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My Grown Up Christmas Wish


It’s only eight days more ’till Christmas.   And frankly speaking, I don’t really feel it.  There are just too many things going on right now that divert my excitement for this joyous occasion. I haven’t really any material longings this year.  I don’t even think it’s proper to be jolly and attend the usual parties because how could we rejoice in our comfort zones when there is much suffering somewhere else.

This morning suddenly got me thinking about what I want for Christmas.

In last Sunday’s homily during the first dawn mass, the celebrant told us the attendees of the 9-day novena masses all have their prayer intentions and asked us if we were ready with ours that day.  It is only now that I’ve thought about it.

For the dawn novena masses, I offer the following intentions:

  1. I pray for all the victims of Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines, and I wish that amid the tragedy that have struck in their lives, the survivors would find it in their hearts to move on and choose to go on living, without any despair, but full of hope.
  2. I pray for the souls of those innocent victims of the Newton, CT shooting, and I hope that their families, relatives and friends will be able to accept such terrible incident during this Christmas season, and that the happy memories they have with their dearly departed loved ones will somehow comfort them when their hearts will yearn for them.
  3. It’s cliche, but I pray for peace in the Middle East – Israel, Palestine, Syria.  I wish these countries will just stop fighting so that the killings of faultless individuals will end.  I wish China would just back off from its territorial claim against us.  I wish North Korea will stop launching explosives.
  4. I pray for good health for my family, relatives and my friends.  I wish there won’t be anymore new kidney stones in my mother’s kidneys; I wish my uncle who suffered meningitis last May will finally fully recover.  I wish my sister’s threatened pregnancy at eight weeks will go well and full term so that I’ll be welcoming a new nephew or niece in July next year.
  5. I pray for abundance and prosperity for my family, relatives and friends.  I wish my family members who are finding it hard to make both ends meet, will be showered with financial blessings from the Lord.  I wish those who are heavily in debt will stop incurring more debts, and that they be able to pay them up soon.
  6. I pray for my country.  I wish our economy will continue to improve; I wish there would be an end to corruption; I wish for a peaceful election next year [coz I’ll be working!]; I wish the State and the Church will not collide so much on recent issues.

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!  Enjoy the holidays!


Comments on: "My Grown Up Christmas Wish" (2)

  1. grabe ka world peace uy!

  2. kantiaw ay!

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