..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Fr. Arlo, SVD, said, in one of his homilies during our Marian Pilgrimage,  that sacrifice is actually suffering with love.

Last Ash Wednesday, the facebook status of my friends were abound their self- imposed deprivations as sacrifice for the lenten season of the Catholic Church.

I was thinking which among my daily pleasures would I give up for forty days.  I played a deaf ear to the glaring delights of my heart because I don’t think I can live without it.  I derive utter diversion to watching my asiandramas and intimately connected with that would be surfing in the internet and blogging.  I could do without facebook but the rest, I am smugly holding on to.  I would have offered freeing myself from the bondage of facebook but I don’t think it would be practical at this time since the alumni homecoming is approaching and that’s my only medium to connect with my batchmates for the preparations because we are celebrating a major anniversary.

I would have followed suit a lot of my friends and give up my daily dose of caffeine fix, but I need it to start up my brain in the mornings and keep my mind running during my court hearings.  So, no, not coffee.

I couldn’t fool God and pretend giving up pork because I have given up eating pork a few years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer [though I eat it during parties and other gatherings, it’s not something you find in our house and our meals].

Because I don’t have anything else, I almost made a commitment to God and deprive myself from watching a lot of dramas during lent [my mind my telling Him, “can I just watch one drama at a time?”]…until I remembered something!  Whoa, how can I forget my sweet tooth?

For about a year now, I close every meal with a bite of chocolate.  I crave for something sweet after eating and I always eat one piece of Hershey’s Kisses.

So, yeah, I’m sacrificing my sweet pleasure for forty days.  I initially thought it won’t be as difficult as giving up my dramas, that I won’t be that affected, but I was wrong.  At less than a week, I am already craving to have one.  I went grocery shopping this morning and it took all of my might to stop myself from reaching a pack of Kisses.  This must be like those smokers who can’t stop smoking, huh?  As in, as I’m writing, my mouth is looking for that usual sweet high.

It’s going to be a long forty days for me.

ps.  Hehe, I should have just stuck to lessening my dramas.  It would have been so easy because there’s practically nothing worth watching now, aigoo!


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