metrobank. Naloko din kasi ako nila. One time, nagkaproblema ako sa unauthorized charges gamit metrobank credit card ko. Bumili kasi ako sa internet ng program. Eh fraudulent pala clkbank*com kaya panay charges buwanbuwan. Halos araw-araw tumatawag ako sa metrobank customerservice at malaki gastos ko sa phone bills. Finally, nag-offer sila ng solution, palitan na lang daw yung credit card ko ng bago, at automatically, maba-block na unauthorized charges. Sabi ko, pano yung balance ko? Babayaran ko muna para alang interes? Wag na raw sabi ng customer service. Nagpasalamat ako sa tulong.

    Nagkaroon nga ako ng new credit card. Eh nung bumili ako ng books sa internet, hindi inapprove kasi me problem daw sa credit card ko. Nagkataon namang dumating yung bill ko sa credit card. Putang ina! Andaming unauthorized charges. Plus meron pang 600 late payment fee. At mayroon pang finance charge. Hindi ka na nga natulungan sa problema mo, niloko ka pa.

    Beware! Metrobank appears to be a decent institution pero ang ganitong practices nila parang scam. Hingi kaya tayo ng tulong sa BSP?

  8. yeah grabe talaga metrobank kahit mali nilasayo pa rin ipapasa ang charges…last january they called may husband na they delivered a new card for us kasi ma eexpire na but my husband said hindi nya nareceived yung credit card at that time nasa abroad ako at supplementary nya ako..after a month na naman tumawag sila if nareceived namin sabi asawa ko wala pa din sabi daw hintayin lang!nung june may dumating na bill sa asawa ko march hanggang may gumamit ng card yung sa supplementary so nagcomplain kami at nagpadala ng dispute kasi nga wala ako sa pinas pano ko magagamit yun sa department store sa pinas at sa ibang establishment..nagpadala pa ko ng supporting documents from immigration na yung time na may charges sa card wala ako sa pinas at never namin natanggap ang card..sabi ba naman ng metrobank responsible daw kami mg pay kahit pa lost yun..pano nga magiging lost eh d namin natanggap..yun pala ang tanga na delivery agent nila pina received nya sa officemate ng asawa ko tapos ahat ng info ng asawa ko alam nun kasi sya nagfa file ng mga documents ng empleyado kaya kahit ipa activate nya at maghanap na mag kunwari na asawa ko mapapa activate nya ang card.pero ayaw tanggapin ng metrobank yung evidneces namin dahi kmi daw talaga mgbabayad..tama ba yun??mabuti sana kung kami nagreceived huingi din kmi ng call logs para malaman kung asawa ko nagpa activate pero wala cla binibigay nakakarindi na tawag ng tawag yung agent nla maningil ..eh yung letter nga ng abogado namin di sila nagreply!!tapos maniningil sila ng pera na di ko ginamit?kapal nila..ayaw nila mag imbestiga dahil ayaw nila na alisin yung amount na chinacharge nila sa amin…eh yung nagreceived ng card nagtago na..at pwede lang ba yun na confidential yun ipa received sa iba di man lng ininform ng delivery agent asawa ko…mukhang pera talaga metrobank..interest lng nila iniisip nila

  9. same thing happens in the u.s. a lot are complaining for receiving a card they didnt apply or acivated, pero may mga fees. collection agencies usually explain to them na ito ay mga pre-approved cards to re-establish their credit dahil may mga credit cards sila before na overdue at nakakasira sa rating nila ( credit rating is so impt for the americans). may mga annual fees ( dito sa phils free ang 1st year),at late charges. at least doon, madaling nasosolusyunan, dito, pahirapan pa.

  10. wala naman akong problema sa metrobank.. simple lang ang rules sa credit cards.. just pay BEFORE the due date.. kahit ano pa reason mo kahit sabihin mo na may lindol or bagyo.. u still have to pay it in every possible way.. and when you’re done, then TAPOS.. no charges… kahit sabihin mo pa na 50 pesos lang balance mo.. hwag kana mg reklamo if 500 ang charge nila for paying late even 1 day late.. you agreed upon sa terms and condition.. rmmber??? better read again.. i’m not a PRO-metrobank or any banks.. im just reminding people about the terms and condition.. always read. 😉

    • yes, the rules are the rules. I’m ranting about how they torture the holders over the phone repeatedly until they go crazy… and very, very rude at that.

    • this is correct! stop complaining kung alam nyo in the first place may mali kayo. Always pay before the due date sobrahan nyo pa ng kahit 50pesos para sure

      • The mistake was already admitted – the issue is their customer service. Ikaw kaya bulabugin ng ganun, tapos you just went through some calamity – di ka kaya maasar?? And kaya nga may customer service eh, harassment is completely illegal. Dahil ba may mali un client, un company wala nang mali?

        Siguro taga Metrobank ka!

    • tama ka Rogin….meron yan sa terms na you have to pay on due or before the due… but not past due…otherwise you get penalties…simple rule lang yan….all banks do the same rules… be wise… the problem with most card holders is negligence…. remember ignorance is not an excuse…read the terms always… and kung wla sa terms saka kayo mag complain…

      • Jake Lopez said:

        Dre ekaw ba un lagi tumatawag s phone naninigil ng due date s ATM?

        Kahit fully paid n kmi s balance naninigil parin..kakainis kya un call nu…taga metro bank u bah

  11. nakabayad na ako ng bill ko….tapos after a two months tatawagan ako na my utang pa raw ako na 、na due date.sabi ko naman are you kidding…kung my bills pa ako sa inyo bakit …wala kayong notice na my utang pa ako sa inyo….mga bakero…kayo ang hindi nagpapadala ng notice para alam namin….dahil akala ko bayad na ako ,

  12. sa inyo na na ang credit card ninyo…metrobank….maraming banko yan hindi lang kayo…

  13. WTF!!! I’m experiencing this now. Wala akong natanggap pa na bills and they already charged a late fee, and they don’t have other options to pay online!!! I think the same guy is draining the battery of my PHONE!!! After I pay everything I’m gonna drop out from their card service. THEY SUCK!

  14. Ako RIN!!! Unauthorized charges were made to my account which I never made!!! Nag-send ako ng dispute form through email, WALA silang ginawa. THE CHARGES WERE NEVER REVERTED BACK TO MY ACCOUNT!!! Paano ba idemanda ang Metrobank?!?!?!?! Nagpatong-patong na interest ko dahil dun sa fraudulent transaction na iyon!!!

    • sadly, that happened to me too, about two years ago; i was compelled to pay it because of the interests. i waited so long for them to correct it, until i forgot. i don’t think they ever did.

  15. rose gregorio said:

    pls stop sending me bills..it was declared since 2009 that im not using my credit card..followed by annoying phone calls till december 2010 until this year 2011 confirming that am not using it and declared termination..but still charges continue..pls

  16. My mom’s friend, who is a doctor, also had this experience but from Citibank. The doctor said that her lawyer cousin told her not to pay for the balance because she already paid for it. (They were collecting 30K!) The collectors got tired and never bothered to call her XD

    I heard others say no one is being jailed on those cases because it’s none of the banks issues anymore. It’s on their collector O_O

  17. Yes. ang mga Metro Bank personnel… sobrang bastos makipag usap sa mga client nila, know that we are client. who’s paying their salary. Mga PUTANG INANG MGA EMPLEYADO NG METRO BANK YAN.

  18. NeatGifts said:

    Good thing I read these comments. I am already frustrated with the way business is done here in the Philippines. Unfortunately I have to get a Philippine credit card here to open a paypal account or buy online here. I really rather have a debit card but I can’t find that service here in the Philippines. And no, an atm card is not a debit card.

    Metrobank was the first company I looked into because of the personalized card offer. Maybe some of you can tell us about good experiences with Philippine banks. Then I will look into possibly getting a credit card from one of those banks.

    • Try unionbank’s EON card. It is a debit card. But you can use it just like a visa credit card with all the card number(which is separate from the account number) and 3-digit security code.

  19. I agree.

    Call center customer service rates 0! I experienced several days of not being able to connect. Rude employees. And one time I wasn’t able to pay on time. My fault but I knew it. I decided to pay on the next due date. Then their collections dept. called me and I promised to pay on the due date. Then they called me again, I reassured them that I will pay on the next due date. Then they called me again, and again, and again…

    I used to work for HSBC’s card company and when the client says they will pay on a certain date, we don’t bug them anymore. A second call is fine but again… and again… oh it sucks really.

  20. Reden Rivera said:

    i was contemplating on using the pre-activated card which i actually requested for cancellation. but they keep on calling me saying that i can now avail of their balance immediately. I told their CS that you are the fourth time who called me about this thing and it is now tha fourth time im saying that i have already written and confirmed by phone that i am cancelling that card. Again! they asked me the reason for the cancellation and immediately reply im not going to explain to you the fourth time.

    That is the same reason why i cancelled their card “DAHIL MAHIRAP SILA KAUSAP” When i applied for balance transfer they told me processing will take at least 3days. on the 4th day i followed up and they say still not done and it will take 5days. again i called on the 6th day and was told the same thing not done yet. They say It will take 5WORKING DAYS! So… again i waited but told them that the due date of my otehr card i wanted to transfer is just a few days away so i need to get an confirmation.. Yes, you just follw up next week since it is a weekend. I called them again the following week skipping Monday to give them at least a day. When i called them they said not yet approved and even if it gets approved, processing it for payment will take at least another 3days, preparing the cheque and transacting with the other bank. All in all it seems 15days is not enough just to get the product approved so by the time they are done with it, the due date for my other card is athand and im in deep trouble for the late payment. ang gagaling nila…. so i advised them to cancel my requests, cancell the card and i dont need it.

  21. i do work in a collection company but my clients are american.. It’s true that we need to be persistent and assumptive but we have to be professional at all times regardless of the situation. we also give consideration by waiving fees even interest charges for clients who has good payment history, we also offer payment plan for clients who’s having hardship. maybe those agents are commission base that’s why they have push harder.

  22. last january 16, I applied thru fax a supplementary card for my wife, and somebody from metrobank did called me up last january 30 for verification of my application and after everything it said ‘ok it approved’… then feb 7, I called them up to ask for an update, and I got shock of my life, customer service saying that no application was send to them, and then feb 8, after calling them them several time, a senior whatever talk to me, saying ‘ YOUR APPLICATION WAS DENIED LAST JANUARY 20’ hah hah hah, WHAT, …..Bu##@@it, and even told me, ITS NOT METROBANK CARD RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL OR EVEN TELL YOU THAT YOUR APPLICATION WAS DENIED… that’s customer service to you……….

  23. sobra taaga yang metrobank. ririndihin ka at talagang di ka titigilan. unang unang pa lang na statement ko late na ang padala nila/ hindi ba you are supposed to receive it a a week or at least a few days before the due date. kaso kung dumating a few days or a week AFTER the due date tapos may penalty. i called the day after informing them na late kaya dapat walang charge. then the next billing …. tapos lahat na ng billing palaging late. after 2 statements i stopped paying kasi lagi ako tumatawag sa kanila. sent several emails informing them na ayusin una nila. they always say sige po ako na po ang bahala at inform ko po regarding your request to waive all penalties. hanggang inabot na ng laki ng charges kahihintay ng sagot nilang tatwagan ka… we’ll get back to you… etc etc. wht i said was…. kahit magkano babayaran ko but im not paying for the penalties and finance charges kasi dko kasalanan na lagi kayong late at hinihintay ko ang sabi nyong sasabihin nyo ang problema ko at tatawagan nyo ulit ako. it’s SOOOOOOOOO ANOYING NA ARAW ARAW KA TATAWAGAN TAPOS ARAW ARAW MO UULITIN YUNG STORY MO ….wla naman silang nagagawa. so what do you think is the best solution? tama ba na hindi ko sila bayaran … > what i meant’s yung penalties. im willing naman to pay for whatever is due or kung ano lang ang naka charge na ginamit ko pero yung mga late charges etc…. hindi naman ata tama na bayaran ko .

