..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Quick rundown of my day: 2

I had an early hearing in a nearby municipality today.  Hubby wanted to drive me there but I said I’d do it myself.  The 45-minute drive would give me time to just enjoy my time alone with me, lol.

I drove really early because H said to go slowly as the weather was a little rainy.  Told me to drive with my flat shoes, so to make him happy, I was wearing flat shoes out of the house with my heels on one hand.  I gotta to show him I’m following his instructions, otherwise, he’s say he’d just drive me himself for his peace of mind.

So, off I went.  I took my time driving, while enjoying the songs on the cd.  Hyun Bin probably sang “That Man” for more than five times, and Seung Gi’s “Losing My Mind” and “I Love You From Now On” kept playing over and over and over.  Of course, I was singing along too, lol.

I was really early when I got in court, but my client was already there, so I used the time to brief her with her testimony.  On the court’s schedule, we were the last case to be called, but since the other counsels were not yet in when the presiding judge came out, my two cases were called first.

I was private prosecutor and I was presenting the private complainant for her testimony against her gay neighbor for grave oral defamation.  The counsel for the accused was from the public attorney’s office who was a woman lawyer too.

Of course, my client had to utter the defamatory words in open court and in the exact local dialect.  At this time, the small court was full with people from the other cases and my fellow compañeros were also sitting with me and the opposing counsel in the lawyers’ desk.

In a nutshell, the accused uttered and spread around the community that my client was a “thief” and a “prostitute”.  That’s the general context of the words, hehehe.  What she testified in the dialect, the court interpreter had a hard time translating to English.  The words were vulgar, offensive, and sexual, and the poor interpreter’s tongue went chaotic, hahaha.  His attempted translations, I had to correct some or even offer a more appropriate term.  Other lawyers in court laughingly helped too.  In short, the men were laughing, I was laughing, the interpreter was laughing and even the witness was laughing.  In the end, the witness made her own translations because she is an elementary teacher, hehehe.  I really can’t comprehend why we have only English or Filipino as official, acceptable language in court proceedings.  It’s already hard enough to translate the words in English, what more in Filipino, aish.  I don’t even know the Filipino words for the defamatory words in my client’s case.  How sad is that that I do not know my own language, huh?

Anyway, my client went on to narrate how her childhood gay neighbor has been making malicious stories and spreading it around the neighborhood for quite sometime already, which definitely tarnished her good reputation.  It was really just a case of making “chicka-chicka” against her.

After the hearing, the public prosecutor told me that they were laughing during the hearing because we were all women there – I, as the private prosecutor, the witness who was the private complainant and the PAO lawyer.  They said they were entertained listening to women handle a “womanly thingy” [tsimis!].  Hahaha.

Yeah, it could have only been the usual chicka-chicka.  You know, the usual, juicy stories that our gay friends love to tell.  In my client’s case, it went out of hand, I guess.  My client’s reputation as a teacher was besmirched.

It is my first time to handle a case like this because I really don’t like chicka-chicka or he said, she said cases, but I accepted this one because I pitied the teacher.  For a first time, it was not so bad at all.  I even left the court smiling.


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