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Butuan City sucks… not!

Jasmine Vestil's apology post

Last night, a viral sharing of the post made by a certain Jasmine Vestil spread like fire all over Facebook among Butuanons. 

Jasmine posted on her FB wall the phrase:  “I’ve been to the worst city for two days.  Butuan City, you suck!

At first, I didn’t really give a care, until I read the comments on her public post.

One was also asking her why she said Butuan is worst city.  She answered back “the place is so-so actually, not the worst for most, but for me, it still sucks.  There’s nothing to entertain you at all.  Shouldn’t even be called a city.

The same person asked back, “wala po ba party place doon? [isn’t there a party place there?]”  She replied:  “meron naman, if you’re satisfied with cheap ladies and cheap drinks eating cheap foods na walang lasa, isa lang ang mall at matanda na walang laman.  Walang kwenta.  Walang Goldilocks sa Butuan, alam mo ba yun?  Kahit Goldilocks wala.  [there is actually, if you’re satisfied with cheap ladies and cheap drinks eating cheap bland foods, there’s only one mall and it’s old without anything inside.  Totally useless.  There’s no Goldilocks in Butuan, do you know that?  Even Goldilocks, none].

click for a larger view, or download and open through a picture viewer so that you can zoom it and read the comments

It was when I read the comments that I was pissed by her reckless post.  Of course, she is entitled to her opinion, but I don’t think it was necessary for her to say it rudely.  When her account was still public, she indicated currently attending school at Ateneo De Manila.  What a waste of her education – I pity her parents for sending her at a premier school, when she did not even learn the most basic of courtesy, manners and right conduct.

She could have just said she was disappointed and not use very strong negative words such as ‘worst’ and ‘sucks’ and ‘cheap’.  When my husband read the post, he said it is indeed true that there’s only one mall, lol.  Well, so what if we have only one mall, does that make our city worst?  We have a lot of department stores scattered around.  Too bad she didn’t say which party place had cheap waitresses, cheap drinks and cheap food.  I had made an entry what do to when you’re in town [though not updated], by the way.  Where did she go?  Certainly not the newly opened Boy’s Bar, the party place to be these days.  Why was she looking for Goldilocks, was it her favorite fastfood?  Or the only place that she can afford?  If she wanted fastfood, our mall has Jollibee, Greenwich, Jonie’s Flavored Chicken, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut.  Somewhere like Goldilocks?  We don’t need Goldilocks, we have somewhere better, Margie’s Kitchen.  She wanted something classy?  Rosario’s, True Brew, Priscilla’s, Caliente, Grand Palace?  What was she looking for?

She said she was utterly disappointed when she came.  Why did she come, exactly? One doesn’t just visit a city with no intended itinerary.  Did she come just to party?  She should have asked a friend to bring her to the decent places.  And hey, one does not become a city because of the presence of malls or party places.  It’s because of the population and the income, among others.  We’ve been a chartered city since 1950 and a highly urbanized city since 1995.  We’ve existed even before Magellan discovered the Philippines… as the saying goes, ‘in the beginning, there was no Philippines, but there was Butuan’.

I don’t know, was Jasmine mad because we are not like Manila, or Davao or Cagayan De Oro?  If she wanted that, then she should have gone there.  Don’t come thinking we’re the same with the rest of them.  Didn’t she even just google Butuan, so that she’d know what to expect?  How could she just come and expect to be entertained, without figuring out about the place first?

Personally, I like how we are here.  It’s laid back, it’s slow, it’s easy, it’s restful, it’s gentle, it’s peaceful, it’s quiet.  I wake up at 8am, prepare for work and still get to the office at 8am, hehehe.  We may not have immediate access to the latest goods, but we’ve got the basics covered.  Our cost of living is so low, we are actually forced to save because we can’t burn money as fast as those who are living in expensive cities.  For the lack of malls, I don’t shop here; I shop in Manila or in Cebu and by bulk.  For entertainment, nothing compares to just being with friends and catching up over coffee, or dinner until the wee hours of the night.  We don’t have those flashy night clubs and celebrities and all, but we make do with just being with our loved ones.  It’s not the place, it’s the people.  As long as we’re with our closest friends and family, we’re content and happy.