    • Jake Lopez said:

      Mga putang inah talagah yan tga metro bank n yan…pang gagantso n yan ginagawa nla….shhiiittt

  24. good day to all. actually i got so many credit card and one is metrobank. I got no problem with metrobank. they give me positive feedback and they are very accomodating in dealing with me especially when I applied some promos. first you should know your due date and be sure you listed all your purchases and see to it that no one touches your atm whenever/wherever you are. I also don’t deal online so I don’t have problems. it is true their frebies are not that quite good unlike bpi that offers more and they are easy to deal with. but as I said , i never encounter any problems with metrobank, THEY ARE VERY ACCOMODATING.

  25. arkiralf_07 said:

    Okay now im scared, i just applied yesterday… nyay… hope this wont happen to me. and if does.. then byebye metrobank… weird thing though, an agent offered me an eastwest card, i gave him the requirements and he said its okay and will be processed within two weeks.. then sadly i lost my phone so he wasn’t able to contact me, now that i got my phone number again (same number, globe line) he said he’ll just be transferring my application to metrobank. why? hmmm

  26. Parang di naman…. 🙂 Dapat kasi kahit gaano ka liit ang babayaran mo, you should pay for it ON TIME…Siguro, tumatawag sila para maremind ka at para di na rin lumaki yung charges… I just got approved with a Gold mastercard from Metrobank… I have 2 other cards from other banks and I always pay in full amount. By the way, have you tried asking for reversal? Kasi I have a friend who encountered the same issue and they reversed it… Binayaran nya lang knabukasan… :))

  27. reinne lopez said:

    try nyo po ang eastwest bank…mababait po lahat ng employee’s nila…even the collectors and the officers…i should now because i’m an eastwest credit card holder

    • reinne lopez said:

      try nyo po ang eastwest bank…mababait po lahat ng employee’s nila…even the collectors and the officers…i should know because i’m an eastwest credit card holder

      • jof tuscano said:

        Really?i recieved a phonecall from eastwest offering their CC.its free dw without annual fee and other charges.she called it like a “reservation” but its up to me when to activate on my own.well if they call for C.I.,il just answer it but if not the hell i care hehe.dont really need it.

  28. bongcort said:

    I agree! METROBANK CREDIT CARD is charging a lot and their bills arrived late and I think that’s only one way of ripping off money from their clients!!! I am really disappointed because they debit my account without informing me! I withdraw my time deposit even it is not in maturity date! what the heck!

  29. these people calling are not really from metrobank, these are agencies who get commissions out of what they collect from you. thats the reasonwhy they are so persistent. because thats how they get paid. these is the process, metrobank would tag you as dilinquent payer, and would forget about you and your debt, but thiswillbe forwarded to agencies who will get comisions out of what they can collect from you.
    i have 3 credit cards, standard, metro and citibank, in my own experience the worst is citibank. they have higher charges that metro and standard.

  30. Guys un bill sa metrobank cc is from 18k hanggang lumobo na xa ngaun to 40k dahil sa interest and other charges
    ano pwd ko gawin?

  31. nagpacancell ako ng mcc ko last month..1year mahigit ko rin un ginamit..pero never ako tinawagan para singilin dahil i pay in advance n full..wala ako naging prob sa mcc..nalate ako once lang kc di ko natingnan due date ko..pero i email mcc asking not to charge me late payment fee..dey replyd naman..and HINDI nila ako chinarge ng late payment fee..last week nag apply ulit ako ng mcc..maybe nextweek meron na yung card…sa mga creditor wag kayo magreklamo kng may maningil sa inyo dahil trabaho yun ng collector..and creditor u shud pay ur utang ontime para walang collector..

    • hi, thanks for the reply.

      the point of this post is not about the failure to pay on time because I submit that it’s our duty to pay, whether on time or not [and suffer to pay for the fees in case of late payment]. Instead, this is a rant about the rude attitude of the collectors when they ‘remind’ us to pay. Yes, metrobank may have just outsourced these rude collectors, but being its agents, metrobank stands to be affected by the same. the bank should screen these collectors they pay to do the job.

  32. ganyan naman talaga ugali ng mga may utang na walang pambayad..sila pa may utang sila pa ang may ganang magalit,tapos sasabihin na bastos yung collector,makulit ung collector at kung ano ano pa sasabihin about sa collector..hay naku…

    • she,
      d mo ata gets eh, ang nirereklamo nung mga tao pagiging rude ng mga empleyado at aanga anga sa pag cocompute at nagchcharge pa kahit kasalanan ng mga empleyado nilang mga inutil..d mo ba na get ung late fee charge? pag na charge ka na ala na pake ang metrobank kung kelan bayaran e charge na nga sa bill ung late fee charge e gets mo meaning d na nila kailangang mangulit..empleyado ka din ba kaya mo sila dinedefend?? na relieve ako na di ako nag iisa..

  33. wudposeer said:

    gusto ko narin ipacancell card ko sa metrobank. pano po ba? newbie po ako sa paggamit ng cc.

    • hi! you just have to call the hotline and then tell them you want to cancel the card. i think you just need to pay in full your outstanding balance, and after that, they’ll cancel the card.

  34. Isn’t it about time to learned to sue these people, make them pay you to go away, until they can no longer afford to do business as a debt collector?

    • desiree said:

      huwatttt? itagalog mo n lng kc..hehe ..hindi maintindihan ang English nyo sir..i mean the idea is very vague..haha

  35. naku n kakatakot nman ang mga karanasan nyo, sana d mangyari yan s akin, ksi nagbabayad nman ako ng full payment at on or before the due date , pero minsan nalimutan ko pala pero the following day kinausap ko yung manager ng bangko kya yun d nman nila ako binigyan ng extra charge, pyo ko lng kung problema kyo regarding to your credit card try nyong kausapin ang bangko nyo…o tawagan nyo yung hotline…

  36. totoo kabwisitan ang magkaroon ng credit card sa metrobank…late ng isang linggo ang billing..tapos ichacharge ka ng late payment…paulit-ulit..monthly ganun ang nangyayari..pag tumawag ka sa hotline nila para kang nakipag-usap sa wala, dahil wala ring mangyayari…iba-ibang kausap, iba-iba ang sinasabi..akala mo ok na yun pala ganun pa rin…lumalaki lang bill mo sa telepono, pero walang mangyayari sa kaso mo…lalaki lang problema mo sa buhay mo….Bwisit!

    • Isn’t it about time to learn how to make Debt Collectors pay you to go away, instead of the other way around?

  37. Its absolutely true. I had already arranged payment with Metrobank pero hindi pa inaabot ng 1 month delayed na daw ang payment ko. Tapos ngaun nananakot cla na papainvestigate daw nla ako. Tsaka ang dami nlang hidden charges ha? Hindi muna alam kung totoo ba talaga ung mga charges. So disappointed with Metrobank.

  38. same pa rin ang style ng METROBANK sa collection nila…..walang na improve sa costumer service. just got my a bill from them na may utang pa daw ako e samantalang matagal ko nang pinutol ang card ko…..this is a scam……malaking racket to ng METROBANK!

  39. james agoda said:

    i eceived a pre activated metrobank card although i did not apply for it. i immediately called their hotline and told the person on the phone to please deactivate /cancel the card immediately because i didn’t apply for it and i don’t need it. she said di daw pwede and after one year pa lang daw pwede icancel. is this true? what should i do?HELP!!!

  40. I too am having the same problem. They even went into our house and demanded for the payment with threats.Kung tutuusin,penalty na lang ang binabayaran ko sa kanila. I have never used the card since 2010.Any ideas how we can do away with them?I have been paying the penalty for almost a year now.

  41. edwin cabin said:

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Plus They will sell you anything. I don’t know where those agents that come out of nowhere know that you have credit card.

  42. Metrobank sucks!!!! I’m happy that my company shifted our payroll to BPI, and to think n malaking kawlan ang company namin sa kanila, and when im done with may installment, i.will terminate my card as well

  43. Tanong lang po.. ilang hours po ba ang processing ng payment ng metrobank cc? Nagbyad po kasi ako kahapon kaya lang offline yung metrobank dito sa amin. Tapos nagpurchase ako later that day kaya lang declined, insufficient balance daw. So I tried again today, ganun pa rin po. Thank you

    • I think it takes one day lng. U better call the hotline bcoz sometimes unposted ung payment and they meed you to fax a copy of your payment form.

  44. disgusted said:

    collection agent ng metrobank ba itong tumatawag sa barangay hall na si attorney daw sya at pinapatawag
    ang hubby ko regarding sa credit card? been a victim of late receipt of billings and other skyrocketing charges.
    la pang one year ang delinquency. any advise is greatly appreciated.

  45. Kami din may problema ng asawa ko dyan s metrobank. Last bill namin 9k. Ngayon nagpadala ang Metrobank ng statement at umabot ito ng 27k. May nakalagay pa na Law office sa billing nila. at ang sabi pa dito ay kailangan namin bayaran hanggang august 24 ung bill kundi maghaharap daw kami s korte. Kung tutuusin kaya q bayaran yun kaso ang problem bakit lumobo ng ganun kalaki? Makukulong ba ako at ang asawa ko kung sakaling di ko pansinin ung letter na yun at Doming & Molaer Law Offices pala yung mga abogado na nakalagay dun sa statement letter. Please help me kung naka-encounter na kau ng ganto.

    • NO.Walang nakukulong sa utang sa credit card. Kaya ganyan kabastos ang mga collectors at kasipag tumawag at mamahiya. Kasi alam nila wala sila laban. Kapalit lang ng di nakukulong is….Blacklisted ka sa Banks.

      • Another thing…Those collectors are agencies who are buying utangs sa Metrobank for bargain. After they bought it. Kailangan nila mabalik ang binili nilang utang sa holders para mabawi nila pinambili nila sa metro. Kaya lahat ng paraan…gagawin nila….

  46. same thing is happening t0 my m0ther.. she always make sure na makabayad bef0re the due date.. ilang months din nya hnd ginamit un credit card pro lagi prin cya ngkakaroon ng remaining balance kahit nbyrn nya n ung last bill nya.. at ang nkakaasar pa sinisingil cya about insurance.. 6,400 daw.. i asked my mother kung my tinanguan cya o pinirmahan about insurance n sinasabi ng tumatawag s knya.. wala nmn daw.. so,bakit siya sinisingil! nung tumawag ulit cla s mother ko ako n ang kumausap.. ayaw ako kausapin nung lalaki at ang mother ko pilit nya hinahanap.. tinatanong ko kung bakit my insurance n dapat bayaran ang mother ko! basta daw ang mother ko ang kausap nya.. sabi ko ipapa’cut n ng mother ko un credit card.. nagbigay cya ng # n dapat twgn at sabi nya bago ko daw tawagan un # n vnigay nya para ipa’cut bayarn daw muna ng mother ko ung 6,400.. nung sinubukan ko nmn tawagn ung # na vnigay nya hindi ko makontak even un number n ginamit nya pntawag s fone ng mother ko… at kahit nung ngpunta n kmi s metro bank at nagtanong kung bakit ganun wala sila maisagot samin basta daw un # n nsa likod ng credit card ang twgn nmin at dun kmi mgtnong..

  47. I’ve read the tread of this blog, it seems everyone does not know that they have rights against those Credit Card colleciton agencies who have been harrasing them. I thought there were lawyers who posted their expereinces but they didn’t bother to inform the commenters on the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 454 and 702, protection fo consumers against harrasment from credit card providers and their collectors. Jsut remnd thecollectors of yuor rights and your right to sue them for all their worth andtheir client ( the banks) for civil and criminal laibilities. Tingnan natin kung hindi matakot ang mga yan sa inyo. And additional info. credit card providers are protected by insurance. So the moment they decared your account as “bad debt” they can claim already the amount from the insurance company; ergo those collection agencies are there just to increase their profit because they have collected already the amount you’re supposed to pay them through insurance. Please click the links to read the details on those two circulars I mentioned. When you write your credit card provider, always copy furnish BSP, please call their hotline so that you would know to whom the letter will be sent to, and put in the letter itself that you are copy furnishing BSP so that they would know youmean business with your letter of complaint. http://www.bsp.gov.ph/downloads/regulations/attachments/2010/c702.pdf and http://www.bsp.gov.ph/regulations/regulations.asp?type=1&id=133 . Know your rights. Defend your rights.

  48. METROBANK CREDIT CARD NEVER AGAIN! Makabweset jud na sila. THEIR AGENTS ARE RUDE. My loyalty goes to EASTWEST BANK, they have well-mannered agents.

