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What I wish my city has

I’ve been absent from work for almost two weeks now since my mom was hospitalized for severe sepsis.  Her primary complaint was her hyperacidity, but at the onset, my aunt, who’s a doctor, ordered a urinalysis and discovered overwhelming infection, probably from a urinary tract infection [which has been recurring this year].  To make the story short, we are now in Cagayan De Oro City, and my mother is recuperating from a lithotripsy as it was discovered that the source of her infection was actually a kidney stone that has already lodged in her urethra.

Anyway, while we were still in Butuan, I experienced how hard it was to buy medicines for her.  The medicines were not available in the hospital we were in, and the only 24-hour pharmacy did not have it.  It was so frustrating to hear the nurses repeatedly ask whether the medicine was already available because they will be injecting it asap.  I wish we had the medicines ready at all times [I was like, wth, why prescribe medicines which are not available?!].  Just imagine seeing my mom not improving at all, and we couldn’t do anything but wait until seven in the morning to buy it [only to find out later that she was allergic to it which caused her anaphylactic shock — which deserves another post].

After her anaphylactic shock, we transferred my mom to another hospital in the city with better facilities.  She was under intensive care unit.  I thought it was just a matter of time until she gets better, but less than 24 hours later, we were strongly advised to transport her here in Cagayan de Oro City because the only kidney specialist in town was out of the country and nobody could treat her rising creatinine levels.  How frustrating is that to travel four hours by land just to find the doctor?  Worse?  The ambulance of that hospital was out of order, so my doctor-aunt had to contact another hospital’s ambulance for my mom’s transport.

It is only after this terrifying episode of our lives that I realized how short we are in terms of readily available medicines and medical care in Butuan.  With only a handful of specialists, I can imagine the inconvenience and the cost the sick in our city had to undergo just to get treated.  During my father’s lingering illness, we had to take him all the way to Cebu City.  My mom’s cancer treatments were done here in Cagayan de Oro City, then Cebu City, then Manila.  The travelling cost alone is already pricey.

More than the malls and all those night spots Jasmine Vestil was complaining that Butuan doesn’t have, I would rather vent about how hard it is to have access to medicines and medical treatments here.  Whoa, even my mom’s daily dose of Anastrazole [cancer med], had to be bought in Manila by my sisters.

Aigoo, aigoo.


Comments on: "What I wish my city has" (4)

  1. Hopefully maimprove na yenskay.
    naexperienced pod na nako that time na na- ICU mother inlaw nako sa butuan doc. so hard jud mangita og meds. gatuyoktuyok nlng mi sa syudad.;)
    hopefully sa new administration sa butuan, maimprove ra na.–> i love butuan man jud!
    that’s why with our senior citizens karon–hehehe mga oldies, nanay tatay naa diri manila pacheck up. di ra ba lalim jud ila illness pag oldies na.hehehhe

  2. ako pod mama gie, dinha pod sa manila sa iyang check ups, pero ug mangasakit diri, wa jud choice, diri jud. hay. kanus a pa kaha ma arang arang ato medical services og facilities diri. : )

  3. I love Butuan. And it is where I was born. But like others, I also vent about the lack of medical care and facilities. Labaw sa tanan, ang tambal. Usahay dili available ang doctors kay gamay ra pud ang mga espesyalista. When I needed an ortho for my sister, wala. neuro for my mom, wala…hahay..naanad na pud ko diri sa cdo na daghan hospitals, pharmacy, and kada hospital naa jud mga espesyalista. And they mean emergency. the good thing pa is that, ma accommodate ang patient maski walay deposit…Per experience in Butuan, we explained nga naa mi Phil-health and asked if pwede ang deposit the next day na lang…But they failed to do my niece’s surgery kay gihulat pa ang deposit..it was hard for my sister to secure 10k that day…The next day, I told my sister to bring her daughter here in CDO…to make the long story short, no deposit, gi operahan insigida, ug ang excess 153 pesos lang and the hospital said not to pay it kay gamay ra man…in short, na charge sa Philihealth tanan…Ug naka pangutana ko sa akong kaugalingon…when kaha ma ing-ani ang Butuan?

  4. depressing…that ambulance story is not unusual. i hope the doctor-mayor would focus on health care. he knows this better than anyone else, yet…dot dot dot.
    more budget for health care pls. it’s soooo basic.. yet again. hahay nalang akong madungog. lucky you to have access to other options. unsaon na lang gayud ang mga pobre? the life span would be shorter if you don’t have the means (a third-world fact which i guess can’t be solved even in our lifetime, sigh.)

    p.s. it’s LITHOTRIPSY, not lithotrexy. my mom also underwent one ages ago.

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