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My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I just got back from a dinner date with my Valentino at our local Chinese restaurant.  It was eat-all-you-can, and right now, I’m feeling so full, I’m stopping myself from doing some cardio exercise since it’s late already.

H and I just had a simple celebration today.  After 14 years [2 years being sweethearts], we’ve been there and done that, lol.  Really, I just wanted to eat at home and avoid the rush, but he wanted to eat out and so we did.  There’s a concert of a local celebrity in one of the hotels here, but I know the scenario there.  We used to watch these Valentine concerts before — so jammed packed, there wasn’t even space to move your elbows while you eat.  Three consecutive years of that has taught me to stay away.

Anyway, I was laughing so hard first thing in the morning.  The minute I opened my eyes, H was already watching the news on TV, still lying beside me.  I lovingly said… “Happy Birthday!” with matching smack, until my brain processed the ‘birthday’, bwahahaha.  I burst out laughing and quickly corrected it to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”.  He replied I’ve grown old.

While I was preparing our breakfast, H said he was going out for a while to gas up my car.  I thought he was going to buy flowers for me, like he always does, but when he came back, he was empty-handed.  Then, he stayed outside, warming the engines of our cars.  When I called him that breakfast was ready, he came in bringing mangoes and saying it’s his labor of love for the special day.  He harvested the mangoes in the backyard amidst the downpour.  Aw, sweet, but we laughed so hard because it was weird and corny, lol, like those love stories of ancient times.  He was reasoning that he cannot buy me chocolates because I’ve got tonsilitis.  Then, he seriously said his official gift is my brand new car [which he ordered as my Christmas gift, and which arrived during my birthday] because it was expensive [3-in-1]  lol.  Didn’t really cared whether or not I get a gift because I didn’t get him any, too, hahaha.  There’s nothing nice to buy here and I got too lazy to get a card.

labor of love ^__^

Oh, during dinner, my cousin sent me a message, informing me that her daughter, my niece, Therese, got a big bouquet of flowers and chocolates from her admirer [classmate].  I was delighted to hear it, but my cousin was worried my niece might have a boyfriend this early.  I brushed it off saying it’s just puppy love.  Whoa, my cousin told me to shut up, bwahahaha.  Sigh.  Valentine’s Day is truly for those young lovers who gets the high from these unexpected sweet gestures.

Speaking of my cousin, her children are so sweet.  They remembered to give heart-shaped chocolates to my sister who didn’t have a date for this day.  I suddenly miss those kiddies.

At the end of the day, this year’s Valentine’s day is still memorable.  I didn’t expect this day would be filled with funny moments.

Cheers to all the lovers out there!


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