..ang blog ni Yeyen.


And by Sunshine, I mean, Gabrielle’s Sunshine.  Hehe.   Me and my siblings are giving my mother a grand birthday bash to celebrate her 70th Birthday.  It’s going to be two weeks from now.

We’ve got the works done – her Red Filipiniana gown, invitations, venue at Almont Hotel’s Inland Resort, giveaways, 50s – 60s – 70s music, name it, we’ve got it ready.

We’ve contacted our relatives far and near to come on that day.  Even her classmates, her colleagues, her very close friend.  I have yet to call her best friend overseas to ask for a birthday message.

Unfortunately, my sister insisted we render a song for her.  We had to dig up old song hits and karaoke cds to look for a suitable song.  I didn’t want a slow, melo song.  Thank goodness, my other sister suddenly thought of this song from the 90s.

You don’t know how much I’ve listened to this since the weekend.  I won’t have enough voice for the big event, aigoo.

Oh, and I’m supposed to put choreography while we take turns singing the song.  I’ve been watching kpop mtvs to look for easy moves, but my sister sternly told me not those crazy motions.

I can’t imagine my only brother dancing while singing, bwahahaha!


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