  49. i also has had bad experience with my MCard, same problem of late billing then they charged me P700 for that. I had to e-mail them, to better cancel the card. I usually pay my bills in full before the due date, but one time i missed paying it for two days, then the late charges appeared in my next bill… it’s good that they finally zeroed (cleared) my bill. Am still using my card up to now

  50. Ako may MCard din MBA 2 years na rin Pero wala naman akong sakit ng ulo kasi I pay in full pagdating ng bill ko. At tinatandaan ko ang due date ko para iwas penalty. Also, i keep a log of my purchases Kasi I used up maximum amount per month which is very convenient for my business. Well, I think you’ll just have to understand collectors, they are just doing their job. Pay on time so you will have issues.

  51. Ako may MCard din MBA 2 years na rin Pero wala naman akong sakit ng ulo kasi I pay in full pagdating ng bill ko. At tinatandaan ko ang due date ko para iwas penalty. Also, i keep a log of my purchases Kasi I used up maximum amount per month which is very convenient for my business. Well, I think you’ll just have to understand collectors, they are just doing their job. Pay on time so you will have no issues

  52. Mas worst sa akin! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!!! They issued me a new card kc ayaw ko sa old card kc may annual fee kaya Metrobank sent me new MCC without annual fee obligation. But when I received my 1st billing statement from the new card, may posted transaction na installment pa worth 6000+ na di ko ma-recognize and the date was a weeks ago from the billing date. So bagong transaction sya. So i called Metrobank and complain about the unknown transaction and they asked me to write a dispute letter sa customer service nila. So I sent a dispute letter, informing them that I don’t recognize the said transaction and even the merchant confirmed that there was no such transaction on their end too. Alam nyo ba kung ano ang reply na Metrobank sa letter ko, nagkamali daw sila nang paglagay sa transaction date na sana was 1 and 8 months ago pa which was almost 2 years old approximately na transaction na pala yon kc they forgot to bill me daw. Bakit ngayon pa?! Pag ang card user nila ang na delay ng payment they will charge us with so many fees, ngayon super delayed silang nagbill, i will just simply pay them kc sila ang company ako ang card user/customer…. where’s the justice here??? Is this fair??? Paano ko maproprove sa kanila na bayad na ako when I already thrown all my 1 year old billing statements they sent me before? Sabi pa nila kasalanan daw ng merchant kc late nagsend sa kanila sa mga receipts but when i spoke sa merchant (very big company) its not their fault daw kc automatic na man daw nagpopost ng transaction sa system ng credit card company every time my nagpay sa kanila using cc. I believed the merchant… Yon pala kaya nagkanda-ugaga sa pagsisingil ang MCC kc may case pala sila sa merchant ng “underpayment” for the past year na di nila pinapansin hanggat sinisingil na sila ng tudo sa merchant kaya sinisingil din nila ngayon ang mga pobreng card user nila. Kawawang pinoy!!! All I know bayad na ako lahat sa kanila. sinong niloloko nila??? after almost 2 years??? so unbelievable and very unprofessional!!! Iwan ko ba kung ako lang ang nabiktima nila….

  53. Hell yeah! they are so freaking annoying and they are so rude. Parang sa mga lansangan lang nila kinukuha yung agents nila. They usually call 4x a day 6 days a week and they are using 090888 number. when i called that number its not even ringing just a busy tone. I’ll admit it its my fault though i haven’t paid them for a couple of months bec I lost my job and i even dont have any money to keep up with the electric bills and water bills. I paid them twice though but nothing happened with my outstanding balance. As if a didnt paid them 4k. Now i received a text from a lawfirm demanding me to pay the outstanding balance or else there will be a case filed against me. Now, they cant file anything against me since I’m not running from them, I’m willing to pay the amount if I already have a job. It’s all recorded with the past conversations with their collections dept (actually annoyed na rin ako sa sarili ko kasi I keep saying the same thing over and over again, minsan nakikipagasaran na ako sa kanila I keep telling them the same thing until they hung up the phone). My OB is already 20k plus but I told them If i got a job im willing to pay 5k every month until I finish the amount and I will cut my credit card and I dont want to have any kind of transactions with them anymore. Next time Ill apply for a pre-paid credit card from BPI so theres no hustles and annoying people like this.

  54. my due date is August 27,2012 amounting to P20,449.95 at nagbayad ako ng check last August 22, 2012 with the same amount of P20,449.95, pero inireflect sa date ng billing statement ng Metro Bank CC ay August 28, 2012. Na late daw ako ng 1 day. Kung may clearing ang check na ibinayad ko ng 3 days nakalampas naman dahil advance 5 days ang payment ko, besides kinuwenta ng teller ang sabi pasok naman daw ang 3 days clearing ko. Nag call ako sa MCC 8-700-700 today around 10:00 A.m to explain bakit me charge akong P600.00 na late charge at finance charges ng P1,325.40. ang sabi ko pa sa agent na ang pangalan ay si Jonathan Montes na “nakakalungkot imagine mataas pa ang metro bank na mag charge ng interest daig pa an 5-6, Kasi ung P20,000.00 ay nagkacharge ng P1,935.40 or 7.5% + P600.00 just only 1 day, pero ang masakit hindi ako late” , ang sabi ni jonathan i fafax daw niya ung computation ng charges sa akin o kaya i e -email, its already 5:00P.M. wala akong na received sa sinansabing explanation or computation ng finance charges na pinababayad sa akin. “KUNG SA INYO MANGYAYARI ITO ANO INYONG GAGAWIN” Ako i teterminate ko na lang baka ikamatay ko pa ang pag eelevate ng Blood pressure ko sa CHARGES NA ito! 2004 pa ako connected to MCC hindi ako nagkakaproblema pero this time na nirereject ko ang mga insurance na inooffer sa akin pinahirapan nila ako sa mga charges na ito.

  55. Oh my God, I acquired my MCC last year and never used it. I was planning to cancel it due to the membership fee but decided against it because they said they will going to waive the fee, which they did. I have been a BPI credit card hold since 2003 or 2005. I guess I would have to stick to BPI and cancel MCC as soon as I have settled my existing balance with the later, which I pay in installment mode. BPI customer service is the best so far in terms of services, and customer support.

  56. Reading this did not come as a shock. I recently had my share of misfortune when I tried to open a deposit account at Metrobank Los Banos. The woman who is handling the new accounts is soooo RUDE and she acts like she knows everything! Anyway I filed a report at Metrobank and I hope they will do something about it. Here’s a copy of my report: To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to report an incident that happened this afternoon at Metrobank (the one at the Olivarez Plaza at Los Banos, Laguna). I went there before 3pm to open a deposit account because I cannot use BPI to withdraw my earnings from my online job at this time (due to a problem with the intermediary bank). There are only two people who went there earlier than me but it took the woman in charge of the “new accounts” more than an hour to get to me.

    Prior to this, I already asked her what are the requirements for opening an account and she told me a Xerox copy of a valid ID. So I had my postal ID photocopied and I presented it to her when it was my turn to apply for an account. She told me that she cannot process my request because a postal ID is not a valid ID. I told her that since I already have a Metrobank credit card, can’t she just add my deposit account alongside my credit card account (since obviously Metrobank would not give me a credit card if I am a shady individual. Besides, I always pay my credit card bill on time.). She told me that it is not possible because the two accounts are different. I told her that I currently don’t have another ID because I only work online. She said that I can bring my Live birth certificate and a barangay clearance in addition to my postal ID. I wonder why it is so hard to open a deposit account (I’m planning on depositing money at Metrobank, I’m not getting a loan for crying out loud!). In spite of this, I understand that she is only following the regulations of the company she is working for. What I cannot take is how rude she was afterwards.

    I asked her if it is okay to use the original birth certificate issued by the municipal office of the province where I was born because my first name on my NSO birth certificate has a typographical error. I also told her that I cannot use my passport ID because my name there also has a typographical error (because a person’s passport ID is based on his/her NSO birth certificate).

    She told me that I need to bring real documents. I told her that a birth certificate issued by my province is a real document. This Metrobank employee seems determined to prove that I was lying coz she told me that it is IMPOSSIBLE for an NSO birth certificate to have any kind of errors. She said that an NSO birth certificate ALWAYS reflect that of the one issued by the municipal office. She even cited herself as an example, claiming that the name printed on her NSO birth certificate is the same as the one printed on her original birth certificate. If what she is saying is true then why does the Republic Act No. 9048 exist? Just because she does not have a problem with her NSO birth certificate does not necessarily mean that it is the case for everyone. Needless to say, the claim she made is fallacious!!

    Frankly, I was already getting annoyed with this woman at this point. She is determined to antagonize me but I still tried to politely explain to her that I already talked to the civil registrar of Los Banos, and it will be so inconvenient to get my name fixed because the process requires me to go all the way to Visayas. I told her that it will be too inconvenient and I need to get a new deposit account ASAP. This rude Metrobank employee told me that it is not her concern anymore.

    I would have understood if this woman politely told me that she cannot do as I asked because of Metrobank policies. What irked me so is the way she talked to me. Really, this is POOR customer service! I have worked in a BPO industry before and our supervisors drilled into us that a customer should always be treated with respect. That you should always try to sympathize with a client even if there is nothing you can do about a certain situation. What she did violated the principle of GOOD customer service. She acted all “high and mighty” and she did not even pretend to try to understand the situation. I cannot help but compare the employees of BPI and Metrobank. At BPI, everyone there is smiling. They are so courteous, friendly and willing to help. I hope the same can be said about Metrobank, considering that you are one of the most recognized banks in the country.

    I really hope that you will enforce some kind of a disciplinary action to this employee so that she will learn how to properly treat clients. Thank you in advance for doing the necessary!

  57. I know this post is about Metrobank credit card but I also want to share my experience when I tried to open a deposit account with Metrobank. I think this can serve as an eye opener for Metrobank to throughly screen/train their employees.

    Reading this did not come as a shock. I recently had my share of misfortune when I tried to open a deposit account at Metrobank Los Banos. The woman who is handling the new accounts is soooo RUDE and she acts like she knows everything! Anyway I filed a report at Metrobank and I hope they will do something about it. Here’s a copy of my report: To Whom It May Concern:
    I am writing to report an incident that happened this afternoon at Metrobank (the one at the Olivarez Plaza at Los Banos, Laguna). I went there before 3pm to open a deposit account because I cannot use BPI to withdraw my earnings from my online job at this time (due to a problem with the intermediary bank). There are only two people who went there earlier than me but it took the woman in charge of the “new accounts” more than an hour to get to me.
    Prior to this, I already asked her what are the requirements for opening an account and she told me a Xerox copy of a valid ID. So I had my postal ID photocopied and I presented it to her when it was my turn to apply for an account. She told me that she cannot process my request because a postal ID is not a valid ID. I told her that since I already have a Metrobank credit card, can’t she just add my deposit account alongside my credit card account (since obviously Metrobank would not give me a credit card if I am a shady individual. Besides, I always pay my credit card bill on time.). She told me that it is not possible because the two accounts are different. I told her that I currently don’t have another ID because I only work online. She said that I can bring my Live birth certificate and a barangay clearance in addition to my postal ID. I wonder why it is so hard to open a deposit account (I’m planning on depositing money at Metrobank, I’m not getting a loan for crying out loud!). In spite of this, I understand that she is only following the regulations of the company she is working for. What I cannot take is how rude she was afterwards.
    I asked her if it is okay to use the original birth certificate issued by the municipal office of the province where I was born because my first name on my NSO birth certificate has a typographical error. I also told her that I cannot use my passport ID because my name there also has a typographical error (because a person’s passport ID is based on his/her NSO birth certificate).
    She told me that I need to bring real documents. I told her that a birth certificate issued by my province is a real document. This Metrobank employee seems determined to prove that I was lying coz she told me that it is IMPOSSIBLE for an NSO birth certificate to have any kind of errors. She said that an NSO birth certificate ALWAYS reflect that of the one issued by the municipal office. She even cited herself as an example, claiming that the name printed on her NSO birth certificate is the same as the one printed on her original birth certificate. If what she is saying is true then why does the Republic Act No. 9048 exist? Just because she does not have a problem with her NSO birth certificate does not necessarily mean that it is the case for everyone. Needless to say, the claim she made is fallacious!!
    Frankly, I was already getting annoyed with this woman at this point. She is determined to antagonize me but I still tried to politely explain to her that I already talked to the civil registrar of Los Banos, and it will be so inconvenient to get my name fixed because the process requires me to go all the way to Visayas. I told her that it will be too inconvenient and I need to get a new deposit account ASAP. This rude Metrobank employee told me that it is not her concern anymore.
    I would have understood if this woman politely told me that she cannot do as I asked because of Metrobank policies. What irked me so is the way she talked to me. Really, this is POOR customer service! I have worked in a BPO industry before and our supervisors drilled into us that a customer should always be treated with respect. That you should always try to sympathize with a client even if there is nothing you can do about a certain situation. What she did violated the principle of GOOD customer service. She acted all “high and mighty” and she did not even pretend to try to understand the situation. I cannot help but compare the employees of BPI and Metrobank. At BPI, everyone there is smiling. They are so courteous, friendly and willing to help. I hope the same can be said about Metrobank, considering that you are one of the most recognized banks in the country.
    I really hope that you will enforce some kind of a disciplinary action to this employee so that she will learn how to properly treat clients. Thank you in advance for doing the necessary!

