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Friday Night Eats: 1

It’s been ages since H and I ate out without any occasion. We just wanted to cook our own healthy meals, minus all the grease and msg.  However, lately he said we should at least go out and taste the restaurants around the city which have been cropping around.  I really don’t want to, because under normal circumstances, I only eat so little for dinner, as in sometimes, just an apple and milk.  But, oh well, I agreed with him, because this would also be an opportunity to talk and just spend time without the TV and the internet beckoning us.

Anyway, first stop for this series of Friday night eats is ‘Grand Palace Restaurant’ located near the Provincial Capitol Compound.  This is a Chinese restaurant which boasts of a Chinese cook for authentic Chinese cuisine.  Grand Palace Restaurant opened early this year, but it was my first time there.  A number of family affairs has been celebrated here, but unfortunately, in those times, I was out of town for work.

So, right after class tonight, H picked me up and we went straight because we were already starving being already about 8:30 in the evening.

The restaurant is spacious and adorned with the usual lanterns and all those Chinese ornaments.  It is filled with the usual round tables of different sizes.  I was laughing at myself, because the first thing I noticed when I walked in was the music that filled the air.  What?  It’s Chinese music and suddenly, I was reminded how I really loved the Taiwanese dramas because of the OSTs.  Whoa, like sitting there, my ears were sharply paying extra attention to it.  Funny though, that for a seemingly formal setting, the music playing was pop, lol.

We ordered Quail Egg Siomai, Beef with Asparagus, Noodles, and some veggies.  I’m not really a good critic for food because as long as it’s not awfully bad, I usually just regard it as ‘good and delicious’.  And for tonight’s dinner?  Good and delicious, though the oil just got me nauseous because I don’t usual eat fried food anymore.  For just the two of us, even the small serving size was already too much, I had to ask the waiter to wrap them up after eating.

I thought the restaurant would already be deserted because it was way past dinner time when we arrived, but surprisingly, its dinner hall was half full.  In fact, when we were finishing dinner, a group of Chinese men came in to eat.  I noticed that when they arrived, they were met by the Chinese cook who talked to them in Mandarin.

For the ambiance the restaurant exudes and being a specialized one, I thought the food would be quite expensive.  I was wrong.  The prices were reasonable and about the same range as the rest of the restaurants in the city.  On the way out, I noticed that across the opposite hall is the buffet hall which caters to ‘eat all you can’ for P 350.00.  It wasn’t open, though, so I concluded it might only be available for lunch.  Grand Palace Restaurant isn’t really fine dining at its best, but it’s a decent place to eat Chinese food.  Definitely, when you have visitors in town, you won’t be embarrassed to treat them here.

I wonder how many weeks H and I will continue doing this.  I guess maybe permanently, but I don’t think I’d last more than three months for weekly entries.  There aren’t that many restaurants I like to taste at the moment.  Lol.


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