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Like a movie

Hubby had a doctor-friend who also lived in the same subdivision with us.  I know they were good friends because he always tells stories about him from way, way back.  During their younger days, they met frequently, but later on, they only had chance meetings during grocery shopping and the like.

Anyway, earlier this year when hubby opted for early retirement from government service, his doctor-friend invited him to go to Sweden  with him later this year for a boy scout jamboree.  Hubby said he doesn’t know how he can go because he’s not a boy scout in the first place.  His doctor friend assured him it’s not a problem, he’ll fix the ropes so that he’ll be one just in time to join the trip.

Many times after that, hubby had mentioned about his future trip with his doctor friend.

Suddenly, we just learned yesterday that his doctor friend died almost two weeks ago.  Thank goodness, I heard about it just two hours before the final service before the burial.

I remember last week, during a brownout, I was telling hubby if he knew the one who died in the subdivision because I heard the evening prayers during the wake that night.  He  didn’t know, but he’ll ask around. We forgot about it.

Anyway, during the funeral mass, the sister of my hubby’s doctor-friend’s ‘wife’ approached him impatiently.  The attorney sister asked if was alright to talk to him, even in the middle of the service.  He said it was no problem.  Then, the attorney sister proceeded to tell him that in the wallet of hubby’s doctor friend was a note with his name and his cellular phone number.  She confirmed if it was his number.

Hubby said, yes, it was and also showed his phone with the doctor’s number saved.  Then the attorney wanted to know what they were talking about.  Hubby said, we were keeping in touch because of our impending trip to Sweden.  The attorney sister asked if that was all…?  Hubby said yes.  Why?

Well, because his friend’s LEGAL WIFE and kids were back in town and the LEGAL WIFE had resumed her place… and aside from that, his friend’s EX and their kids were also in town… and then another woman also came… his doctor friend had a lot of properties and all…

Oh dear.  What a mess.  Like a movie.


Comments on: "Like a movie" (2)

  1. i’ll arrange my will tomorrow ;p

  2. yenskay said:

    hi sofie!
    yup, girl scout’s motto: be prepared always. lol.

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