..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Hello, blog!

editing... editing... editing.

It’s been a long time, my blog!  I haven’t been posting here as much as I promised myself I would, sorry.

It’s really been hectic since I came back from our trip in the middle east.  I had deadlines to meet and aside from that, I was also busy with our High School Alumni Homecoming last May 14.  We celebrated our 20th Anniversary this year and being a major anniversary, I was happy to meet my longtime friends who purposely came home to attend the affair.

Apart from work and the homecoming, it is also a busy season in kdramaland.  Yup, the May dramas just keep popping that I had to surrender and give up some dramas for later.  They’re rom-coms and truly my cup of tea.

Speaking of my dramas, I cannot believe I have let my addiction eat me further that one day, I suddenly found myself joining an online fan subbing site.  The May dramas are just so consuming, I’m one with the fans who want the fastest subs to enjoy them.  Thanks to darksmurf who made it possible for me to get them for free.

At first, I was just helping edit the subs so that I can watch them, but one day, I got an invitation to join them on a regular basis as part of its elite team.  It was interesting at first, but as the days go by, I noticed how hard it was for a multicultural community to work together.  Editors edit depending on their use of the English language.  Back in elementary, I clearly remember the rules that when we write amounts of money, we need to capitalize it, e.g. Fifteen Thousand Won.  However, other editors change it to small letters because they say we need not capitalize it.  Then, there’s the issue of spelling.  Some use British English and I’m one of those who change the words to American English, lol.  Just this morning, I was editing the words ‘all right’ to ‘alright’ because where I’m from, we use the latter.  Then, the casual editors commented that since both words are just same, we should just use ‘all right’ … I’m guessing that’s how they use it there.  I’m not really too particular with the subs and as long as it made sense and the grammar is in order, it is already good enough for me.  But, whoa… suddenly there were individuals who had to edit the lines, despite the fact that the new one still means the same.  As member of the elite team, I used to lock the lines when it’s more or less adequate, until one day, I noticed they were talking about me in the forums because I locked the word ‘ahjumma’ when the correct romanization was ‘ajumma’.  Since my work is untouchable, they had to look for other elite members to unlock the line.  Really, I thought ahjumma with an ‘h’ was the correct spelling based on all the subs I have read, hahaha.  Now, I don’t lock the lines anymore unless the translator is also an elite member.  Subbing is not a joke after all.

My brother commented he rarely finds me in Facebook anymore.  Yup, because I’m usually editing subs when I’m not watching dramas, lol.  Would you believe that in less than two months, I’ve edited nearly 18,000 lines?  Addict!

That’s all for now, blog.  Hope to drop by often when there’s a drama lull.


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