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Iphone 4s rants


My Nokia was about to die on me – the voices of those who called me sounded weird [like robots], the touchscreen didn’t respond to my touch quickly like it used to, the battery’s always drained, etc…  It had been my companion for more than two years.  I wanted my new phone to be the new Nokia Lumia, but when I looked at the website of my network, it says it’s still coming soon.  The available Nokia phones didn’t take my fancy, so it was a choice between Samsung and the Iphone.  My other phone is a Samsung and I just think it’s not that sharp in acquiring signal.  My husband’s Nokia has a full signal of his network, while my Samsung has barely one or two bars.  The kdrama fan in me would prefer Samsung, hehe, but I didn’t want my primary phone to have a weak signal.  So, by force of circumstance, I ended up selecting the Iphone.

It’s too soon to rant since I only had it for about two days, but this early, I miss the simple features of my Nokia already. I just hate why the Iphone…

  1. Doesn’t have a place where I can hang my cellphone accessories, hahaha [a kdrama fan must have!].
  2. Has to let me go through itunes to access my files.  I really can’t understand why I can’t just directly treat it like another external drive in my pc.  I nearly fainted the first time I realized I would have a hard time transferring my music from Nokia.  It was good to know I can synchronize it with itunes, but, like I said already, I don’t like going through itunes.
  3. Doesn’t let me set any of my songs as a ringtone or a message tone!  I’m left with the boring, preset tones, omg!  For the two days that I’ve been using it, I can’t answer calls and messages because the ringing and message tones did not register to my ears yet.  My ears only perk up with my mp3 songs.
  4. Doesn’t have a button to mass delete all the inbox messages.
  5. Doesn’t let me send pictures and videos through bluetooth.  Until now, I’m still wondering why there is a bluetooth feature there in the first place.

That’s all I can think right now.  I’m still getting used to the new phone and maybe soon, I can rave on its awesomeness.

Nokia, I miss you!  If I didn’t have to travel in less than two weeks, I would have tolerated and waited.  Huhuhu.


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