  58. My experience is with East West card. The billing is always late, then there was a time when the billing didn’t arrive for two months. After emailing the customer service, they replied that I had already received the billing. But when they emailed me that scanned receipt, it was not my signature. why didn’t they just compare it with my signature on file? they continued to charge me the late fee. I just decided to end their service.

  59. Ganyan din yung problem ko ngayon. Yung bill ko nung October dumating cya on time tapos this November hindi sya dumating tumawag ako sa customer care ng madaming beses pero wala pa rin dumadating tapos may nagtext sakin nareceive na daw yung bill ko nung November 15 pa nung Franklyn na security guard e wala namang security guard dito sa apartment namin. Nakabayad lang ako ng bill ko nung may makausap akong isang matinong CSR na nagsabing pwede ko magbayad kahit walang bill kaso late na ko ng 1week. Tapos ngayong December wala ulit akong nrecieve na bill nung tumawag ako sa CSR nila nacharge na ko na 1,200plus na late payment charges na parang unfair naman kasi di ko talaga narecieve yung bill at di ko alam kung san nila dinilever at kung san nila nakuha yung Franklyn na nagrecieve na yun. Ngayon pinapareverse ko yung charges pero di ako mapakali kasi parang di naman nila irereverse wala na talaga akong tiwala skanila. Nakakabwisit na talaga.

  60. gemmatuazon@rocketmail.com said:

    be responsible with your own actions!

  61. Choco Santos said:

    I never had any problems w/ Metrobank. The only thing that I don’t like with them is their Customer Service.

    Whenever you call their hotline, customer service reps are not accomodating. They are all rude. Whenever you inquire about your card, rewards system, applying for supplementary card, cash advance, finance charge, promos its like they are always in a hurry to end the conversation w/o ensuring they’ve provided the right info that you need. They always interrupt and do not listen to their customers.

    I ‘ve been paying my bills few days after my cut-off date, I dont wait for a billing statement to arrive. I was charge for Finance Charge due to my Cash Advance transaction, i compare my bill charges w/ my computations and so far, its correct.

    My worst experience was with HSBC and Eastwest.

  62. armand f. magleo said:

    I’m mad right now. I just received my bill from MCC, and included in the bill are over the limit fee of P500. and finance charges of P1816.18. Before this bill, I received two calls from MCC reminding me of my previous bill of P34825. I told them that I already paid on the date itself. I told them that the problem with them was that the bill arrived late. It arrived January 2, 2013 and the due date was January 2, 2013. I was out of town at that time, so our house help messaged me about the bill. I frantically looked for a Metrobank branch in the area, and I was able to pay in check P34825. on January 2 itself.
    Now this present bill arrived with the over the limit fee and the finance charge. So I called up MCC. After so many tries on their toll free phone, I gave up. I called up their land line charged on me. I asked about the over the limit me. How could it be possible since if you go over the limit, it would be disallowed? She, named Ethel, said sometimes the terminal allows it, especially if the over the limit account is only minimal. I insisted that I did not go over the limit. Then she challenged me if I would like to know my over the limit amount. I said, “Yes, pls.” She said P5590. I don’t believe it. In the first place, why was it allowed. That’s obviously not a minimal amount. Second, if they allowed it, they should not charge over the limit fee.
    Now, on the finance charge of P1816.18. Why should I be charged of late payment when the bill arrived late, and why should I be charged of finance fee, when I paid the full amount due? She said she would investigate. I should call after ten working days. But those from MCC who called earlier already said they would investigate. After ten working days? Then I would be charged late payment charges again if I still wait for ten days.
    This is not to mention that her voice was rising to the point of rudeness.
    I’m tempted to terminate my cards from MCC.

    • They’d tell you not to wait for the bill, and pay on time. I do that with my credit cards.

    • One time my bill arrived late, and so i paid late din.i argued and raised my voice first and played hardball.that did the trick.kung masungit sil, maging mas masungit ka kung nasa tama ka

  63. Is it possible na maipacancell ko po ang 3 supplementary cards q sa METROBANK?.since its free pa naman po for 1 year,so still wala pa naman byad,.or annual fee..hindi nman po kasi nagagamit ng mga kapatid q ung supplementary card..

    • Sure you can. Just call the hotline.

      • Hi ..just wanted to ask if where is the exact location of metrobank head offce here in manila? My atmcard from maybank was captured in a metrobank atm machine.i was told to go there..thanks

  64. Thanks Ms.Yenskay.
    Tawag nang tawag na nga po aq kagabi,laging busy ang network..pano po kaya ito..if pumunta na lang po kaya aq sa main branch ng Metrobank dito sa syudad namin,matutulungan kea aq ng mga staff dun?..kadalasan kasi di nila alam sagot sa mga quiries namin,sa main(MANILA) daw kmi magtanong,.eh super busy hotline (180018885775) nila..i feel kabado po na di na nila aq payagan na icancel ung cards q since almost six months na sakin pero now q lng naisip ipacancel..now q lng po kasi nalaman na may annual fee pa po pala un 900 each card,since 4 kinuha q kasi sabi ng agent ng tawag nang tawag sakin ng august 2012 its free daw..di nman msyado pinaliwanag sakin..i thought reward un kasi daw good payer aq..hayy..naisahan aq ng agent na un..kaya since di pa po 1 year papacancel q na po..i think this is the right thing to do..right q nman po un as customer di po ba?..

  65. Reighmond said:

    Hi everyone!

    My case was with another Credit card company: HSBC. On December 13, 2012 HSBC contacted me to settle the minimum payment for my CC dues in cash at Security Bank by 2:00PM. I was a little late in my payment. Sabi sakin ng kausap ko na “Christine” ang pangalan, “kahit Security bank, sir”. I was also able to find out na wala pang charges at the time of the call. So what I did was, I not only paid the minimum amount due, but the full amount in HSBC valle verde branch before 2:00PM para wala nang delay.

    Aba, lo and behold, when my statement came, they posted my check payment of P1XXk on December 18 (My receipt says I paid on Dec. 13, 1:45PM) at may kung anu-anong charges pa. Late na raw ako!

    So I called them up ng ilang beses about my concern. Sabi nila, wala raw naka-tag na may pinag-usapan kami ng collections. Hindi ako magagalit sa kanila o tatawagan sila kung wala kaming pinag-usapan. Sadly, hindi nila inasikaso yung requests ko hanggang sa umabot na sa susunod na cut-off period ng next statement. Sabi nila iimbestigahan nila pero, di nila ginawa. Kaya nang dumating yung next statement ko, mayroon na naman na charges. Hello HSBC?!?! I PAID FOR THE FULL BALANCE! NAKUHA NA NILA PERA KO,tapos ipe-penalize pa nila’ko?! I even told them that because I wasn’t happy anymore, I wanted my account closed. Guess what was their response: they had the audacity to tell me that they couldn’t do that kasi may utang pa ko! Grabe talaga!

    I wrote their customer service (yung email address sa website) but they weren’t of much help. Sinulatan nila ako after mga 20 days (sabi nila they will revert to me in 7-10 days) na hindi raw namin pinag-usapan ng kanilang collections noong Dec.13 ang tungkol sa waiving of charges kundi ang probable application of charges upon assessment. HSBC, OBVIOUS BA? Hindi namin talaga pag-uusapan ang charges noong Dec. 13 kasi there were no charges in the first place!! Common Sense! Kaya nga “probable” eh. Ito pa, ang letter na ipinadala nila sa akin ay walang pirma.

    Can somebody help me? Do you think I should wait nalang? Pero gusto ko na rin itong matapos. Is it advisable na makipag-usap ako sa isang taga HSBC, I mena from the inside? If so, can anyone give me names?

    Highly appreciate any help you can give.


  66. I am halfway in filling out my application form for metrobank 0-annual fee credit card but I became suspicious on how the bank would profit from this kind of arrangement so I searched the net for ‘metrobank credit card complaints’. Thanks to this very informative blog (and comments). I decided not to pursue my application. I don’t want to experience the horrors of those who were victimized. For now I’ll stick with my BPI cc. I’m considering changing it to BPI ePrepaid though so I won’t have to pay any annual due.

  67. Hello.

    I have other issues with Metrobank. I have a problem with their Mobile Banking Service. The list of accounts is not listed in the mobile banking facility.

    Anyone of you who has the same experience?

  68. Just called toll free now, nkausap ko nman regarfing cancellation of my cc sa metrobnk
    . Two wiks ago ng matanggap ko ito thru mail, did not apply for it. Okey nman, inadvice pa ako na crain n lng gor proteksyon

  69. Just called toll free now, nakausap ko naman ang taga customer service regarding cancellation/deactivation ng metrobank cc ko. Two weeks ago ng mareceive ko ito thru mail, did not apply for it. Okey naman, nagtanong lang, bakit icancell etc. Then nag advice p na sirain na lng for protection.

  70. anonymous1 said:

    I’m a new victim of MCC. Rude call center agents. Erroneous SOA entries. They even charged me with late and finance charges even if i paid in their bank ON TIME. Are they violating the “TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY IN LENDING ACT” in mangling my transactions in my SOA? And they haven’t apologized a bit. Kapal ng mukha!

    An advice to everyone, DO NOT PATRONIZE METROBANK CREDIT CARDS. I will never use my card anymore and I will close my account soon.

    Guys I need your support. Please comment naman oh. Kakabwisit lang talaga sila.

  71. Poor service and i don t like metrobank! They have hidden charges! Dont get this card

  72. Marko Garcia said:

    I have some TIP in accepting and before entertaining a Calls from a Collection Office from a certain creditors. 1) Ask first their Land line Number, Most of the land line numbers uses for calls are all post paid and easily you can track if the callers are rude. 2) Ask the full name of the caller, if that caller is legit, they wont hesitate to give her/his name. most of the collection unit of the creditors are 3rd party hired, that’s why karamihan mga bastos pati magsalita at makipag usap.

  73. True Buddy said:

    Ganun talaga ung mga 3rd party collector ng Metrobank and I think all other cc company. I remembered my experience with MB card way way back. There was this guy parang Jerry Aquino yata ang pangalan na ibinigay. I am very sure na hindi naman niya tunay na pangalan ung binigay kasi ayaw namang magbigay ng landline number. Ok lang naman na singilin ako kasi naman utang ko naman talaga un at dapat naman talagang bayaran. Ang nakakaasar lang is ung manner ng paniningil. Bastos ang mga taong ito at siguro medyo kulang ng pinag aralan when it comes to costumer service. One’s inability to pay his or her debt on time does not give any collector the right na murahin ung taong hindi pa capable makabayad due to one reason or the other. May interest naman un at saka they can always resort to legal means to effect payment and not resort to some unprofessional and rude comments.

    Ang ginawa ko, hinayaan ko na lang silang mag charge ng magcharge ng interest at kung ano ano pa.. I am not recommending that you do the same but in my case, natigil din ang mga extra charges nila. In the end, the bank ended up offering a one time payment/settlement amount which was more advantageous to me…

  74. “wag mangutang kung ayaw singilin.” 🙂

    • erm, i think you missed the point of my rant. it’s about the rude way these metrobank credit card collectors behave when they follow up the payment… not that i was angry that they were demanding payment.

