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Worth dying for?

I was in court this morning when the prosecutor who was seated beside me shared the text message he just received about the death of Former AFP Chief Angelo Reyes.  We didn’t believe the message at first, but when the presiding judge called for a five-minute recess [because the stenographer wants to use the bathroom!], we rushed outside the court and inside the office to hear the news on television.  There, it was confirmed he apparently killed himself with a gunshot at his chest, in the cemetery where his parents were laid to rest, and in broad daylight.

I am shock and I bet the whole nation is, too.  This isn’t Japan, or Korea, where tales of suicide are quite common.  In this nation’s history, this is the country’s first case of a government official involved in alleged large scale corruption to end his own life in the middle of the investigation.

A lot of speculations abound about his suicide.  That he couldn’t take the pressure on the ongoing Senate inquiry about the alleged malversation of military funds.  That he would rather die and bring the truth with him rather than expose his brothers in the profession.  The unfeeling commentators presume he may have been guilty to end his life like that.

I don’t want to judge him about what he did because I don’t know him.  However, life is precious and my faith tells me it is a sin to commit suicide that I actually feel sad for him and for the family he left behind.

He must have taken the televised accusations so seriously.  He did not even stand charged of a criminal case, but a mere senate inquiry!  He could have just denied it — whether true or not, the senate is not the venue to prove your innocence.  I actually dislike these inquiries because it not only subject the involved persons to a public prosecution, but also, most often than not, nothing good ever comes out after these inquiries.  Remember ZTE expose and Mr. Lozada.  Whatever happened to that one?

That’s why Sec. Reyes should have just went along and denied those empty accusations.  Besides, if he does not want to perjure himself, he could just conveniently choose not to answer incriminating questions for self preservation — though they can compel him to attend the proceedings, he cannot be forced to answer self incriminating questions.  If he felt wronged, he should have just faced the accusation like the general that he is and corrected the lies.  Or, if he could not keep his cool, he should have just fled the country as there is no case filed against him at all.  Picture Senator Lacson.

My point is, it was not worth it to take his life, not when other crooks are going their merry way, with their heads held high.  I’m not taking Sec. Reyes’s side and saying he’s innocent.  To my mind,  all of them are the same.   This country’s corruption problem is hopeless, so don’t give me that crap about them coming clean and accusing others.  As Jesus said, let him who have not sinned, cast the first stone.

May his soul rest in peace.


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