..ang blog ni Yeyen.

My hand practically trembled when I read the text message I received around ten o’clock in the morning yesterday.

The message said our good friend was in the hospital with sixteen stitches on his handsome face.  He could hardly move and speak. 

Yes, this is my friend, a very close friend since our elementary years.  How in the world could someone brutally smash his face with an iron repeatedly and maul him close to dying?

I called my sister in Manila last night and told her to visit my friend in the hospital who was still under observation for 72 hours.  When she went there, she learned that the culprits were caught and I think she mentioned that they are already out on bail.  Well, at least, there’s a case against them, rather than them being at large.

Anyway, one was only 18 years old and the other, in his late twenties.  As relayed by my sister, my good friend knows one of the two, because he lives in the same condominium with him, and I think, he works in a spa and has massaged my friend.  In short, they know each other.

That night, the one whom my friend knows, who was recently laid off from work, offered his services to massage him.  My friend refused several times, but since he was persistent, and even lowered the price, my friend agreed.

When he arrived at my friend’s condo, he brought along another man.  While my friend was having his massage lying on his stomach on the bed, the other man went near them, who said he just wanted to learn the art of massaging.  Then, he asked that he be allowed to massage my friend, too.  My friend didn’t want to, because he was thinking he might be bruised from all the massaging, but the other man insisted until he agreed he massage his shoulders while the other was on his legs.

Then, out of the blue, that man just grabbed the iron and slammed it at his face repeatedly, and strangled him.  My sister said our friend was almost resigned to accept his death, until he saw Mama Mary, which somehow strengthened him to fight his way out of his impending death with words.  Yes, words.  He knew he didn’t stand a chance to fight them because they were bigger, so he begged for his life and by God’s grace, it worked.

My friend was able to go down the elevator with the help of the people living across his unit.  Security was then able to apprehend the two culprits.

Thank God, my friend made it through.  He’s still under observation, and still waiting for the results of his ct scan.  We’re praying for his fast recovery, not only physical but emotional.

Get well soon, dear!  We’re all praying for you.


Comments on: "My friend survived frustrated murder" (4)

  1. i was shocked too yenskay.. hope and pray na he’s ok now. Jesus and Mama Mary are with him all the way during this time of his life.

    asa cya nga hospital sa manila?

    we’ll keep on praying..

    stay strong and have faith Jat!

    • grabe jud, gie!

      he’s at Manila Sanitarium at Donado Street, near La Salle.

      there’s no update on his ct scan, so i guess it’s safe to assume it’s negative, no?

  2. I know this guy..pls keep us updated, if he’s able to get out of the hosp and what will happen to those criminals. the case is like of ricky rivero’s. the world is getting more scary.

    • hi sophie!

      he’s now okay, thank God… he only stayed less than a week in the hospital – though he is advised to rest for a month for full recovery.

      the cases against the culprits are still pending in the Prosecutor’s Office.

      i agree that the world is now so scary, even the home is not safe anymore.

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