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It Would Take A Strong Man

Song of the day:  It Would Take a Strong, Strong Man by Rick Astley.

Hahaha, I miss Rick Astley’s songs.  I was driving home tonight and listening to Friday Madness on the radio.  The first few notes of this song suddenly blasted me back to the good old days!  I was happily singing along, while thoughts of my friends back in high school flashed on my mind.  I only have a casette tape of his album and I’m sure if I open my box full of high school memories, I’d find it there… but how am I going to listen to it when I’m in the car, lol.  I’m now longing to buy his greatest hits CD [is there one?].  I have to check those record stores for it when I get to visit one.

Anyway, this is not a post about Rick Astley.  It’s about my first full day without Facebook.  Well, it was supposed to start last Ash Wednesday, but yesterday, I got notifications on the email about some messages and I have to answer the important ones.  Wasn’t planning on telling the facebook world I was going to be missing, but since some friends rely on facebook to contact me, I had to post on my status that I was going to be out for the next 39 days.  Unfortunately, my friends wondered if I was going to be traveling, lol.  I was compelled to say I was just going to fast from facebook for Lent.

I cannot believe how much free time I have on my hands without facebook.  Since yesterday, I had accomplished a lot of my paperwork in the office, because while writing, I don’t take a peek there anymore.  I didn’t know how much time I had spent just reading the status updates, clicking the links, checking the pictures, making comments, chatting.  Whoa, so much precious time lost.  [Hmm, how many extra hours would I save if I drop my asiandramas…?]

Even at home, I have done a lot of house work that I don’t normally do.  For example, I just finished cleaning the refrigerator after dinner tonight.  I don’t usually do that myself and leave it to our house helper who comes weekly, but tonight, I was itching to clean it.

But don’t think I’m not wondering what’s happening in facebooklandia.  I feel  so disconnected.  There were a lot of times I almost clicked to open the site, but I overcame the temptation, hahaha.  I’ve gotten so attached to seeing my family and friends there, so maybe I’m just missing everybody.

Forty days ain’t that long.   The funny thing is, I usually end up giving up altogether those Lenten sacrifices I do, like the chocolates every after meal.  I guess it would be a miracle if during Easter, I have totally weaned myself from facebook addiction.

Hwaiting, myself!


Comments on: "It Would Take A Strong Man" (2)

  1. Oh so that’s why you are away from facebook. ^w^
    I do agree though that FB eats up a lot of my time. Downloading too. So I’ve been planning to do the same hopefully by next month.
    AJA AJA!! ^u^

    • hahaha, i challenge you to lessen fb time, too! : ) i even turned off the notification feature so that i don’t get tempted to take a look there, lol.


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