..ang blog ni Yeyen.


My youngest sister took her written examination for the specialty board in Pediatrics today from 8-12 in the morning.  I was on my way home from Manila with my niece.  Since our flight was still at 11:30am, me, my other sister and my niece heard mass at Malate Church early with special intentions for her. 

We were a little worried because my sister wasn’t really able to study so well.  Straight after her residency training at Philippine General Hospital last December, she came home to self-study, but unfortunately, my mother’s kidney stones recurred as a complication of her bone health treatment relative to the complications of her cancer medication.  Being the doctor in the family, she couldn’t just stay at home and study while me and my brother go to Cagayan De Oro to take my mother to her doctor.  She intended to go back to Manila ten days before the exam, but my mother had to undergo another procedure which left her to leave about five days instead.

Results of the exam was expected either tonight or tomorrow morning, but at around 5pm, it was already released.  We were out swimming with my nephew and nieces late this afternoon when we learned from my sister that she passed.  We are so happy for her.  When I talked to her, she said she felt unworthy because two of her classmates did not make it when they had really studied more than her.  As my mom said, God knows she did her best to juggle her studying and take care of her.   God is indeed a loving and merciful God.

Congratulations, Sis!  A new beginning awaits you now : )  To God be the glory!


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