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It’s Ash Wednesday Today

It’s Ash Wednesday again, my Catholic friends.  Lenten Season begins today and marks 40 days of moderation for me .   What are you going to fast from this season?

As always, during Lent, I challenge myself to give up some things I love as a sacrifice.  Not really something big, just little worldly things that I’m enjoying or those that keep me occupied most of the time.  Many years ago, I gave up drinking softdrinks for the whole of lent.  Then coffee.  Then skipping one meal every Friday of Lent.  Then, no pork and beef.  Through the years, I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle and I’ve stopped drinking softdrinks and coffee altogether.  I seldom also eat pork and beef as well [just during parties].  So what am I supposed to give up this year?

I was telling my sister this, and she’s got that knowing look on her face that I wailed, “No, no, no!  Not my dramas!”, lol.  Sadly, the thing that keeps me most occupied is the internet and maybe I’ll give up on that during Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, but not now.  Not yet.  Hahaha.

After some thinking, I will strive to observe the following for Lent:

  1. Detach myself from Facebook.   Facebook is my homepage, so the minute I connect to the internet, I’m in Facebook.  It was Yahoo before, but since my friends are sending the messages in Facebook, I’ve changed it.  Now, I’m setting it back to Yahoo.
  2. Limit the time I spend on the internet.  I don’t watch TV.  The minute I’m free from office work and house work, I’m sitting on my desktop and just hang around cyberspace.  For the next forty days, I’m going to limit my time just to do official things in the internet… like checking my email and downloading the dramas I am currently watching [lol!].  I will not surf; I will not leave comments on the forums temporarily; I will not help edit the subtitles.   And I promise I’ll only watch one episode a day of the dramas I’m watching.
  3. Exercise 5 days a week.  Yes, this isn’t fasting, but I’ve been too lazy even to run the treadmill.  So now, I will exercise faithfully.  It’s still a sacrifice for me, believe me.
  4. Finish praying the rosary.  This is long overdue.  I pray the rosary when I’m too tired to finish it that it’s not unusual I sleep along the way.  I’ll have to pray it in the mornings upon waking up.
  5. I will not drink Chocolait for 40 days.  Chocolait is my new addiction.  While watching my dramas, I sip Magnolia Chocolait from time to time.  At the grocery, you’d think I have a school kid who’s going to bring it to school for snacks because I buy a lot of it. So, no more of it for the next forty days.

Lent is the time to detach myself from the material things that have somehow swayed me from pursuing a more active spiritual life.  Even if it’s only forty days, I hope I can overcome any temptation that would keep me from complying with my self-imposed sacrifices.

A blessed Ash Wednesday to us all.


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