..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Yes, my mind was singing ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ the past week because I received a lot of gifts [and love] that I could sing, lol.  Earlier last week, a good friend came home from a short training in Israel.  I envied her when she told me about it before she left… yeah, because I visited the holyland earlier this year [which I still have to write about], and I just love Israel.  We went for coffee the day before she proceeded to Israel and I mentioned in passing how I was hoarding [Ahava] beauty products while we were there.  I think there’s already an Ahava store in Glorietta [Makati] but the products are priced times three here.  A few days after my friend arrived, she called for chicka and handed Ahava Hand Cream [I have a thing for hand creams] and Mineral Lotion to me as pasalubong.Yeys!

Then, over the weekend, my cousin who came from Australia to attend a conference came home, too.  I expected her to give me the usual souvenir goodies, so I was surprised to received a bracelet from her.  Those who are close to me know that I’d rather wear a bracelet than a necklace… I guess my cousin took note of that too.

While my cousin was in Australia, she met two of my close friends.  One from Sydney and the other from Melbourne. The one from Sydney asked me to send her a Filipino recipe cookbook because she doesn’t know how to cook [we got helpers this side of the world to do that]… now that she and her family have migrated, they badly need the cookbook otherwise, they’ll be eating fried food forever there. My said friend was wondering what I wanted from Australia, and I quickly told her not to bother because I don’t want her to spend since they only settled there less than three months ago.  Even then, when I met my cousin, she handed me an Elizabeth Arden perfume and a blush on.

Lastly, my oldest friend since five years old who now lives in Melbourne gave me sandals.  When my cousin told me about the sandals, I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit [and I’d end up giving it to my sister] because my shoe size differ depending on the kind and style.  Thank goodness, the sandals fit… I rarely pay attention to details in the shoes, but this one, I was in awe because after closely taking a look, I realized that the whole of the front were adorned with sparkly black jewels.  Oh my, it must have been expensive [I am compelled to wear it to bring justice to the price, lol!].

Thanks a lot for the early Christmas gifts, my dears.  God bless you more for your generosity, which I have been enjoying for many, many years now.


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