..ang blog ni Yeyen.

We got our free invites to Benchsetter Fun Meet with Lee Min Ho on November 16, 2012, at Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines.

I’ve heard of the event about a few days ago, and I wasn’t compelled to go.  But yesterday, while my sister and I were talking, she suddenly said it was Lee Min Ho… the Lee Min Ho we loved in Boys Over Flowers… the Lee Min Ho who pushed us to visit South Korea that time to go to Namsan Tower where Jun Pyo and Jan Di had their first date.  The Lee Min Ho we loved, before we knew Lee Seung Gi.  Hearing that from her, I realized yeah, it was him whose dramas I’ve watched without fail.  Though I’m not really that crazy about him, I have to be honest to say I am fond of him… hey, now I realize I was even a member of Lee Min Ho Philippines before, hahaha.  It would be a waste not to grab the chance to see him in my own country.

So, we harassed our sister who lives in Manila to get us free invites on the event.  She had to go to two different malls last night because the one nearer to her only had one patron ticket left — so in the middle of the rush hour, she jumped to another mall and thankfully, she got the other patron ticket.
What’s left to do is book our flights to the capital to see him.
So, we’re going.  For old time’s sake, I’m actually excited to see him now, hahaha.  
Bench is a local clothing company in the Philippines and have been hiring foreign stars to endorse their label.  I heard Donghae and Siwon came earlier for a similar event.  Jesssica Sanchez too, and many others.  Now if only Bench will get Lee Seung Gi  next…

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