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Lee Min Ho Live In Manila

Lee Min Ho, we’ll meet again this July 6, 2013 at the MOA Arena! 

Last year, my sister and I attended Lee Min Ho’s Fan Meet in Araneta Coliseum in November 2012.  It was attended by 25,000 fans!  So it’s no wonder that his My Everything Global Tour will include the Philippines because his fan base here is already solid.

Sis and I have been waiting for the announcement regarding the schedule in Manila.  Last Wednesday, I received a frantic phone call from my sister, who was on duty that time, telling me that the concert is set for July 6 and tickets are already ready for booking.  I was thinking of just buying patron tickets at P 5,400.00 but she said she wanted the ones nearest the stage – VIP at P 7,500.00.  So I called the number indicated in the SMTickets website.  With just one attempt, I was able to get through and after two rings, a lady answered.  I said I wanted to book 2 VIP tickets.  She asked if I wanted the VVIP tickets which are the first ten rows of the VIP seats.  Since my sister instructed me to buy the ones nearest the stage, I said yes, the P 7,500.00.  She said the VVIP costs P 10,500.00.  I hesitated a moment because my sister said to buy only the VIP at P 7,500.00.  Apparently, the VVIP slots were not advertised.  Because she said she wanted to sit closest to the stage, I booked two VVIP tickets for us.

After that, I called my sis to assure her that we got tickets and I said I bought VVIP for us.  She was coughing and choking for a few minutes.  I thought she was kidding because of the price, but she was not.  She totally choked when I told her our tickets cost P 10,500.00 a piece.  I told her she wanted closest seats, lol.  I consoled her that it was better than going all the way to Malaysia just to catch his concert, so she calmed down.

Then, I went out to have dinner with my friends.  But my sister called me again, asking me how I got the VVIP tickets.  I just told her I simply called the number.  It turned out her friends had been dialing for an hour and couldn’t get through.  And they never got through.  I learned that shortly after I bought our tickets, Lee Min Ho’s concert was already reported in the news, including the fact that the tickets were already available.  They ended buying VIP tickets only, to their dismay.

I’ve always been fond of Lee Min Ho since his ‘Boys Over Flowers’ days.  I watched all his dramas.  I don’t claim to be a hard core fan [because Lee Seung Gi is my number 1], but I like the guy.  I can’t help it.   Some jealous netizens are commenting how an actor would be holding a concert… but as Lee Min Ho’s follower for many years now, he has been singing songs here and there from time to time… only that his songs were not officially released in an album.  In fact, the carrier single, My Everything, was digitally released shortly after Boys Over Flowers finished airing.  I’ve listened to his mini – album entitled “My Everything” and the six songs are quite catchy.  I was happily surprised.  The songs suited his voice and he could certainly carry a tune.

Can’t wait to see him again.  Thanks to my generous husband who always supports me every time I’m in my fangirl mode.  🙂


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