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Happy Valentine’s Day

Cheers to all lovers celebrating their love today!  Hubby and I are having a quiet evening tonight because I have decided I am too old for all that crap, hehehe.

I got a new grill last weekend and for our Valentine dinner, I took it upon myself to cook grilled chicken and potatoes, some salad and drinks and we’re done, hehehe.  I don’t really need a day to celebrate my love because for us, everyday is valentine’s day, ewww!  Really.  Corny but so true.  ^___^

Valentine’s Day after more than ten years of marriage is just a pain in the neck.  I have a lot of things to do rather than eat out with a roomful of people that I can’t even stay and linger because there are people standing and waiting for their turn to eat [not so many good restaurants here].  A few years back, we usually watch a concert of whoever was in town.  The artists who visit our city are not the popular ones and this year, I don’t have the heart to tolerate them just for the sake of having somewhere to go to, hehe.  Yesterday, there was Freestyle and sorry, I don’t know them.  Tonight, there is Hadji Alejandro but, again, not my type.  Why would I go out when I have the luxury of eating a candlelit dinner right here in my abode?  And for entertainment?  I actually have a date with kdrama Dream High at 9:00pm, lol.

At this age, I have come to ponder that Valentine’s Day is for those teenagers who are experiencing young love; for the singles who are waiting for flowers, chocolates and balloons from their admirers; for the new lovers who are just so excited to flaunt their love publicly.  I smiled to myself when I passed by a flower shop on my way home tonight.  The guys were all apprehensive waiting for their orders.  Aw, the thrill of young love!  I envy them — but in a good way.  Seeing them reminds me of how it was for me during my time, hahaha.

I don’t know, but at this age, I should have a lot of memories of Valentine’s Day but I could only remember a few celebrations of hubby and I — before that, with the ex-es, I can’t.  Perhaps my memory conveniently erased them out.

Oh, but I remember one!  That time when I was still young, I was so in love with this boyfriend.  Starting the first day of February that year, I was sending him Valentine cards, because yeah, my heart was just bursting with my love for him.  Come Valentine’s Day and I got this really big card from him.  And the wordings of the card was the usual cheesy quotes but what struck me was his message at the other side of the card.  He was telling me how he’s been and filling me with what he has been doing.  Then, he signed it with the usual “love, Xxx” but there was a p.s. … and it read something like … he was breaking up with me!  Bwahahhaha, loser!  Hahaha, how time has healed my wounds!  That time, I was crying buckets of tears, I could not even breath, my gosh.  Now, it’s a funny memory.

Aish, those times when I was young!

ps.  I wonder if my friends know who I am referring to as my ex , lol.  leave me a note friends and tell me who he is, bwahahaha!



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