  75. If you love to travel, then you can try Payoneer

  76. i’ve encounter my metrobank femme visa card was hacked by someone and he purchased almost 9k so im so disappointed with this bank. same thing with my sister her card was hacked and purchased 14k. so, better get other credit card.

    • What did you do with this fraud transaction? I also have this problem. My card has been hacked and had a transaction amounting to 24k. Can you give me an advice? I already sent letter of dispute however no response from them yet. Thanks.

  77. Metrobank and Eastwest. Ang pinaka nakaka inis ang serbisyo..
    … I mean seriuosly

  78. minsan talaga, saan mang lugar o pagkakataon, may mga tao talagang walang modo. siguro naman may work ethics naman kahit sa collection agency. nagkataon lang na kups yung naassign sa inyo. oh well. 😀

    • Caramel Pugo said:

      masaklap is lahat sila ganun. once lang ako nalate and i promised to pay peo ang tawag nila nonstop. kulang na lan irecord ko un sagot ko sa knila at iplay paulit ulit..

  79. Bago po ako sa biiktima ng MCC-VISA, una, nag-ask ako ng amnesty program if meron man sila na to terminata na yung credit card ko, because I could not work ka due to health condition, then if the option is 2 years or 3 years term to pay the whole amount, kasi nga hindi ko na kaya yung even the minimum amount due, just to lessen the debts to pay it monthly, at least mag-babayad na naman. Then Sabi ng CSR ng MCC na it must need to pay the last minimum amount due na 2k anytime then sa nila to transfer to termination then mag-uusap nalang kami about this amnesty program although I forgot exactly the term that relates to this option. But when I received an e-mail Billings from them naging 4k plus na because of that and this???? Sabi ko na nga ba eh, nag-ask pa ko sa CSR na How do I know this sa phone conversation natin na ito yung finances advice ng CSR sa case ko, kasi tyak nito next na call ko iba naman ang kakausap sa akin, pano malalaman yung new CSR yung History ko, kya impossibling nag-e-encode yung CSR sa lahat ng napag-usapan namin, kasi wala naman akong naririning na maraming tunog sa keyboard nung CSR to record our conversation… But the CSR told me that it was voice recorded naman daw, pero kapag tina-transfer naman ako paulit-ulit lang yung report ko… hayyy, nakaka-asar, sana binayaran ko nalang agad yung 2k na yung minimum charge, kaysa 4k na! eh-hindi ko din naman kasalanan kasi the MCC-CSR Promised me just to settle the 2k last minimum amount due anytime this april, bago pa dumating yung second cutoff para sa katapusan naman, ang nakikita ko dito they will let you calm, not to worry on the next cost or debts, kasi in return magiging masaya sila (Commission?) MGA MAGUGULANG ANG SYSTEMA NG MCC-CREDIT CARD! HINDI BALI YOUR SOUL WAS ALREADY IN HELL!

  80. Caramel Pugo said:

    Hahahha its funny how many comments this post still gets. Its been more than a year since I last posted and they’re still like that – I SUPPOSE THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE!!

    kaya ako kumuha na ko ng ibanh card and im getting a balance transfer to terminate my mcc! aside sa laki ng interest nila ang baba mg credit limit. pffftt eat ur card..

  81. I could not agree even more. For a mere 600 finance charge due to a disputed purchase, which bankard took months to charge back, thus the accrued penalties, they have been calling 2 to 3 times a day.

    LC Corporation, which is Metrobankard’s subcontracted collection agency, has employees who are rude and disrespectful.

  82. I just got another call from metrobank’s collection agency. it is ENZI corporation by the way, and not LC.

    Not a too pleasant morning for me…

  83. Hi! Question lang po. Is it really possible for me to have a credit card from metrobank kahit di ako nagapply? Is it not fake or anything? Thank you talaga.

    • I have never received a credit card from a bank that i didn’t have an account with, so I’m not sure if that’s genuine or what. I did receive credit cards from banks i had deposits with. if you want to check, you can call metrobank and ask, just to be safe.

    • totoo yan after reading all the comments..kse maganda naman ang service ng metrobank nasisira lng cla sa mga kausap nila….ang name ng bangko ang kaawaawa…

  84. Laine Sabayle said:

    Hi! Question lang po. Is it really possible for me to receive a metrobank credit card kahit di ako nagapply for it? I don’t even have an active account with this bank. Thanks. 🙂

    • possible yan sa lahat ng banks.. may marereive k n card khit ndi ka nag aaply ang mga agents ang may kagagawan nyan nag hahagilap cla ng mga leads pra meron cla kunwari n approved client at meron n cla commision dun…if you want to use your cc ok nmn din yan just be responsible in using it know your due dates to avoid charges wag kang aasa sa bill kse madalas ang bill late ndi nmn banks ay may problema jan ang agency ng banks n responsible sa delivery may mga messenger n ang tatamad minsan ndi n nila dinideliver ang bill cla n rin ang pumipirma kunwari na receive mo n..so kung sa bill k umaasa magkakaroon k tlaga ng late payment charges and finance charges…advice lang po pra ndi k magkaproblema tulad ng mga problemang nkapost dito…bago mo gamitin card mo know thier terms and conditions mga charges pag aralan mo pra kung may mga charges n nkapost jan ndi ka masusurprise bkit meron mga charges n gnyan meron naman kseng terms and conditions clang pinapadala ksama ng card e yung iba lng tamad magbasa kse maliliit which is strategy naman ng mga bangko yun oras na magreklamo k yan ang ipapananggalang nila sayo…good luck and happy shopping…:-)

    • serendipity said:

      No, you can’t. You have to apply for it. If you are a depositor, sometimes the bank employees would offer the bank’s credit card and help you with the application.

  85. Mat Bagsic said:

    Hays. From the things I’ve read in this site, nagdadalawang isip na tuloy ako na wag mag-apply ng CC sa Metrobank. But my auntie highly speaks of this bank, dahil daw maganda ang credit cards etc etc. Well, siguro dahil she always pays before the due date and knows how to balance her purchases very well. Pero okay lang din na mag-late payment ka dahil you will take accountability naman sa pagbabayad ng late, kaya babayaran mo ung Late Charges etc. Pero dealing with rude collection agents from Metrobank, it’s definitely a NO-NO for me. Tapos may nabasa pakong comments na na-hack ung credit cards nila. How does Metrobank guarantees the security of their customers’ credit cards? Now I really doubt. GF ng pinsan ko, nagwowork sa credit card. She helped me with my inquiries about their credit cards pero somehow I noticed na hindi nya ako ine-encourage totally to get one from their bank. Maybe alam nya itong mga kaso nyo. Well then, thank you so much! Tignan ko Citibank. 😀

  86. jhanine17 said:

    Oh no..medyo natakot po ako sa mga nabasa kong comments nyo..i just got my credit card now..now i’am scared to experience the things you’d experience..natakot tuloy akong gamitin ung CC ko..Ask ko lng kht ba hindi ka magpurchase gmet ung CC my Charge pa dn monthly??Tska in terms of installment ung payment ilng percentage po ang charge..medyo newbie po ako sa pag-gamet ng CC..THANKS..

  87. Im a credit card collections officer of an international bank. Most of our clients are very irrirated with the phone calls (almost everyday) Just like what happened to u. We dont want to call u guys from time to time but we are using system dialler. And when our system detects that u are overdue or overlimit, it will be presented to us and we NEED to call u. Thats our job. But about that officer from metrobank, hey im on ur side. Those people who cant treat their customers properly needs to be terminated dahil pangalan mismo ng banko ang nasisira

    • yenskay said:

      yes, of course we understand their job. It’s how they talk that was out of line 🙂 thanks for the reply.

  88. Guess I’m too late to know about this. We were in a hurry to get a card and MBTC was immediate enough to act on my application. Aside from this concern, I also learned that they don’t have online service where I can check my transactions unlike other banks. Now it’s my chance to apply to other bank.

  89. Hi…isa din akong credit card users.As of now I have 3 cc from different banks.So far so good wala nman akong naencounter pa na problema.Its true ang billing delivery nila minsan ay pumapalya pero dapat mas maging wise tayo kesa sa knila.I mean as a user u should know the amount u spent.xmpre sa dami ng gawain natin di lng naman un ang iniisip natin palagi.so ang ginagawa ko iniipon ko ung mga receipt para kahit ala Pa sila bill na ideliver icompute na natin. tpos dapat alam niyo din ang billing date niyo.from dat date bilang ka ng 20 days o d kaya less than 20 days para sure bayaran u na.khit wala pa ang bill basta dala mo ang card.totoong isang malaking responsibilidad ang pgkakaroon ng cc.kasi dagdag paper works pero we need it so no choice but to do our part.kasi pag pumalya na tau minsan,sayang ang intres,late charges at ibang penalties.kahit ano gawin na natin maglupasay sa inis o murahin mga customer service agents,ganyan pa din pasok nila sa isang tenga labas sa kbila.at once na nakabill na ang hirap na habulin ung idinagdag nila.so dapat mas wise tayo.isa pang paalala,kung meron naman o hanggat maari pay in full para instead na sila kumita sa atin tayo ang makinabang sa knila.kasi malaking tulong din credit card kasi minsan matagal pa sahuran e magamit natin kahit man sabihing ipinangutang na natin ung sahod.ganyan talaga ang buhay e.kesa umutang pa tayo sa isang indibidual,napakahirap mghanap ng uatangan.mas malaki pa intres.isa pa ung mga gadjets appliances na di nbibili in cash dahil napakamahal at nghihinayang tau magbitiw ng ganung pera sa isang bagsakan lng,si cc matulungan tau to pay it in installment.so makakaunti unti din tau kahit papano.be wise mga kapwa ko cc users.isa pa na tip na alam kong alam naman niyo,pag may gusto tau bilhin at may cash tau,better use ur credit card muna then that day pay it sa bills payment especially kung straight payment ang kinuha mo.ang purpose mo lng naman ay para maka accumulate ng points at hindi para umutang kazi my inilaan ka naman nman na cash.
    Sana sa munti kong strategy,it can help.but all ur grievances against sa anumang banko ay normal lamang na maramdaman niyo dhil mahirap na nga ang pera pero mas mahirap ang nilalamangan ka.

  90. Awts..i just got my mbcc last month..and ginamit ko sa pagapply ng mobile postpaid plan..nakakatakot naman mga experiences niu -.- parang gusto ko na tuloy ipacancel yung card ko

  91. Everyone should have learned something from these experiences. For the credit card companies, they must make sure that their customer service representatives will be patient and courteous when dealing with customer complaints and such. They must as well constantly check their system if ever problems occur. On the other hand, customers should be very intelligent in applying for anything specially if it is connected with money. Also, before getting into any financial transaction, try to do research on which is the best credit company that will not only provide ease but as well the better or yet best customer service.

  92. Hi! im one of the millions delinquent user (with a valid reason naman). Recently, may tumawag sa office namin nagpapasabi na mgppost daw cla ng notice to the public sa Phil. Daily Tribune regarding sa case ko. Meron daw po kasi akong case regarding sa EWB ko. Just wondering lang, legal po ba ang ggawin nila? Ang sabi pa, ilalagay daw doon sa notice kung saan ako affiliated. i think nman, it is not fair sa company i work with. In the first place, personal ko yun at definitely walang kinalaman ang company sa card ko.

    • yenskay said:

      i think you were just threatened by the collector. you can counter sue them if they published your debt to tarnish your reputation. i need to see the tenor of the notice to see if it’s legal. usually, ang i publish those who committed estafa which may continue to deceive the public — which is justifiable. with your case, if it’s just collection of debt, they need to go to court.

  93. kathleen said:

    I am currently a victim of this MetroBank fraud. Someone used my credit card, the total amount was almost 4000. Then I requested to block the card on April 26 and sent dispute letter to remove those transactions. I stopped using the card from that day.

    The new card hasn’t arrived yet. Since I ask the customer service support to enrol the new card in the MSOA facility, the statement of account arrive on May 28, 2013. I was suprised to see a new transaction that I am not aware of, same vendor, pc game supply Calgary, posting date April 29

    I believe this is an inside job. I don’t have the card, yet it is already used for these evil purposes. The person already knew my new account number and csc code. I will NEVER EVER TRUST METROBANK. And their motto? We’re NOT in GOOD HANDS.