I know Jasmine was just expressing what was on her mind, based on her own experience, but she should have been careful, tactful enough not to hurt or damage the reputation of the city.  She is exhibiting a Filipino trait I truly detest, and that is, lack of love of country, lack of patriotism.  As a fellow Filipino, she should have bit her tongue until it bled, rather than to say something against her own.  If she had nothing good to say, then she would have just stayed silent, or share her experience to her circle of friends privately and not post it publicly, as if to make sure the Butuanons know about it. We are all Filipinos and we only have ourselves to love and protect what is ours.  If a fellow Filipino acts that way, what kind of signal would that give to the foreigners?  That is why it’s so hard for our country to progress – because its own people trample and pull it down themselves.

Jasmine Vestil, watch out, we’ll send Lolong to eat you alive!

update:  Ms. Vestil on TV Patrol Caraga


Comments on: "Butuan City sucks… not!" (24)

  1. this girl should watch her mouth.

  2. … lamia nya tirison yenskay..

    I always believe in KARMA..

  3. gie, perti ka gwapa jud, lami kusion. : )

  4. i love Butuan. Wherever I go, whatever place I visit, I will always comeback to my hometown. I think its the perfect place to rear children, to raise a family and to be educated.

  5. hi, the blog is very well said and i totally agree with you (clap clap)…
    I have been to places and had the chance and opputunity to be able to dined at the only 7 stars hotel in the world.. But still I miss the nostalgic place of butuan and its charm.. actually I dont even mind if we dont have the mall that we now have(its a plus point though)… I like butuan they it is, the years when there was only crown trifty mart and otis or its only supreme empress and crown…

    the days when we dont have pizza hut and all the big time fastfood.. We still enjoyed carls pizza place and Girlies hamburger (way back in the 80’s). We are wowed by jollibee and so forth because we saw it on tv .. But our local pride resto is our trademark it speaks of us Butuanon..

    Butuan is a very rich historical place and We are honored to be part of it..

    Its just a shame that this young lady lost track of what is cool and not…Her self evaluation was base on skyscrapers and limelights..She forgot that a real Cool is City has an authencity …Not covered with big malls (american based fastfoods) .And i am proud to say butuan is authentic and very proud that i have grown this place….Proud to be butuanon no matter what!!!

  6. i studied my college in butuan city i’ve been travelling in few different countries but still my heart remain to be a agusanun and am very proud to say that because for me there is no such a peaceful place as agusan del norte specially BUTUAN CITY.(walang garapal na mandurokot at mga lantarang snatchers).

  7. she is from Surigao, Her public wall posts (before it was edited) was reeking with “kuman” , “bagan” and “rakan”
    I would not mind if she was from a more sophisticated place…manila…singapore….or even cebu.
    But coming from Surigao? who thrives only on Jerrys Shoppers World / metro shopping center and a Jannex Surigao Resto Bar.

    I think she is in for something else

  8. jasmine vestil you became an instant celebrity..but so unfortunate for you, you turned out to be the celebrity who SUCKS the most! KARMA is a BITCH! and KARMA strikes a hundred folds..well, if in case someone knocks on your door tonight, it might be KARMA trapped in LOLONG’s body..hahahaha..freshly delivered for your own convinience..=D

  9. Jalan BEsar said:

    Ay naku, Pinoy nga naman balat sibuyas 😦 di pa tayo nasanay eh ang tingin nga sa atin ng mga ibang bansa, DH country at mga seaman 😦

  10. i know that we’re like a democratic country and that we are free to express our judgment and our opinions,but still what this girl has done was so harsh.Butuan is a beautiful and wonderful place we should respect it and btw we should think through 1st before we comment because you wont know what the outcome would be.

