..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup, congratulations!  You made us proud! Landing 3rd Runner Up in the Miss Universe Pageant is still our sweet victory.  You may not have bagged the crown, but in our hearts, you’ve won it, hands down. 

Oprah Winfrey had been vocal that in the last stretch of the competition, which is the question and answer, unquestionably, our country’s Ms. Shamcey deserved the crown.

I don’t really want to make a big deal out of it, because ranting wouldn’t change the results, and honestly, all the ladies in the top five are indeed beautiful and all. I’m also happy for Miss Angola because second to Miss Philippines, she was my other favorite.  However, I just realized now.  How in the world did Miss Angola top the question and answer, when she didn’t even finish what she wanted to say?

Coverage after the pageant showed Miss Angola speaking in English, but in the Q & A, she opted for an interpreter!  Omo!  When I read about what Oprah said, I didn’t give it much thought, but now…?  It should have been our crown.  Miss Shamcey was quick, concise, direct and brief in her answer.  Only her.  How in the world did the judges observe otherwise?  Even judging the answers, it’s Miss Philippines reply that was the most brilliant.

Or… could what my cousin said have been right?  That majority of judges there were atheists and thus, the disfavor on her?  Hahaha!


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