  94. Hi just want to ask lang po. I have also this metrobank card i missed to pay my card for 3months because i lose my job. My last bill was almost 30k then there is a collection officer daw from Domingo ang Molaer Law office called to me and said that i need to settle 81k from the metrobank. And i was shocked because its really big. Then the next few days they texted me again and said they will advice meteobanl to file a case without further notice? What shall i do? Because im supposed to pay only 30k. And now im really mad because there are lot of hidden charges from the bank even i ready payed on time there is still a late paent charge and it really annoying. THANKS

    • yenskay said:

      Yes, they can file a case against you for collection of sum of money. About the huge existing balance, you can question the applicable interest rate and penalty fees for being unconscionable. Since you did not pay on time, you definitely have to pay for the interest and penalty – to a reasonable amount as may be awarded by the court.

  95. khakha12345 said:

    Hi. I’m a victim of 2 card companies. I became delinquent, card closed. Collection agents harassed my everday to the point that i suffered from clinical depression. I got by and paid eventually. Bur now i am starting to get worried and sleepless again cos i want to resign and get a new job. Some people told me i may not get one because of bad credit standing in the past year. Is this true? Badly want to change my job.

    • yenskay said:

      i don’t think your bad credit standing will affect your job applications – it’s only relevant when you try to apply for a loan, or for another credit card with another company, or when you apply for post paid lines in smart, globe, etc.

  96. larryanne said:

    Thank you so MUCH for this!!!! I was about to get amazes by the FEMME VISA (Pink) Credit Card…….. NOW, I fully appreciate my BDO GOLD CARD…….. kahit malaki utang ko, and I pay less than my debt, they just charge me FINANCE CHARGE… NO CALLS…..

    BUT THE LESSON here in your post is really about. —- PAYING YOUR BILLS ON TIME, basta mameet mo kahit mo yung minimum payment required. ALWAYS remember, if you are not a GOOD payer, mahihirapan ka din magLOAN…. lahat ng banks, may access sa utang ng kahit sino. malalaman nila kung may utang ka sa iba at hindi ka marunong magbayad.

  97. cecile aquino said:

    akala ko ako lang nagkakaproblema sa metro bank credit card,marami pla. on time nman ako magbayad para maiwasan ang penalty kaso my mga charges p rin n dko maintindihan. my health direct at finance charges pko.sobrang laki n ng bill ko ngayon n hindi ko nman ginamit .

  98. metrobank cc team sucks! Hindi nila pinapansan yung dispute letter ko for unauthorized charges! I’ve been following up with them everyday pero lagi nilang sinasabi wala pa sa system nila.

  99. Aida Santiago said:

    I just had this experience with Metrobankcard. I always pay my bills before the duedate and always make it a point to have it paid in full. But when I got my latest billing i was charge with P50 for multiple payments penalty. Their answer was because i paid four (4) times in one a month period. I have to pay it in staggered because my bills are huge so when i have money i pay immediately but always before due dates. What a SCAM! Imagine being penalized for paying on time. What i did is removed all my auto debit from this #%#$%#% card and will have it cancelled anytime soon.

  100. enrique said:

    Pwede po ba nilang i-block, tag or set-off young deposit account ko for the reason that I wasn’t able to pay my credit card due? Gusto ko po talagang bayaran kaya lang hindi ko na kaya dahil sa mga cgarges nila? I am worried kasi sa metrobank po hinuhulog yung sweldo namin. Baka ho i-hold nila? Do they have the power to block or debit my deposit account to my credit card bill? Please help. Hindi na po ako mkatulog. Your advice is highly appreciated.

  101. enrique said:

    Pwede po ba nilang i-block, tag or set-off young deposit account ko for the reason that I wasn’t able to pay my credit card due? Gusto ko po talagang bayaran kaya lang hindi ko na kaya dahil sa mga charges nila. I am worried kasi sa metrobank po hinuhulog yung sweldo namin. Baka ho i-hold nila? Do they have the power to block or debit my deposit account to my credit card bill? Please help. Hindi na po ako mkatulog. Your advice is highly appreciated.

  102. enrique said:

    Pinadalhan nga pala nila ako ng letter saying i-hohold nga dw nila yung account ko.. I’m really worried. Please help.

    • yenskay said:

      i don’t think they can do that unless you signed something to that effect when you got your card or if that’s included in the terms and conditions of the card [never read them myself because the letters are too small].
      go to your bank and ask them personally to put your mind at ease.

  103. Fe Hoffmer von Styggenein said:

    Nabwisit na din ako sa metrobank card na yan, Metrobank VISA meron ako. twice na nila ako na charge ng late payment kasi walangbill na dumTing,. So ngayon expired na yung card ko last june at hinihintay ko dumating yung bago, malapit na mag august pero hanggang ngayon wala parin naka ilang tawag na din ako sa kanila angdaming dahilan,kesyo ganito ganuon. So ngayon gusto ko ipa cancell yung cArd kaso yung insurance payment ko dun dumadating sa creditcard ko. Anu kaya pwede gawin?

    • i think you can notify your insurance company that you’ll be changing credit cards so that it won’t be charged to your metrobank card.

  104. natakot aq s post na to dahil na late rin ako ng 1 day, pero so far naging ok naman lahat. hindi ako tinawagan, wala rin chargess. swerte lang siguro ako

  105. I wish to express my respect for your kindness giving support to visitors
    who must have help with that topic. Your very own dedication to passing the message all over has been extremely
    important and have enabled men and women like me to arrive at their pursuits.
    Your entire helpful help and advice can mean much a person like me and somewhat
    more to my office workers. Thanks a lot; from each one of us.

  106. Masyado talagang rude mga employee ng Metrobank nung isang araw nag punta kami ni Mommy sa isang branch sa Malabon.

  107. Yikes! ang pangit pala ng Metrobank Credit Card. Nag aapply pa naman ako kanina lang. so i guess di ko na ipapa activate pag dumating.

  108. ayeee…just experienced this…so annoying!!!! grrr… now browsing how to teminate my mb cc… grabe wala talagang pagbabago 2011 pa ang post nato eh 2013 na ngayun! grrr…. magbabayad kami…ang koOooooollliiiitttttt!!!!!

  109. Ive used metrobank card for 9yrs, i never had any problem. Its because i pay on time and always monitor my expenses. Be responsible for your credits, the bank is annoying you for a reason.

    • hmmm, this post is about these annoying collectors who go out of their way to be rude, as if that would scare me, lol. Of course, it’s our fault to have inadvertently forgot the credit, but it wouldn’t hurt so much to be courteous over the phone.

    • Jake Lopez said:

      Most of these collection agents from metrobank CC have not went to college schools or not even a highschool graduate and credit cards companies are the ones who loves recruiting them para mangulit in a bad manner s me mga utang s knila. this is business you that, they will pay less wages for this un-educated and bastos hired people. a professional employee will never due this kind of attitude….dbah

  110. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I just cancelled my card today because of the horrible customer service and rude call center agents representing them. Their retention department have some crazy retention offers also such as use 6 grand worth on your card in the next week and we will remove the annual fee. The annual fee is bogus as well. 2 grand??? HSBC charges me 1200.

    At the end of the day if they were courteous over the phone these problems should not happen. To think I did not owe them anything. I was merely disputing the annual fee.

  111. susan urot said:

    To all Metrobank credit card holders, beware of telemarketeers offering you the Metrobank family protect insurance. I did not agree to avail of this product but was surprised to see a bill on my credit card for payment for such insurance. Now I’m having trouble having this policy declared null and void or terminated. I contacted MCC about this and the say it will take 30 days to process, but by this time I will be again billed for another month’s premium plus late payment fee and finance charges. It is very irritating to be scammed by this people and go all the hassles of undoing it.

    • Yan din problema ko ngayon.. bat trip sila.. tinawagan ka nila.. na prang wala kang option… sa pagkakaintindi ko sa phone call thats a reward tpos ngayon magbibill bad trip

  112. I would like to share my negative experience with Metrobank CC.

    I was contacted by an MCC telemarketer offering the Metrobank family protect insurance.
    She gave me her sales pitch but in no part of it did I agree to avail of this product but was surprised to see a bill on my credit card for payment for such insurance.

    Now I’m having trouble having this insurance policy declared null and void or terminated. I contacted MCC about this and the say it will take 30 days to process. It is very irritating to be scammed by these people and go through
    all the hassles of undoing it. I’ve searched the net for similar instances and found many mcc cardholders
    victimized the same way. Now I don’t feel secure having this card and will cancel it.

    • my sis is also a victim, it was during the interment of her bestfriend when she received the call ‘from Metrobank’ saying ‘Congratulations! you have been qualified for blahblah..’ She remembered saying yes to everything the csr is saying, she won’t deny it. From several days of exhaustion and grieving, she finally came to her senses after about a week. She told me about the offer, my card is from BDO, I told her my same story, was offered once by BDO of an insurance (P500), after several months I decided I don’t need it so I called them to cancel it and it was removed right away. She decided that she will call Metrobank to have it cancelled before she will be billed about it. To her surprise, the Metrobank csr told her that it was a third party (Charter Pingan) and she needs to write a letter of cancellation, fax it, given a different number to call. She questioned the csr why her details was given to a third party, as if the csr heard nothing she was advised of all the steps she needs to do to stop the charges. She tried to call the number but literally 3 days before she was able to get a live person just to be given another number to contact. And here is the highlight of the story, the call was received on 31st of August and was told that insurance will take effect immediately but she will be charged NEXT MONTH. When she received her bill 3rd week of September there were TWO charges from AXA Sept 5 and Sept 17. She called Metrobank again and she was told to do the same steps, my sis does not have a fax machine not even a landline, so calling Metrobank is already a hassle! When I visited her she showed me her bill and again to her surprise the bill now states M. FAMILY PROTECT whatsoever, and there were really 2 bills for the month, what happened to AXA or Charter Pingan??? Is it really intentional to confuse their clients more?? I will be helping my sis to transfer her balance to my BDO. I’ve been with BDO for several years now and never had an issue of wrong charges. My card was hacked once but it was my fault using it online but BDO was really helpful, they even communicated with SKYPE about it, of course I have done my share of contacting Skype and my Euro 300 charge was reversed back to my account after 30 days. Kudos as well to their CSRs, they are always polite, helpful and courteous! The last time I called them was when I requested to use my points for my annual fee (P1600), after reviewing my account, the fee has already been charged but was told that they will reverse it and they will just waive it (for the nth time) so I don’t need to use my points! I hope that my sis will be approved of her BDO credit card application. I don’t want her to be part of feeding those big monster who delight in sucking the life out of people who chose to trust them!

  113. Hi i am currently working in MCC ( metro family protect). I was very disappointed na ganun pala kami mag bebenta ng insurance sapilitan at d ibababa ang phone hanggat d nababangit ni card holder ang magic word na “YES” ( TO some agent’s questions and declaration)… Im about to resign na rin pero hntayin ko na lang matapos contract ko till December. I feel sorry sa mga nagkaron ng prob about sa unaware card holders na nakapag avail na pla sila ng insurance.. The reason kung bakit sobrang pilit ni agent na makapag avail si card holder kasi may quota( 5) kami or else walang sahod or materminate.. How ever hndi nman sya fraud.. Ang mali lang ung way of approach na ginagamit, ung tipong niililito ka lang. Mas masarap magbenta kung aware at buong puso tatanggapin ni card holder ung services na inooffer.. To all card holders out there payo lang kung wag basta basta agree ng agree hanggat d maliwanag ang lahat..

    • hi, thanks for your comment. it’s nice to know those annoying collectors had quotas to meet. still, the end does not justify the means.

  114. Yes, its true, I was shocked to know that on my first purchased using metrobank credit card. Payment due date is, immediate .And i have a previous balance amounting to 1,426.56 ( ano yan? kakautang ko lang, my previous balance kaagad?, Their billig statement were misleading, no indication when and what store you purchased that item . Statement Date is October 7, and to this date(October 18) IMMEDIATE kaagad.They will also send you payment reminders dated July 6, 2011. i dont really understand what are they imposing a lot of fees charges, for their benefits? it is just like Napoles….omg i have to stop using this credit card again.IT MAKES WAY OF LIVING MISERABLE. IT DOESNT HELP US A LOT!!!

  115. Kakareceive ko lang ng statement bill today, my finance charge kaagad, my Late Payment fee pa.I have also other credit card…..but this mcc ( femme visa),grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noh.

