..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Whenever I blog about my dramas, I usually use the image shot of VLC or the print screen button of my pc or my laptop and process the same using adobe.

So, last night while watching a movie at media classic player, I was using the print screen button of my pc and pasting the image in MS Paint.  It was my first time to encounter a mere black screen shot and I just couldn’t figure what was wrong.   After a few readings in the net, I just realized that generally, a screen shot cannot be taken of a moving picture or a video scene and I was so clueless about this because I have no problem with using adobe photoshop.

Without using another media player, and just relying on windows media player and MS Paint, it is still possible to make a screen shot of the video one is watching via WMP.

It’s actually easy. Right click the WMP performance bar.  Click TOOLS and then from the same, click OPTIONS.


Clicking the ADVANCED menu will reveal the VIDEO ACCELERATION SETTINGS.  In said menu, UNCHECK “USE OVERLAYS” in Video Acceleration.  Then, UNCHECK “USE OVERLAYS” in DVD Video too.

After unchecking “use overlays”  click ok, and restart your WMP.  Play the video scene you want to capture using the Print Screen Menu and paste the same to MS Paint.  The image is there already.

Interesting to know, huh?


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