..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Thank you, 2012


Less than 24 hours left of this year and I’m feeling a bit hesitant to send 2012 off as a has-been and embrace 2013.

The year 2012 stirred a lot of speculations and horrific prophecies but speaking for myself, it has been a good year.  I didn’t have a lot of expectations when 2012 was approaching.  And it’s always the case that when one doesn’t anticipate so much, pleasant surprises show up along the way.

If there was something I was so apprehensive so much in 2012, it was the month of June – when my mother hit the 5th year since being diagnosed of breast cancer.  I remember how we were all dying for the tests to be over with and wait for the doctor to say she has become a survivor from a victim of such dreaded disease.  It was a tough and challenging wait for 2007 to turn into 2012 and I can’t believe it’s finally over.

This year, hubby and I, together my sister and her family also went to tour the US on short notice last May.  It was a new experience this time because going to the parks with my niece was double the fun, unlike before when I was there with my mother in 2004.  I can’t believe we braved New York by ourselves and just stayed in Manhattan – not disturbing our relatives in New Jersey.  The best part of that US trip was visiting my three close friends in different states, and catching up with them.  Miss them already as I am writing this.

Quite a number of my cases, which started when I was still very new in the profession, also terminated favorably this year.  I feel a big bulk of burden has been lifted off my shoulders when I received those judgments of finality from the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  So happy with that.

What’s the highlight of 2012?  My sister and I were laughing so hard earlier when both of us chose meeting Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho as the highlight, harharhar.    Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think of going all the way to Singapore to meet Seung Gi!  We just decided on a whim upon learning of his fan meet there.  Oh my goodness, thinking about it again just makes me smile so widely now.  Definitely, meeting them is like a burst of sunshine in 2012.  Totally a good year in fangirldom.  Coincidentally, 2012 is our tenth anniversary of being asiandrama fans.  It was in 2000 that we got burned with Meteor Garden – meeting kdrama stars was like a commemoration of some sort, lol.

But seriously, I’m just so thankful that 2012 did not bring a lot of dilemmas and bad situations for me and my family.  Of course, this year had its downs, but they were manageable and solved in due time.  I thank God for the good health, for protecting us from the various calamities that struck this year.  I thank God for the strong family ties and sympathetic family members who are always there to support each other when problems arise.  I thank God for the new friends I’ve gained, and the loyal friends He has surrounded me too.  Thanks for the blessings of abundance, love and peace in 2012, Lord.

Oh, I nearly forgot!  I love 2012 because I’ve got a niece/nephew coming in about six months! : )

And last but not the least, I finally learned to read and write Hangeul this year. [Here’s hoping 2013 gets me continuing my studies on Korean language].

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2013!  God bless us all!




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