..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Have you heard about that maid who invests in the stock market?  I heard she’s half a million richer now.

I think it was about a month ago that I went to the bank to update a time deposit.  The bank employee told me that the interest is only 1.5% per year now.  She then asked me if I wanted to transfer my money to their new product – a variable life insurance.   I told her I’d think about it.

When I went home and thought hard, I decided not to get another variable life insurance because if I do, it would be my third insurance policy.  So I was browsing through Facebook and I saw a link about Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club.

I know Bo Sanchez for many years now.  In fact, whenever I’m in Manila, my family and I attend The Feast to listen to him preach after the mass.  I have read a lot of his inspiring books and that includes the one about his maid who invests in the stock market.  So that night, I finally clicked that link and found myself joining the Truly Rich Club.

I have limited experience in investing.  My investment portfolio only included retail bonds and funds.  Never the stock market because from the stories I’ve heard, it’s such a risky matter.  However, with the stock market doing so well these days, I’ve been compelled to join the bandwagon and try my hands on it.

Actually, I have a very close friend who is very much knowledgeable about investing in stocks.  He even said I could join him in his investments by just ‘riding’ on his investments.  But my friend lives abroad and I don’t want to burden him with my hard earned money for free, so I didn’t give it much thought then.  Besides, I didn’t have that much to invest in stocks, anyway.

Now that I’ve been confronted with the sad fact that my idle money is just sitting in the corner, I have joined Truly Rich Club to help me and guide me in my way to financial freedom.  The objective of the Truly Rich Club is to help us retire as millionaires, so it’s about consistently investing long term in stocks [it’s not about stock trading].

It’s been only three weeks since I joined the Truly Rich Club and I’m really loving the community there.

After I signed up for a minimal fee, I was given very helpful and inspiring reading materials – not only about money, but about many other things that bring me closer to God.  I really like how joining the club has nourished my spiritual life.  That aside, what I really appreciate about the club is the bi-monthly updates they give me on the stock market, especially the guide and direction they provide about which stocks to keep buying.  While the Truly Rich Club is headed by Bo Sanchez, he has his group of mentors and advisers who also teaches him about the stock market.

I only made an initial investment of the minimum P25,000.00 this month [via COL Financial].  I’m planning to invest monthly as what is recommended by Bo Sanchez.  Those of you who are seeking financial freedom, this is the way to the Truly Rich Club.

Good luck, P25,000.00!


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