  116. Its really a fraud credit card!! Naisahan narin ang ate ko, she does’nt want that metrobank credit card pero pinilit sya, she even did’nt sign for everything. She just get it for no reason and just want to read what are the possibilities. Then after she received a charge but she did’nt pay it instead just went to the bank and explained everything na hindi nya kailangan iyon. After a year she was charged for about 20,000.00 she had to pay it but didn’t even used it. Napilitan nyang bayaran iyon dahil hindi sila nakikinig, My sister has nothing but then she was forced to pay that amount, so umutang sya sa brother namin, and till now di pa nya nababayaran ang brother ko. They make everybody suffer para lang makaloko ng tao.

  117. Same here. Metrobank have the worst customer service. Masyadong malaki yong mga fees and charges nila na lalong nag papahirap sa atin na makabayad. Ako hindi ko na ginagamit yung metrobank credit card at binabayaran ko nalng ang minimum before due date pero parang bente lang lang yata inuurong ng bill ko.

  118. nano mani said:

    yes in my case, they are threatening me that the will bring my debt in court, pwede ba ako makulong sa utang ko sa kanila? papaano pa ang kabuhayan ko?papaano na lang ang pamilya ko? at lalo di na ako makakabayad ng utang. pls paki sagot lang ang mga katanungan ko.

    • generallly, no, you can’t be imprisoned for not paying a debt…
      yes, they can file a case against you in court for sum of money [generally]… i’m saying generally because there are instances they can file a criminal case against you.

  119. Denver Colorado said:

    Better switch to BPI Credit Card, they have a better customer service whether calling their customer representatives or their bank employees. Plus every branch around the country can be treated as your home branch kaya walang interbranch fees, di tulad ng ibang banks. As for MetroBank, I had a deposit account with them before but because of their rudeness (bank teller) isinara ko na lang at lumipat ako sa BPI. And to this day, after 11 years ni minsan wala akong reklamo sa BPI. I got my BPI cc because I am a depositor, hindi ako nag-apply. No hidden charges, madaling intindihin yung bill at kapag may maling entry napakadali nilang kausapin. Once a merchant charged me twice sa binili ko and immediately tinawagan ko ang customer service ng BPI and they even told me not to contact the merchant anymore at sila na ang bahalang makipag-usap and true enough sa next bill ko wala na yung extra charge. I enrolled my accounts (deposit and cc) to BPI Express Online so I don’t need to go to the bank to to pay my dues and other monthly fees like telephone bills so I can pay them conveniently at home, anytime, any day. Just make sure to use your own computer to do online banking in order to minimize fraud. BPI even issued an internet card for me to use when purchasing online like for plane tickets para hindi compromised yung buong credit limit ko in case may fraud na mangyari. It is like a credit card with different card number intended only for online transaction, good thing is, pwedeng i-control online kung hanggang saan lang yung credit limit kasi connected sya dun sa original credit card, kaya kung halimbawa 2000 yung plano mong bilhin online, set mo lang yung credit limit mo to 2k and thats it, kung may planong manloko yung online shop wala syang makukuha on top of the 2k lang. And no, I am not an employee of BPI, isa lang akong customer na super satisfied sa service ng bank.

  120. mcc_sucks! said:

    nagulat ako kasi i have this femme visa , then karereceived ko lang ng bill nov 4, 2013 (actually iniwan lang sa door ng office ko this morning ) buti nakita ng officemate ko and gave it to me, the bill indicated na oct 9 ginawa un, due date daw ng oct 28, 2013. Anu pa magagawa ko its nov 4, 2013 today? i was in the office for the whole month of october, kailan ba nila denideliver ung billing na yan? i called metro bank and asked how it happened na hindi sila nagapapsabi at sobrang late ko narereceve ung bill?sa courier lang daw un, well oblige ba tayon g mag bayad nun? nakaka dismaya sila masyado, we have to pay 500 pesos for due payment plus 3.5% which is hindi natin kasalanan un? i didn’t use the card, nakakabadtrip, anu ba email address ng metrobank na direct akong makakapagpapacancel ng cc ko? guys please help me, please send me the email address of metro bank mag eemail nalang ako…i dont need metro cc right now, masakit sila sa ulo.

  121. Nevermind, I just cancelled the card and will gonna pay the amount in full. I don’t think I have to pay for the bullsh*t insurance.

  122. in my case i paid the over limit dues that appeared in my billings. 500 to be exact

  123. Lagi akong nagbabayad ng masyadong maaga sa Metrobank Card since April 2013 pa, every payday aq nagbabayad para sure na at least minimum amt ung nababayaran ko. At ang alam ko every 1st of the month ang due date ko. Pero one time di aq nakapagbayad ng maaga for my Sept. 1 deadline. Pero nagawa kong magbayad pa rin ng Aug. 30, so dapat wala pa akong late payment fee. Pero pagdating ng SOA ko next month, nalaman ko na lang na hindi na 1st day of the month ung deadline ko, 30th of the month na, kaya namove earlier ng 1 day ung deadline ko, pero pagtingin ko sa breakdown ng acct ko, chinarge na pala nila ako ng late payment fee nung Aug. 29 pa lang! @_@ Gosh! At hindi lang yan, ayaw din nila ibalik sakin ung insurance premium na more than 2k na chinarge nila sakin kahit pinakancel q na ung insurance kc sabi sakin nung customer service guy na tumawag sakin dati (habang nakabedrest ako) na parang perks na ung insurance dhil may MCC card ako. Nagulat na lang aq na may monthly premium pala. Duh! Mag-aavail ba ako ng insurance na makukuha ko lang ung benefits pag naaksidente ako or namatay ako?? Pwede naman aqng maginvest na lang sa mutual funds at least dun makukuha ko pera ko kahit di ako maaksidente o mamatay. Hay, di pa din talaga nila binabalik ung 2k na chinarge nila sakin. Pupuntahan ko talaga office nila anytime soon, busy lang talaga ako ngayon.

  124. I have a call center friend working for Citibank in the US and he is a debt collector agent. Their number one rule is always be polite even though the person they’re calling is already a quarter month delayed in payment. Secondly, credit card customers must not feel annoyed for repeated calls otherwise it can be taken against the CC company and be filed as a court case. I guess the person who called you isn’t aware of the legalities he is doing and all he cares is to get his quota accomplished.

    I just got my Metrobank Credit Card yesterday and upon researching for the card benefits, I accidentally saw this blog post. I’ll keep this in mind and hopefully it won’t happen to me.

    Thanks for sharing this to everyone!

  125. what happened to the M protect?did they cancel it? I have M protect insurance on my bill for the month of oct. and I want to cancel it.

  126. Don’t ever get a Metrobank credit card/ Robinsons – Cebu Pacific credit card!! Metrobank charges the client with multiple payment processing fee for payments made beyond 3 times during the calendar month. How absurd!!. You have to keep track of your payments per month not per billing period. Example.. For billing period Oct 2013 – Nov 2013, you made 3 installment payments on the month of November. For billing period Nov 2013 – Dec 2013, you should no longer pay on the month of November since you already had 3 transaction payments for November. You have to wait for December so that you won’t be charged with the SHIT fee. I have more than 1 credit card, and this is the first time that I encounter such nonsense. I again took a look at the terms and conditions of the bank and I found no such processing fee. METROBANK IS SUCH A LIE!!

  127. Flordeliza C. Morales said:

    Paano ipapa-cancel ung metro family protect insurance? may tumawag kse sa akin at sinabing qualified daw ako sa nasabing insurance coverage…all the while i thought na that isurance is just for free pero may kailangan pala akong bayaran? i cannot afford to have an extra burden right now that’s why i want to cancel the said insurance.

    • If your willing to cancel your credit card. Call the hotline and ask if the protect insurance will be cancelled if you cancel your card. If yes, then cancel it. I just did this last month.

  128. i dont have problem with metrobank. Magbayad kc kayo ng full wag ung minimum due lang para walang charge… maganda ang treatment samin ng metrobank…. kc maayos din kami magbayad pag may utangh ka bayaran mo at wag lang mnimum ok

  129. Sinungaling mga agents nila sasabihin na waived yung membership fee for life. Pag nag installment ka na saka sila magbibill ng annual fee. Pag nabwisit ka at pinacancel mo, you need to pay 500 for the installment preterm fee.

    Customer service naman ang bagal bagal aabutin ka na ng deadline hindi pa napoprocess cancellation mo hanggang magbibill na sila ng interest at finance charges. Pag nag message ka naman sa metrobankdirect sasabihin sayo na sa metrobankcard customer support ka makipag usap. Bwisit na credit card yan, scam amp.

  130. Jake Lopez said:

    grabeh npaka horific nmn nga post dito….natatakot tuloy ako inde lang s MCC pati nden s metrobank….grabeh panloloko n ata eto ginagawa ng MB

  131. My experience with Metrobank Credit card is this, since i accumulate a lot in my card charges i usually pay online in different banks. I was surprised that Metrobank Credit card charged me with multiple payment penalty fee. When i called them up i was told that i was penalized because i paid more than three times in a month. And so i refrained from paying more than three times in a month. After a few months when i accidentally double posted a payment i was charged again for multiple payment penalty, for just two payments. This is the only creditcard that i know penalizes payments. From now on i will stop using metrobank card since i have a lot of creditcards anyway. After i have zeroed my balance here i am going to have this card cancelled. This card sucks!!!

  132. Safe ba un mga info na nabigay natin sa application sa cc???
    Katakot naman sa cc ng metrobank if na chacharge ka ng hindi mo naman ginastos
    Panu pag pinakansel un cc sa metrobank after 1 month na magamit un may extra charge ba un???


    Just received today, text msg from MCC, dated March 11, 2014 with Statement account dated March 07, 2014 that i have an amount due of 1, 357.19. I wonder why they are still sending me this msg to collect from me, since i terminated already my METROBANK FEME VISA (CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTof ELIZABETH S. PAUSAL – 4055-983-5511-6007) Last year of November 2013. I called up already their Metrobank Cards 24 hour customer service customer that i will discontinue the use of my femme visa credit card..pLS. STOP COLLECTING FROM ME. I WILL NEVER USE UR CREDIT CARD AGAIN. IM VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED.

  134. A lady from Metrobank called me, reminding me of my payment last November 2013. My due date is November 14 and the day she called it’s November 8, the day typhoon YOLANDA is savaging Cebu City. I thought “You’re in good hands with Metrobank”?

    Due to the earthquake and typhoon calamities last October and November of last year, I was not able to pay my credit card since I prioritized my expenses for minor repairs and renovation (wall cracks, etc. due to the earthquake). That guy from Metrobank insisted that I need to pay for the overdue since “other clients were able to pay”.

    He can’t understand the situation. I am so bitter that I was thinking, may lindol sana at bagyo sa tapat ng office nila or kung mas masaya, sa mismong cubicle nung bastos na… well, anyway, God Bless his soul.

  135. Yes, many banks in the Philippines outsource their collection staff because they simply do not want to deal with ‘collecting money’. Because collections staff are often rude and push to reach their targets, banks don’t want staff like that directly employed by them. That way, the bank can always say: “That employee is not employed by Metrobank, they are employed by a third-party collections agency who we use to collect overdue payment. We will provide feedback to the management of that agency.” They just cover themselves by using third-party collections. And because they aren’t directly under Metrobanks roof AND LARGELY BECAUSE THEY WORK ON COMMISSION, the ‘collection agents’ will often be rude, pushy and tell lies to scare you into paying the overdue fees.

  136. swingswi said:

    Im getting my metrobank card nkakatakot naman toh.. I think hindi ko na rerecieve ung card cancel nlng or should i wait for the card then e cancel?? Im so scared. I have always been with bdo cc i have no problems with them na enganyo lang aq sa mall na mag dagdag ng card from mcc kasi wala annual fee… What should i do?

  137. BDO is much worse. They call even before the due date. Bayad naman ako. Ayos diba?

  138. heyarjay said:

    Thank you for this very informative article. Now we already have an idea not to be fooled by these pushy agents. Thank you very much for this.

  139. All you people are forgetting one simple thing, she makes no mention of making the minimum monthly payment and only talks about delaying they payment until next month.

    Minimum monthly payment is always required.

