..ang blog ni Yeyen.

When I went to mass today…

I saw my friend’s father cheating, lol.

Really, I’ve heard about him being in an illicit relationship with his secretary, but since I know him and I know the secretary and I know his wife and their kids, my brain didn’t believe all those rumors.

I’ve seen them together many, many times but I didn’t put any malicious color to it because being his secretary, I had always considered them in a working relationship.  I mean, the wife and the secretary are good friends, too, so it just doesn’t make sense to me.

The wife is usually out of town for work… but even then, the times that she was home, I’ve seen them together as a happy couple.  I even felt bad about those rumors because I assessed it to be baseless.

Hubby and I hear  Sunday mass at 9:00 AM.  Whenever the wife is in town, I always see the couple hearing mass together too.  In fact, these recent Sundays, they’ve been together and we even exchanged small talks upon exiting the church.

So, this morning, I saw my friend’s father enter the church and I was expecting to see his wife behind him.  It wasn’t his wife behind him.  My husband and I saw them enter at the same time.  I murmured, ‘why’s the secretary with him?’ and hubby just laughed.

All throughout the mass, I was throwing glances at them, I couldn’t even concentrate.  I was looking for possible reasons why a secretary would go with her boss for Sunday mass.  Were they working?  Big no.  If I were his secretary, I wouldn’t want to go to church with my boss.  I wouldn’t want my Sundays being messed up with work.  The entire hour, my brain was trying hard to think of reasons why they were together.  And… the way they were seated so close together and even whispering in each others’ ears during the mass gave me bad vibes.

When mass was over, they left quickly but not before I saw them sped off.  The guy, who always had a driver, was personally driving the car and the girl was seated in front with him.

I might be wrong, but after today, I really think the rumors are true.




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