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You’ve seen this on the home shopping network, huh?  Actually, I didn’t.  It was H who called my attention when he saw it on tv.  He told me he thinks I might like this because I’ve always mentioned how I can’t remove the hair in between my eyebrows and my upper lip.  So I ended ordering two items and it was delivered today.

Before Wizzit, I was using Epilin wax to remove my underarm hair.  Epilin seemed okay then, except that I was always anxious every time I applied it, for fear of burning my skin.  After Epilin, Veet It was introduced to me by my friend.  It also works wonders without the fear of burning.  However, Veet It cannot be applied on facial hair.  The ad on tv about Wizzit was very tempting and indeed, I got tempted.

I’m really wary of electronic things, especially if it involves testing them on my beloved skin.  I was even hesitating to test the Wizzit because the sound of it gives me the impression that it could be painful.  The models on tv were smiling all the time while demonstrating how to use it.  H said it won’t be painful, still, it took a while to muster enough courage, lol.

Wizzit is like electronic tweezers.  It is battery operated, and once you turn it on, there’s this humming sound, which reminds me of the vacuum cleaner.  Just imagine your skin being vacuumed to get the body hair.  Scary, huh?

I first tested it on my underarm hair, and at first, I applied pressure and just held it on the same spot.  When I checked, the hair was still there.  So, I made the effort to read the instruction manual [which I’m always lazy to do].  I was supposed to hold it at a 90 degrees angle, without applying any pressure and in circular motion.  When I did, viola!  The hairs were gone, lol.  Was there pain?  I would be lying if it was painless.  There’s a slight twinge of sensation when the rollers pull out the hair, but it doesn’t hurt, just something to jolt you a little, lol.  And guess what?  After I cleaned both underarms, I went all the way and cleared the hair between my eyebrows.  I was very careful not only because it already involved my face, but more so because if I mistakenly bring the Wizzit in the wrong direction, my eyebrows would be uneven and I would look funny [if not ugly].  Having successfully taken my hair in that area, I went for the kill and attacked the hair on my upper lip.  I once tried removing my upper lip hair using Epilin wax.  My gosh, I almost died from the pain that I never did it again.  This time, I was meticulously making my mouth area taut so that the hair would be exposed fully and the Wizzit can remove them quickly.  I was apprehensive I would hit my lip and it would bleed.  But it didn’t.  Wizzit was safe that I bid goodbye to the upper lip hair in a matter of minutes.

Wizzit claims that since it cleans the hair from its follicles, hair would take around two to four months to grow back.  I have to see if this is true.

I love this new toy!


Comments on: "Wizzit" (18)

  1. Halo yenskay,

    murag ganahan lagi ko ani ba.. been using pod epilin..

    tnx for this .. try nako pod..;)

    • yes, try it, gie! it’s goodbye facial hair, as in!
      Veet It was also good, but sadly, it’s prohibited on the face. : )

  2. beaglesandcoffee said:

    This product also caught my attention. I saw it on Home TV Shopping but seemed too good to be true so I searched for reviews. Although I have read only a few, you’re the only one that actually said the gadget worked. I really liked your review but I’m still confused.

  3. i also gave one to my sister and she told me she had a hard time removing hair on her legs. That time, she was still figuring out how to use it, and i haven’t heard from her since then. i don’t shave my legs, so I cannot relate, but it really works on my armpit and my upper lip hair.

    • beaglesandcoffee said:

      I see. Thanks.
      How did you order one? What kind of battery does it use? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. it works on two AAA batteries. i just called the number flashed on TV— 817-7000. I searched ebay before and there were also wizzits for sale at a cheaper price but adding the shipping cost would amount to the same cost.

  5. kelangan jud credit card ang gamiton pagbayad? Or pwede ra cash? How about the shipping fee? Is it for free or the buyer pa ang mushoulder ani? Thanks

    • hi erica! where do you live? if you live in Manila, i think you can pay it in cash upon delivery. if not, you can ask them if you can just deposit the payment. i shouldered the shipping fee… but my friend who lives in manila had it delivered to her house without any fee.

  6. oh, thanks for the info… i hope you don,t mind me askin’…how much did u pay? i’m from cebu pala…. thanks again

  7. for the product? i paid the price advertised on TV… the shipping? the usual fees of LBC… sa pouch man lang.

  8. How do you order this in Manila?

  9. hello.. interested din ako sa product.. im from davao…wala ba on the spot mo mabibili ang product?.. like a store na pde puntahan… tnx..:))

    • i don’t know of any store which sells the wizzit. it’s on direct selling, i think. someone i know bought it from ebay [europe] and it’s almost one month and she hasn’t received it yet.

  10. Where would the hair go?

    • the wizzit has got a rotating roller which catches and pulls the strands of hair. Some strands get stuck in a small compartment of the wizzit [which must be cleaned regularly] or they fall altogether on the floor.

  11. Nice revieuw! Im thinking of buying one to get rid of the hair between my eyebrows.

  12. I tried wizzit not pulled any hair from my leg and generally all over my body. Pay for a depilatory machine that did not have to say so why not do the job. Now my legs to shave with veet depilatory cream and make me perfect my feet!

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