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I’m not really one who follows local celebrity news, but this afternoon, KC Concepcion, daughter of Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, officially opens herself to reveal her torn heart over her break up with Piolo Pascual

I was in my mother’s house this afternoon after KC’s interview with Boy Abunda in The Buzz was aired.  Mom couldn’t wait to tell me about it.  And I said “XXXX” [censored, lol].  Like KC, I don’t want to write the reason why she broke up with him, but your guess is as good as mine.

I heard the news, but when I saw the whole episode of her interview, I pitied her.  She was really pouring her heart out, and was crying publicly.  I can’t quite understand what motivated her to go all out on public — when she could just conveniently just make a simple announcement that it was over.  By the details she filled in, I get the picture that Piolo didn’t really love her as much as she did, I mean, she was saying about him courting him on and off and all.

When I got home and opened facebook, the comments were hilarious about the break up.  This one got me laughing so hard:  Dear KC, been there, done that.  Love, Carmina.  Hahaha!

KC kept mentioning how she couldn’t tell anybody about the reason they broke up, but that itself gives her away.  She said she doesn’t know what to tell her mom, her family, everybody, what went wrong.  The answer to the fact she is trying hard to conceal is so clear to me, and I guess that goes for everyone too.

In the end, KC was quoted saying:

KC: “Naniniwala naman ako na pagsinasabi ni PJ na minahal niya ako, naniniwala naman ako na meron namang katotohanan iyon. Pero masakit mang sabihin, siguro, hindi ako yung kailangang niya sa buhay niya, dahil hindi ako ang hinahanap niya sa buhay niya, at hindi ko maibigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya. “

Omo, KC is bringing out my long forgotten past, lol.  Why?  Because I’ve been there, and I’ve done that.  If she means what I think she meant, there’s really no other way to do but let go.  It’s been almost fifteen years ago for me, but watching her now, those hurts of the past come to mind.  I understand her denial, her efforts, her pain, even her anger.  I know that it was a losing battle she was fighting. By ending it all courageously, even with tears shamelessly streaming on her face, she did well.

I watched the full video of the interview here.


Comments on: "KC Concepcion breaks up with Piolo" (4)

  1. I refuse to believe what everyone’s implying about my Papa Piolo! XD

  2. bwahahahaha! : )

  3. heheh sayang man jud iya kagwapo yenskay oy! makalaglag gihapon.heheh

  4. gie, makalaglag panty, tuyok bra, hahaha…

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