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Discipline Zone

I was hanging out with my beloved niece yesterday afternoon because we were looking for possible venues to hold my mother’s 70th birthday this October. Tired with driving in the heat and hopping to different establishments, we took a break in the city proper.  I parked the car in the main campus of FSUU because we had to walk in the nearby venue before we take snacks at Cofi Talk.  As we were about to cross J.C. Aquino Avenue from FSUU main towards the opposite side of the road where Cofi Talk is, I noticed the traffic enforcer whistling and somewhat calling our attention.  At first, I didn’t think she was talking to me because I was on the pedestrian lane, but her whistling persisted that I looked her in the eye and when I did, she motioned me that we should use the other pedestrian lane near the church, and not the one near FSUU.  My niece and I followed her but as soon as I crossed I confronted her and asked why we couldn’t cross in the other pedestrian lane.  She replied it was already condemned and if we wanted to cross in that area, we need to climb the overpass beside it, and not the pedestrian lane.  Ah, okay.  Then she told us that starting September 1, violators in the discipline zone will already be fined.

The city government has recently announced that it will be implementing the Discipline Zone for the stretch of J.C. Aquino Avenue in the city proper. This is the busiest area in the city and honestly, I welcome this move.  All over the discipline zone, notices to the public of the strict implementation of certain ordinances are plastered for almost a month now so that the public may be aware of the same.

Particularly, the following policies will be strictly implemented starting September 1, 2011:

  1. Anti-smoking in public places.
  2. Anti-loitering.
  3. Loading and Unloading zones.
  4. One way traffic A. D. Curato Street from J. C. Aquino Avenue to Noli Me Tangere Street going to South.
  5. Use of helmets for all drivers and back riders of single motorcycles.
  6. No tricycle is allowed to operate on National Highway.
  7. No parking on either side of J.C. Aquino from M. Calo Street to Narra Road.
  8. No parking on J.C. Aquino Tow Away Zone

Er, I’m not really sure if the said policies are to be strictly observed only in the Discipline Zone.  What about anti-loitering and anti-smoking?  Does this mean we can litter and smoke elsewhere, outside the discipline zone?

I heard mass early this morning at 5:30 in the morning and I was impressed to see traffic enforcers so early, disciplining the church goers to cross only at the pedestrian lanes.  After mass, a guy was walking ahead of me and he was smoking.  His attention was called that it wasn’t allowed there and that starting Sept. 1, he will already be penalized.  I laughed when I heard his reply that since it wasn’t Sept. 1 yet, to allow him to finish the cigarette first.  Lol.

How I wish there’s also a Discipline Zone in the area of Capitol Road near Gaisano Mall and J.C. Aquino Avenue.

Good luck to all the enforcers on Sept. 1 then. : )

A view of the discipline zone while crossing JC Aquino Ave. via overpass


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