..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Greasy thoughts

Tonight’s one of the rare Sunday nights that I’m blogging instead of watching my dramas.   I have done my quota of blogging in my other blog so I’m putting some thoughts in this one.  My other blog is much more livelier, hehehe.  It never fails to surprise me when the readers follow my other blog or leave comments therein that I’ve learned to tone my writing there because I might offend somebody.  Compared to this blog’s 10,000 visitors, my other blog’s got 100,000++ since I put on the blogger counter May of last year.  My other counter [sitemeter] which I installed a little earlier than blogger’s recorded more than 150,000 visits to that blog.  Yeah, that’s how popular these Asian dramas are, hehehe.

I’m actually feeling greasy after eating all those fatty delicious food [read:  Lechon with emphasis on crispy skin] from my cousin’s celebratory party.  Congratulations to Kathleen for passing the recent Pharmacist Board Exam!  Omo, my cousins are just growing up so fast.  I’m so happy for my Aunt, her mom, who is so ecstatic that her eldest child is following her footsteps, career wise, that is.  I didn’t know it’s Kathleen’s birthday tomorrow but, wow, what a big present from God, huh!

My aunt’s back story on Kathleen is a Maalaala Mo Kaya Moment.  My aunt and my uncle married when I was still in elementary school.  My uncle was a seaman.  After marriage, when my aunt was already pregnant with Kathleen, my uncle went back to work and boarded the ship.  Something happened about the ship just disappearing around the bermuda triangle.  The ship was never found.  My aunt waited seven years since my uncle’s disappearance, but he never came back and for all intents and purpose, presumed dead under the law.  Sure, my aunt received a substantial amount of money from such tragedy, but it’s still so sad huh?  Anyway, my aunt remarried again and  Kathleen has two siblings from her second husband.

I’ve been eating too much greasy food since the holidays started until now.  I’ve gained six pounds from all that binging that my hyper acidity is always attacking me.  I have another cousin marrying next month and yeah, I better lose my weight because my face is becoming round, as round as that time when I went to Europe.  After more than two months off the treadmill, I will go run again starting tomorrow.  I’ve been telling myself to stop eating and start exercising since the New Year, but you don’t know how many birthdays my family has in the month of January, aigoo.

I’m so sad that Mumbarak has not stepped down from the presidency.  March 28 is fast approaching and we’re even reminded to make the payment for our holyland trip next month.  How do they expect us to pay when Egypt is still in chaos right now, aigoo.  Please Lord, end this crisis in Egypt already.

I was actually planning of finishing kdrama Marry Me, Mary! tonight but the plot has gone crazy and I need a few days in between to finish it.  I’m only finishing it for Jang Geun Seok, hehehe.  In fact, while writing, his song “Hello, Hello!’ is on replay.

I’m ending this post with … Jang Geun Seok singing Hello, Hello in said drama, hahaha. Happy Sunday to all!


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