  11. ako came from CDO pero dli ko makasulti ug ingon ana sa butuan…maybe naay mga ikasaway gihapon pero dli man gyud na kalikayan bisan asa ka nga city naa man gyud ikasaway, pero para ingnon nimo ang butuan nga worst city, i totally disagree…kung ang butuan worst unsa nalang kaha tong mga gamay pa gyud nga cities nga maopa nahimong city sama sa cabadbaran, tandag ug uban pa..grabe nasad cguro..kanindot ra sa butuan, paingon na gani pag boom..watch out sa mga coming nga malls SM and Robinsons..

  12. i’m from manila originally but nag aral ako ng highschool diyan sa butuan city so 4years ako nagstay diyan pero alam niyo nag enjoy ako diyan kahit na isa lang yung mall (gaisano) kahit na konti lang yung resto. etc.. pero i may say na people there are really nice and very well-mannered. Nagtataka ako why sinabi niyang cheap? I know that people there are classy and very fashionable, maybe she doesn’t have friends there. I miss that place so much.. the environement is good wala masyadong pollution. I love butuan and I consider it as my home place. 🙂

  13. Jalan BEsar said:

    This is a country na me freedom of speech, whether good or bad… to deprive it, i say would be tyranny. So wag kayo magalit if tingin ng mga taga NCR or kung sa pa man ay backward society kayo, etc. well nasa inyo na yon if gusto nio maging modern o contented na kayo sa ganyan 🙂

    • the issue here is not a matter of CONTENTMENT…..and Butuan is NOT CONTENTED as always thats why we always strive to better ourselves everyday

      What is the issue here is Ms Vestils false and bias and false statements on Butuan…Now
      Like, AS IF we still use the caratela and the caromatas in moving about. .tsk tsk

  14. Jasmine vestil .. just think twice your words 1st before you explode it because there are some people get hurt with your wordz !!! specially the butuanon .. but maybe this is the lesson for you .. your such a o’a girl … you cannot see the beauty and charming place of butuan..

  15. well if you have nothing good to say just leave it to yourself, i agree she lost her manners, maybe shes a party girl and was looking for a party or a place to party with, but she forgot or has no idea what is butuan, butuan and its people is the over all the beauty of butuan. she has no inkling what she was into.

  16. Wow that is just the most rude comments i ever heared in my entire life. I am from Butuan and I am proud to be a Butuanon. She should go somewhere like africa so that she know how Lucky she is . Spoiled Bratt….

  17. OMG i don’t even know that she is from Surigao ,,,,, Holy crap she is probably from the “Bundok” grasping for entertainment to her boring life and she is making this rude comments to Butuanon. Just remember people the world is not “Flat” it’s round ! What comes around , goes around” Karma well be in your way.

  18. miss jasmine,kung may masabi ka man sa lugar,…please nman keep that ur own nlang po..wla nman po kasing perpekto at kita nyu nman po na may improvement nman sa lugar..d nman po dpat ipagsigawan pa kung ano man ung nkita nyu…mrami din po maapektuhan nyan…panu po kya kung sa inyu ihampas yan???… para nman po kasi kaung perpekto kung ganon eh alam nman po ng madla na may kapintasan lhat ng bgay o tao…kya sna po watch ur words…and moves lalo na sa public kasi po’di kau alone sa mundo…d po kau ngssalita sa salamin sa kwarto nyu na wlang mkarnig…try to be more civilize nman po……..

  19. Pa share 🙂 I’m from Cebu, but I have been in Butuan, I fell inlove with it 🙂 well said 🙂

  20. Hello I am from Singapore. My husband is from Butuan. 🙂 I have been there once, and stayed at his relative’s house where I almost fry to a crisp in that heat and got bitten by mozzies every minute. However, I still much much prefer Butuan to Manila. I was surprised to find the main roads CLEANER than Manila city! As for marketing, I paid only 9 pesos for a bunch of long beans… =O !! A loaf of bread was less than 1 sing dollar omigod. It is indeed a place for me to retire if i ever get tired of cosmopolitan life. Let’s hope Butuan don’t become like Manila.

  21. I was there in 2012. I loved Butuan. The people were friendly, it was quiet and nice. I will visit again.

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