..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Not really a rundown of today.  I’m just a little angry, bothered, down.

My sister sent me a text message a few days ago, asking me to pray for some aunt who was undergoing chemotherapy.  I thought it was her aunt-in-law, so I didn’t really give it much thought.

Then, this morning, my mom called me and casually mentioned about the same aunt.  I finally asked who she was supposed to be because of my previous thought.  Then she told me, my aunt was the wife of my father’s second cousin.  I remember my uncle, but I still couldn’t remember my aunt.  She then reminded me that time we were in Manila and they attended a party of my sister.  That’s when I remembered seeing her there for the first time.  My uncle I’ve seen several times when he visited our house as they live in another city, so that’s why I only knew my aunt just then.

It’s sad that she was diagnosed with Stage II C Breast Cancer.  That time when we met in Manila, we were there for my mother’s treatment, too.  She was talking to my mom, and was giving her encouragement to fight the big C.  Who would have thought she’d be diagnosed with the same illness after a few years?

My aunt isn’t that financially sound because their business closed down many years ago, but I’m confident her two children will be able to sustain her treatments.  My cousin is working in Canada and although he’s still starting there, I would like to believe they will be able to find ways to afford it.

What I’m really sad is that my aunt is supposed to undergo twenty-one cycles of chemotherapy.  Whoa, too many.  Not counting the cost, I know her body would be wrecked with so much poison on her body.  My mother’s breast cancer was in its early stage, so she was only taking oral chemotherapy, not that IV cycle.  Physically, my mom’s side effects didn’t include the usual dreaded effects of chemo, but I know it’s going to be hell.

My sister sent me the text message when my aunt was undergoing her first cycle.  She said my aunt was fine after the treatment.  Yes, she’d be fine, but twenty cycles more?  How’s her body going to endure that?  I pray she will be able to survive the treatment and come out victorious.

Aigoo, why is the cure for cancer taking so long to be discovered?  I’m getting older everyday. : (





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