..ang blog ni Yeyen.


I’m finally back in this blog.  A lot has happened since my last entry, and too bad, I don’t think I’ll have time to write about them at all.  I hope I manage to at least write about my U.S. trip last May.

Anyway, today’s Friday and really, thank God for that!  I’ve been busy so much with work, work, work.

Seriously?  I need to audit my time because I’m always being short of it.  No, I’ve not even been devoting my time to my secret world in kdramaland.  Goodness, even my dramas have been left unfinished.  I totally don’t know how I’ve been spending my time.  Before, I used to watch at least three concurrently airing dramas a week without fail.  Now, I can’t even finish a week’s episode of one drama.  I didn’t have time to spare even for jogging and dancing – though I’ve been swimming thrice a week at my brother’s pool.  But, yeah, my part time job during nights is back so that could be a factor… however, I don’t see why that would make a difference at all.  I’ve been having that job for nine years and I managed to do all I wanted in the past [dramas included].

Since two weeks ago, I’ve been counting down Fridays and today, there are only three Fridays to go, until my sister and I go and attend Lee Seung Gi’s Fan Meet in Singapore.  My husband and my sister’s family wanted to go along with us on this much awaited trip, but, we emphatically said they can’t.  This trip’s only for the two of us, and our full attention will be on Lee Seung Gi and nobody else, lol.

My song for today is a song from Lee Seung Gi, entitled “Slave”.  Because frankly?  I think I’ve become a slave of my work.  I’ve become a slave of my clients.  I want to be free!  I can’t even remember the last day I had when I didn’t have anything to accomplish for the day and have all the time to just sleep late and do some 16-hour drama marathon.  I miss those days!

Happy weekend to all!


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