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Something New


Trying something new these days.  And foreign.  It used to be only Olay and Maybelline and Mary Kay on my skin, but there’s no harm trying the new products – like embracing change in this new year, lol.  photo(2)

It all started when a close friend gave me this Korean sunblock last Christmas.  She didn’t really buy this for me; she was making us choose from the gifts she had prepared and I managed to luckily pick this one.  It’s a Bichaekjin Sun Block Cream from SooRyeHan with SPF 45.  I’ve been using sunblock spf 40 or 45 for many years and it’s the one my dermatologist sells at her clinic, so I was so happy when I got this because I can actually use it.  Based on its product literature [which has an English translation]:

SooRyeHan Bichaekjin Jadan Bichaek Sun Block Cream diminishes heat within the skin caused by ultraviolet and infrared rays for a cooling sensation.  This oriental medicine-based sun block cream also prevents the formation of dark spots, brightens the complexion and slows the aging process.  Containing the anti-aging formula Juango created from Rehmannia glutinosa and chrysanthemum, the cream fights skin aging by supplying energy to skin suffering photo-aging from exposure to UV and infrared rays.  Also soothing oriental medicine ingredients such as pine mushroom, purslane and tri-foliate orange fruit cool and moisturize the skin, while whitening oriental bark and licorice root prevent dark spots.  The cream effectively protects the skin from both UV and infrared rays.  A single application is all you need as it lasts for hours and is resistant to perspiration and water.  With its ability to cool, soothe and evening out skin tones, Jadan Bichaek Sun Block Cream is a convenient way to keep your skin beautiful every day.

I’m not really sure about the other wonders this product boasts of, but what I’ve really noticed after two weeks of using this is that it doesn’t make my skin oily.  My other sunblock gets my face shining that I have to powder every now and then.  This one is the exact opposite.  Aside from that, when I’m wearing it, I like how my skin feels smooth and looks flawless like I’ve applied BB Cream.  I’m really loving this one and I’m getting anxious where to buy another bottle when I fully consume this.


Because I was so satisfied and happy of the Bichaekjin Sun Block Cream, when I was in Manila last week, my sister and I checked out the Korean Convenience Store at the ground floor of my sister’s condo.  We’ve always frequented this store to eat our fill of Korean food, but never did we check out the corner where the cosmetics were displayed.  Both my sister and I use Maybelline BB Cream, but while browsing through the products, we saw this Magic+BB product.  It’s one from the Ylang Gallery.  “This one has the one-step power to conceal blemishes, tighten pores and nourish skin.  The sheer, lightweight formula helps diminish the appearance of scars, fine lines and uneven skin tone without feeling clogged and heavy.  It also works to tighten pores and control oiliness, giving you a smooth, flawless complexion”.  Yes, yes, yes… I totally feel the same with what the back of this product says [except for pore-tightening which I have yet to observe further].  Compared with Maybelline’s BB cream, this one looked a little more natural on the skin, like it’s my own skin.  This one costs a little more than Maybelline’s BB cream, but when I looked online, I saw they cost about 50% higher than the price I paid — well maybe the Korean owner didn’t pay taxes for this and just used the price he paid for in Korea.  Maybelline’s BB cost about P 250.00; this one I bought for P 400.00.  Anyway, for the price and the results, this one is worth it.  I used to apply Bath and Body BB Cream too but it’s expensive [P900.00] for everyday wear that I switched to Maybelline.  Now, I’m using this.


And last but not the least, I’m trying out Japan’s Mosbeau Placenta White, hahaha!  My sister has been using this for three months now.  She has really dark underarms that prevents her from wearing sleeveless clothes.  It was her dermatologist classmate who recommended her to use this because she said it’s highly effective.  I took a peek of my sister’s underarm that time, and it has greatly lightened that I’m so impressed.  Although my underarms aren’t that dark, there’s a little portion that’s a bit darker than the rest and I want the skin evened out now.  I’ve only used this less than a week so I can’t say if it has made any wonders yet.  I bought this at Watson’s for P998.00.  You can’t find this on display so you have to tell the saleslady about your intended purchase and she’ll bring you to the counter where the cashier will hand it out to you.

Truth to tell, I’m just so eager to try out Korean beauty products because in 2 Days 1 Night, Seung Gi always religiously applies his beauty regimen in the show, and look how flawless his skin is : )


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  1. What are the ingredients for sooryehan sunscreen? does it leave a white cast?
    Thanks 🙂

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