    • you’re missing this post. this isn’t about delaying payment. this is about how rude these collectors are.
      and i don’t do minimum payments. i always pay my bills in full. i only missed it that month because IT WAS FLOODING IN OUR CITY AND WAS DECLARED NON-WORKING. That rude collectors could have pretended to understand the situation and not threaten me.
      anyway, i’ve long cut my card with Metrobank.

  140. Amber Green said:

    Though it’s annoying I think those people are just doing their job. They’re from different departments or outsourcing agencies. It’s their job to remind delinquent payers. The problem here I think is their system. Metrobank should have a monitoring tool if a payer has been reminded already so it won’t be like calling someone every hour of the day. I also get annoyed when Metrobank agents would call me to advertise their new service or asking me to make another loan but still I understand that those people only want to work so I would just deny plainly their offers. There’s no need to be rude. Now about the reason why they want you to settle the bill as soon as possible is because what if you die tomorrow then you cannot pay them anymore or what if you’re one of those people who don’t just wanna pay their bills. Like any other businesses this bank needs to survive so in order to avoid this uncollected payments and delinquent payers they have this so called standard practices.

  141. Haysss makulit talaga ung mga agent po. Pro pinaka worst po talaga at mga salbahe talaga BDO, ma credit card or bank service nila ang sama talaga lalo na ng mga teller nila na assign dati sa gapan city ung matet as in supladita at karamihan sa kanila,kahit ung bdo sa faura mga sambakol ang muka at nako po nagka problema din po ako sa mga late bill nila. Sana po maging maayos pakitungi nila lalo na sa kapwa pinoy.. Ung pagtawag po paminsan okey lang naman pro ung paulit ulit napo sa loob ng isang araw sobra na yon my mga trabaho din ang tao kasi. Sana po alam din naman nila ung working hours.

  142. Wow. Ngayon ko lang din naexperience ang ganto. I have a lot of credit cards from other banks. Umaabot ng 60K ang outstanding balance ko, pero ang finance charge nasa 1,500 or 2000 lang samantalang ang METROBANK, 18k lang ang balance ko, finance charge, 1000? Amazing… dapat nasa 650 lang… Nakakainis…

  143. i really hate that bank…im closing my account to that bank tomorrow, they gave me charges without notification.They charge an annual fee to my supplementary cards even the cards were not yet activated nor even used.

  144. Rey Duterte said:


    Supervision and Examination Sector
    5th Floor, Multi-Storey Building, BSP Complex
    A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila
    E-mail address: consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph
    Tel. Nos.: Direct Line: (+632)523-3631• Trunkline (+632)524-7011 local 2584

  145. maricris said:

    Not a collection problem mismo, but connected to it: metro bank sent me one of these pre-approved credit cards maybe 4 yrs ago? I did na everything to have it canceled or terminated but the bank and its collection agency must be deaf and blind. The card is still being sent to me along with these ghost charges! They love to waive the late charges and annual feees – but I want them to stop and cut me from their program and never send another credit card to me again. Problem is, they keep you on their list and keep sending you these bills you never owed them!!! I never personally applied for this metrobank credit card and every time I have a bank branch remove me from the their list, a month or so later, they send me a new one! Anak ng puta… I don’t need your extra card, and your charges! If this is how you treat your existing (loyal?) customers, di putangina ninyo! Hahanap ako ng ibang banko! We are financially responsible and if you are forcing us or forcefully tempting us to make unsound financial decisions, whoooow shame on u fuckers.

  146. Nakakabwisit talaga mga employees sa metrobank! One time they are pestering me to avail one of their offers, since that time when they called I am busy on my work, I told the guy that I’m not interested, suddenly he dropped the call, when I’m still talking! Very rude. Now, I’ve written a complain letter thru email, I’m waiting for their response and if wla silang matinong action regarding that matter, I’m going to close my account and get credit card from another trusted bank.

  147. They haven’t changed until now. They still practice their pestering way of forcing you to pay all at once. They’d literally call you everyday despite your requests and promise to pay on a specified time. I am so disappointed at how they handled late payments like this. I too had my experience recently of forgetting to pay my dues on time. This is also the first time I was late for my payment. Well let’s say this is the time of my life where I had a sudden change in my career and I’m trying to work it out. From a regular employee I switched to being a subcontractor which means my work is project based and it requires for me to work out of town. Also, we don’t have holidays. We work Mondays-Sundays until we get the project done.

    For this last project we’re doing, we encountered delays with client turnaround so we had unexpected extension in the project time frame etc etc etc. To sum it all up, our only rest was 10-15 mins lunch, midnight snacks and 3-5 hours sleep to get the job done on time. So literally it was very toxic. So in short, I lost track of time and my responsibilities to pay my dues. And even if I remember it, given the situation, I don’t have the time to go out and look around if there’s a Metrobank branch or bayad centers in the area. I admit it’s my fault for not being prepared and for being disorganized at the time that’s why I’m willing to pay the consequences and I’m open to their calls but what they did to me was a bit excessive and I don’t think I deserved that treatment for missing a payment.

    Well, my due date was on June 24, 2015 and they started calling me a week after that. Different people from the agency would call me everyday so I’d have to explain my position to each one. I promised to pay in the weeks to come and that I’d surely pay within the month and that I’m just waiting for my job out of town to finish. I also told them that I am very busy this past week and that I have no one to order around to pay for my dues. Nobody took note of my request and instead called me everyday to force me to pay at once. One girl told me that my account’s already under a collection agency and that they had to cut my card for the mean time which surprised me because it has only been a week. Isn’t it that they should inform me a week before endorsing my account to collections? One girl told me that they were just protecting my account because I have a good credit standing. The other told me that if I don’t pay at once additional charges will be added to my existing bill which got me all confused. I told her that I know that I would have to pay for the late fees and finance charges and I’m going to pay for that since it’s my mistake for being late but she still insisted that additional fees will be posted each day that I miss to pay my due. The other one told me that I should do something about it and if I don’t pay they will keep on calling me, which they did for a week. It’s like a threat short to pestering me everyday if I don’t pay all at once.

    Well, I already paid 2 weeks after my due date. I considered their calls and texts to me a nuisance since they’d call me everyday at random times during work hours. They added up to my already stressed life at work. I don’t usually miss my payments so I already felt bad that I did and they shoved that to my face everyday for one week. I really felt bad due to their repetitive calls. I was thinking, hey what’s the harm in taking note of a customer’s request? Other banks do that. I already gave them a date for my payment, can’t they at least wait for that date before bothering the person again? There is already a law that states that unpaid credit card loans can be restructured so why can’t they give consideration to a small amount like mine specially for a customer like me who has a good credit standing? It was also very hard to talk to them since different people from the agency will call you. There is no particular person who handles your account. Their collection practices are very inconsiderate of the customers and their sole intention is to force the cardholder to pay all at once. They do not have the intention to talk or settle terms with the cardholder. They intentionally do that to really get into a customers nerve and be forced to pay all at once. I’m so disappointed with Metrobank. Take note, I was also late for my other credit card and telcom bills. I also contacted other companies informing them of my late payment and that I am settling them and I didn’t experience the same problem I had with Metrobank.

    • I’m a newbie in MCC and I’m experiencing this NOW. I received a call from an anonymous number telling me that they are affiliated with MCC. The agent told me about their services get my house and work address and told me a courier will be coming. I intentionally didnt get what the courier brought but this same agent was pestering me every minute. She even sent me rude text and telling me that they will charge the service to my credit card account. Pls help! Thanks

    • what happened to me was my atm was debited 3 times but i only had 1 transaction. i have been asking the refund since the debit dated june, 2015 but as of now may 6, 2016 it is not yet credited. i would like to switch to another company.so frustrated.

  148. Metrobank card sucks. You can get better credit card deals with unionbank or chinabank cards. No annual fees plus rebates! Tired of Metrobank card with their lousy rewards program. I’m redeeming my points and cutting this card!

  149. Also, if I may add, they charged me the first month of the loan already even if they never deposited the loan and it didn’t push through. Grabe. Very unethical company.

  150. Bangkong Palpak said:

    Ha ha i can only applaud you for taking a firm and consistent stance.

    I had a Metrobank card back in 2002. It was a secured card with a credit limit of P500k against my 600k time deposit which they locked as collateral.

    After two years of usage they doubled my CL without asking for a further lien to secure the credit limit increase.

    I used the card royally and religiously paid my bills. Months later they realised the limit increase was granted by mistake since I didn’t have an ITR. The immediately suspended the account and gave me hell during the ensuing weeks. They bombarded me with calls like there was no more tomorrow.

    Well, to keep this story short, let me fast forward to the last chapter. I simply returned to the U.S. and gave them the perpetual silent treatment.

    P.S. I maxed out the card’s limit and even managed to get a 100k additional limit increase leading to consolidated losses of P500k on their books. I’ve never been proud of this but after reading your story above, I have no regrets whatsoever.

  151. IF ANY OF YOU GET THIS METROBANK CREDIT CARD WITHOUT APPLYING ON IT. SIMPLY DISREGARD THE CARD AND DONT GET IT ACTIVATED. Reading the above stories nakakrelate ako lalo na sa multiple payment fees at sa insurance charges that i didnt apply. DONT GET METROBANK CREDIT CARD.. its a SCAM

  152. I’m an ordinary housewife and not a bank employee but I never experienced harassment from my Citibank, BPI, Metrobank CC’s. I’m 50 years old using credit cards for more than 20 years. I get rewards from them like discounted airline fare, rice cooker, free cinema tickets, Jollibee, Mcdo, etc. Latest is Php150 Starbucks coupon. I think I had outsmarted these banks.

    First, use your CC’s wisely, dont spend over your budget limit and always pay your bills in full. You wont get billed interest for balance unpaid. So you dont give them a centavo.

    Second, there is a way for CC holders to know your balance through online. Register your CC on metrobankdirect.com, so any-day you may check your balance. This way you dont have to wait for your CC statements then pay your bills before the due date and you wont be billed for late payment. No centavo for these banks.

    Third, select credit cards that offer free supplementary cards for life so when your kids need books or is hungry when they leave the house without you, they have an emergency money. But assign only 1% for them, that can be arranged with customer service. This way they will not overspend. You can also use this card for online purchases so your main card wont be revealed to internet sites to avoid fraudulent big purchases.

    Last, when your annual fee is reflected on your billing, call the customer service and request for reversal or waiver. If they deny, tell them you will cut your card or terminate. They will be happy to reconsider your request and grant you 100% annual free reversal.

    Bottomline, use your CC’s wisely.

  153. I totally agree! Get other cards instead of getting a Metrobank card. You have to pay 3 days before the due date or you will receive a late charge and finance charge in your next statement. And the thing is…they do not allow you to reverse the charges unlike any other cards. They keep saying na it’s valid charges that you have to pay….etc…

  154. Thank you for this post. Until now, they haven’t improved. I will rant here because their Customer Service email is not working – customerservice@rcpgo-card.com. I sent an email but all bounced! Talk about customer service!

    My bad experience was with their customer service team and not collections team.

    I call up this 5:40AM Jan 3, 2017 to inquire about the reversal of 1,500 previously charge to my credit card. I was upset about the non-reversal… but the agent started to sound disgruntled as well. I was appalled by his response and tone so I requested for cancellation. He said I can’t do so because I have an existing balance of 1,396.07 PHP. I said that I already settled it a few minutes ago through Metrobank online. He said that I can proceed with the cancellation the next day once payment is reflected. I said that I was requesting for a 1,500 php reversal plus I paid the whole balance. Metrobank pa ang may utang sa akin after that. I then requested for the cancellation of my supplementary card…he said in a second na cancelled na. First time na ganun lang pala kabilis magcancel. Antipatiko kausap!

    This is the worst way I was treated by a customer service ever!!!! I don’t think Metrobank should maintain someone like Mr. Matt Camerino. He is not fit to handle customer service calls! Kung may problema siya sa buhay or may hangover siya…wag nyang dalahin sa trabaho nya!! (just my opinion because that is what I felt). I am having my cards cancelled as soon as possible.

    Thank you for this blog at least I was able to air my sentiments.

  155. It’s 2017 and metrobank still hasn’t improved their ways. Worst custumer service representatives! Worst credit card ever! I am terminating my femme visa card. Yearly ata tumataas yang annual fee nila. I’m a good paying customer pero ayaw nila i-waive. Palugi na ba yang mga yan?

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