..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Adieu, Ate

Ate Jeanah, on this rainy day, we laid you to rest.Your unexpected death shocked me.

We last met October of last year during Nanny’s birthday and you looked fine to me.  We didn’t even talk much because I was so busy.

I didn’t know you had been gravely ill for almost three weeks before  you suddenly left.  Had I known, I would have visited you in the hospital because I live less than five minutes away.  Sorry, nobody told me.

I’m going to miss your bubbly chatter.  Your contagious laughter. Your carefree spirit. Your positivity.  Your bold guts.   Just simply your happy presence.

I heard you so badly wanted to live on, Ate.  I remember how you told me you only expected to live up to 55, like Papang, who was diabetic like you.  You may have set your mind on that.  I’m so sad you had to go at 48, when your only son is still 10 years old.

Thank you for the memories we shared, especially those when you were still living in our home after you graduated from college.  I had so much fun talking and listening to your stories.  There was never a dull moment with you.

Adieu, Ate.  Rest in peace.  We will remember you always.  Say ‘hi’ to all the folks out there.  Hugs to Papang.


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