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This made my day

Nadine's birthday card for me, age 5


I was really pissed off with the repeated calls from Metrobank Credit Card this morning [which I will be writing shortly], but when my cousin who just arrived from Manila dropped my sister’s belated birthday gift today, together with Nadine’s birthday card, my hotheadedness vanished right away.

Isn’t it cute, hehehe?  That’s her, me and hubby.  And the red pentel pen she used when she painted her entire lips and cheeks last week.  Good thing I saw Dae Woong remove Mi Ho’s painted cheeks in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho that when my sister called me asking help how to remove them, I did what Dae Woong did and searched the net.  In that drama, Dae Woong removed the permanent mark with a glue but that was okay because it was only on Miho’s cheeks.  I went with the toothpaste and the mouthwash and I heard it worked fine.  Aigoo, this kid!

Getting this card today had me searching her card last year:

Nadine's birthday card last year at age 4

Nadine has been giving me drawings since she started writing.  Too bad, I wasn’t able to preserve them, except this one which is pasted on our fridge:

Nadine's drawing for uncle boy at age 3

I’m suddenly missing that brat. Miss you kiddie!  Love you!


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