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Marrison Hotel in Singapore


I was looking through my phone and I saw pictures of the hotel I stayed while I was in Singapore last August.  I took the photos with the intention of putting them on this blog, so I’m belatedly uploading it.My sister and I stayed at Marrison Hotel at 103 Beach Road, Singapore.  It’s conveniently located with a 711 store right beside the building.  A lot of affordable restaurants are also found in Beach Road and it’s perpendicular streets.

The hotel is classified as three-stars, so it’s not cheap, but it’s reasonably priced, taking the fact that it’s relatively new as it was constructed in 2011.  My top priority of choosing accommodation while traveling is the cleanliness of the hotel, and I somehow associate being newly constructed to cleanliness.  It’s a small 7-floor hotel at the corner of Beach Road and Tan Quee Lan Street.  I booked it through Agoda for about 150 SGD, inclusive of taxes and other fees, per night of stay.  Checking in was really quick and easy.  There is free wifi around the hotel — but unfortunately, we had to go down the reception area to access wifi because there was no signal in our room.  There’s also a free Indonesian breakfast.

Reading through the reviews before making the booking, it was consensus that the rooms were ridiculously small.  Of course, Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to stay and their hotels are really pricey, so that’s understandable.  Pictures on the internet did look small, but we were thinking maybe the guests weren’t Asians, that was why they found the rooms really tiny.

However, after riding the elevator and walking on our floor at the third floor, the hallway was really narrow and not enough for me and my sister to walk together with our luggage.  After opening the door to our room, we were greeted by a clean room… but really really small, even for Asian standards.  There wasn’t even space to put our luggage.  Actually, being inside our room gives me the feeling of being aboard a ship with suite room accommodation.  The ceiling wasn’t high, and to tell the truth, even the suite room in a ship is more roomy.  The room has a flat TV on the wall and there’s an electric boiling kettle with a supply of two bottles mineral water daily and some coffee/tea sachets.  Toiletries were likewise provided for.

The bathroom inside the room was also small, even for me who has a petite frame.  Actually, there’s no shower room; the shower is just affixed on the wall beside the bathroom sink.  Towels could get wet when the water sprinkles all over the room during a shower.

But, the space aside, this hotel is decent, safe and a very good value for money.  More importantly, it’s accessible.  If you walk along Beach Road, you can reach the Esplanade in about twenty minutes by foot.  There’s also the Esplanade MRT Station there.  If you walk the opposite way, in Tan Quee Lan, perpendicular to Beach Road, you’ll be in the Bugis Junction in about five minutes.  There are a lot of neighboring malls in Bugis.  There’s also the Bugis MRT station there.  Image

View of Marrison Hotel from Tan Quee Lan Street

ImageTan Quee Lan Street


Parallel to Beach Road, is North Bridge Road. Crossing it from Tan Quee Lan Street, is the Bugis Junction


Bugis Junction


View of the room from the door


View from the bed towards the door


The small desk beside the Queen sized bed


There appears to be a closet in the room


What lies after opening the closet


This is how deep the closet is – just enough for a jacket


If we put our bags on the floor, we can’t move anymore


The bathroom





If I go back in Singapore and I have to pay for the my accommodation, I’d definitely go back in Marrison Hotel.



I went back to Singapore last week and I still booked at this hotel.  Unfortunately, there was no more free wifi in this hotel, not even in the hotel lobby.  I had to pay 5SGD for two hours of internet connection which should be consumed immediately upon first log in- it cannot be consumed in staggered basis.  For 24 hours, you pay 12SGD.  Bummer.


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